Tea Party Patriots: Little Rock, AR 8/5 Children’s Hospital – Mike Ross and Vic Snyder Townhall…

Party on Patriots. Gee they don’t look like a mob to me…this is a polite well informed concerned and involved electorate…IOW Congress Critters’ worst nightmare, HA!

Wait for this first clip to get to 1:30 when the crowd informs these 2 blue dogs about what Obama has said on tape many times about this leading to single payer…

A summary of the action via Breitbart:

…”I’ve said this several times but let me see if I can make it a little more clear,” Ross said. “I don’t represent Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi or President Obama or (House Finance Committee Chairman) Barney Frank. I represent the people of Arkansas and I’m not voting for any bill that forces any one plan on anyone, period.”

Many audience members cheered loudly when Ross said he wouldn’t back anything that would provide federal funding for abortions or pay for health insurance for illegal immigrants.

…Colleen Shoemaker of Bauxite apologized to the congressmen for being “out of line” and heckling them during the forum. She said the government was taking away Americans’ rights. “At this point in my life I have never seen my America turn into what it has turned into,” she said. “And I don’t think that representatives and senators are going to be able to (pass a plan that preserves personal freedom). I’m scared.”…

On Tonsilquiddick and government take over of private industry!

I’m an American citizen and you guys are undermining American exceptionalism and personal freedoms!

On Ezekiel Emanuel!! LOOK AT OUR BEAUTIFUL INFORMED PUBLIC!! The Complete Lives System explained to the Blue Dogs!! How awesome!

On taxation and this speaker gives the Reps the Rasmussen poll figures! sheer awesomeness!! The rep has the AUDACITY to talk about GWB deficit doubling i the face of the spending TOTUS has done! deficit neutral he says, questioner follows up-WHERE DOES MONEY COME FROM??

Townhall uploads courtesy of  andrstokes

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Tea Party Patriots: Bryan, Texas – Rep. Chet Edwards, D-TX 8/5

More of the dreaded Hell’s Grannies professionally ‘mobbing’ Critters! Via AceHQ..

Courtesy of TxGOPtv:

The Democrats are calling anti-ObamaCare protesters “mobs” now. Here’s a look at the so-called mob that greeted Rep Chet Edwards in Texas Aug 5, 2009.

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Updated: The Lovely Bones Trailer…

Excellent novel by Alice Sebold. Looks fantastic.

Courtesy of ET via CLADMarketing

Description Courtesy of thegunsong:

In 1973, Susie Salmon (Ronan) is raped and murdered by a neighbor, George Harvey (Tucci), a serial killer of young girls and women. She finds herself in Heaven, observing her family as they grieve for her. She also watches her killer who, having covered his tracks successfully, is preparing to murder again. Susie struggles to balance her desire for vengeance on Harvey and her desire to have her family recover from their loss.

Release: December 11, 2009

Directed by Peter Jackson
Produced by Peter Jackson Fran Walsh Carolynne Cunningham Aimée Peyronnet
Executive Producer: Steven Spielberg
Written by Novel: Alice Sebold
Screenplay: Peter Jackson Fran Walsh Philippa Boyens

Saoirse Ronan
Rachel Weisz
Mark Wahlberg
Stanley Tucci
Susan Sarandon
Amanda Michalka
Rose McIver

Paramount Pictures

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GE: The Worst investment for shareholders…in the world!!!(or at least one the SEC fined for lying to investors…)

Something Olby will no doubt skip in his next rant…


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BreaktheMatrix: Health Insurance Mandates: I’m Paying for What?!…

By BreaktheMatrix

By 10000pennies
In 2006, Massachusetts passed health care reform that implemented a number of policies that are now being mirrored in the Obama health reform plan. The president has repeatedly claimed that his plan will lower health care costs but not decrease health care quality. This visualization looks at how the Massachusetts plan has panned out in terms of cost and wait times.


Wait Times – Merrit Hawkins and Associates 2009 Survey of Physician Appointment Wait Times: http://www.merritthawkins.com/pdf/mha…

Cost of Insurance Premiums – AHIP Center for Policy and Research Individual Health Insurance 2006-2007: A Comprehensive Survey of Premiums, Availability, and Benefits – http://www.ahipresearch.org/pdfs/Indi…

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August 2: Stimulus Unemployment Extended Benefits and Emergency Benefits Weekly State by State Reporting…

Updated Repost:

PDF here from NELP with guidelines for UE Benefit Extensions

Here is the key information for people needing extended benefits, which may be most of us under the ‘new normal’ PIMCO keeps talking about:

6. Where can workers find out whether their state qualifies for EB under the different “trigger” formulas in order to collect EB after running out of EUC benefits?

On a weekly basis, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) provides an update of which states have reached the required unemployment level to trigger on to EB.

The most recent notice is summarized in Table 1, and the weekly DOL notice can be found at:

http://ows.doleta.gov/unemploy/claims_arch.asp by selecting
“Extended Benefits Trigger Notice.”

Here is the status of triggered extended benefits by state as of August 2nd

Here is the status of triggered Emergency benefits by state as of August 2nd:


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Market Mover Wednesday: ISM Services number shrinks at accelerated pace…


Unsurprisingly, the service sector is accelerating its contraction in the face of the relentless antibusiness policy coming out of D.C. and the continued pullback of the consumer…Maybe someone can get a memo to Steny Hoyer and TOTUS who think the economy is recovering…


The U.S. service sector contracted in July at a faster pace than in June, adding to worries that any economic recovery may still be a long way off, according to a report released Wednesday.

The Institute for Supply Management’s services index fell to 46.4 last month from 47.0 in June, below economists’ median forecast for a rise to 48.0. The dividing line between growth and contraction is 50.“There is a clear lag in the recovery in the services sector, which reflects the anemic consumer part of the economy,” said Richard DeKaser, president of Woodley Park Research in Washington.

The services sector represents about 80 percent of U.S. economic activity, including businesses such as banks, airlines, hotels and restaurants.

Everyone is watching for Friday’s big monthly jobs number:

The employment index fell to 41.5 in July from 43.4 the previous month.The dip in the employment component added to worries that the size of any contraction in non-farm payrolls in July, to be released by the government Friday, might be larger than originally forecast.  Those worries had already been fueled by the ADP Employer Services report earlier Wednesday showing a bigger-than-expected contraction in private payrolls in July.

“This is not good news for the labor market given the disappointing ADP reading — it doesn’t bode well for the July payroll reading,” DeKaser said. The median of forecasts from analysts polled by Reuters is for non-farm payrolls to have contracted by 320,000 in July, after the loss of 467,000 jobs in June….

DOW off 88 on the data….S&P back under 1000, thought not by much, 9-…GOLD at 964…Oil steep rise levelling off now, at 71- Proctor and Gamble of all people warned today.…weak consumer…

And Treasury is ready for ANOTHER RECORD DEBT AUCTION next week...but TOTUS says no taxes going up on middle class and spend like crazy on health care entitlements…just nuts. like Bizarro world.

Can you say inflation?

…The Treasury’s borrowing advisory committee estimated that the Treasury’s net debt issuance for fiscal 2009, which ends Sept. 30, would be $1.5 trillion to $2.05 trillion. This would fall to $1.0 trillion to $1.6 trillion for 2010.However, the group noted that Treasury could face headwinds as it shifts from shorter-dated bills and notes to securities with longer maturities.

“The government’s considerable funding needs are problematic for the longer end of the Treasury market,” the committee said, adding that current budget deficits were “unsustainable”…

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Tea Party Patriots: Steny Hoyer D-MD shouted down in Utica, NY …”Obama took 6 months to pick a dog and you are shoving health care through in weeks?”

Live by the grassroots, due by the grassroots. They have woken the sleeping giant of the American middle class. The group that PAYS ALL THE DAMN BILLS.

Courtesy of jonospam:

His fellow Democrats give Steny Hoyer a hard time at Utica, N.Y., press conference. In typical liberal fashion, Hoyer gives talking points answers and changes the subject when he can’t address his constituents’ concerns.

Here’s a question. These tools keep praising France and other semi-socialized countries policies. Did they not stop to notice that the working class of  France routinely riots and actually kidnaps their bosses? (which BTW scares the hell out of me, I can just ‘see’ Andy Stern-esque, heh, peeps leading a mob to take ‘contract negotiations’ to the next level, scareeeee..brown shirts, purple shirts. They have already begun asking people to rat out their ‘family’ for ‘disloyalty’ like in V for gawd’s sake…which BTW the sheriff in MO did during our primaries. yes he threatened, he and the DA to ARREST people who spread ‘misinformation’ about Obama, seriously.

Did they not think it would be perhaps a BAD idea to spread that kind of community organizing around America? WTH did they expect would happen, we would watch them astroturf and bus in caucus voters and SEIU ACORN cheering crowds for TOTUS and scaring the hell out of AIG executives and tax us to death and we would all roll over? Pshaw! We are awake now and we know we NEED to speak now or forever be under the thumb of these loons…

No, we have something Obama lacks, BACKBONE. Let’s stop the socialist train before the entire nation is a county of SEIU ACORN thugs coast to coast. These are your constituents Critters. WE LIVE HERE, WE WORK HERE (or did before TOTUS began axxbackward destructive economic policy nationwide) OUR KIDS ARE RAISED HERE. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY  TOO. Righteous. And since when is free speech a MONITORABLE event for our WH? Things that make you go hmmm..Expression of our opinion on policy to our elected officials in our districts particularly at THEIR invitation, is simply American citizens performing their duty frankly. Purple shirts don’t have a monopoly on free expression.

Stop projecting astroturfing and busing of crowds onto regular people. We saw how this worked for Susan Roesgen at CNN during our tea party. It went so well she lost her job and CNN ratings are pathetic. And this is the new winning strategy from Axelrasputin and the journOlist..If anything people are more fired up after being ridiculed. We have GRIT. Something Hill has, MAC certainly showed grit in his imprisonment serving our country. TOTUS has never shown any grit to the American people. In fact he often went on vacation and wanted to just eat his waffle as I recall from the campaign trail. As soon as there is any resistance to his agenda they cry foul…pretty weak.

Steny is full of crxp BTW. Housing is about to go off a cliff again post November when the tax credit expires. Here in AZ it’s like a housing bomb went off.  The jump in consumer spending last month was from HIGHER GAS PRICES. Consumer income FELL. It PLUNGED actually from the month earlier..we have no money to spend...we (consumer spending) are 70% of the economy. As long as TOTUS is at ‘war’ with our capitalistic way of life we will not spend, therefore we will not build inventory, therefore we will not create private sector jobs, therefore we will not spend.

…Analysts said the sluggish real consumer spending suggested that second-quarter gross domestic product could be revised to show a bigger decline than the 1.0 fall reported last week. The Commerce Department said personal income declined 1.3 percent in June, as the effects of one-time government stimulus checks, part of the government’s $787 billion package to jump-start the economy, wore off.

INCOMES TUMBLE The drop in personal income was the biggest decrease for any month since January 2005. During June, private wages and salary disbursements decreased $28.6 billion after dropping $11.3 billion in May, the department said. An independent monthly survey showed on Tuesday that salaries at small U.S. companies were at their lowest level in July since March 2006. … Real disposable income — money left over after taxes and adjustment for price rises — tumbled 1.8 percent in June, the largest decline in a year, and savings fell, the Commerce Department said. The amount of after-tax income Americans stashed away decreased to an annual rate of $505 billion in June from $681 billion in May. The saving rate — the percentage of disposable income saved — slipped to 4.6 percent after jumping to 6.2 percent in May...

All of us ‘get it’ but the Dem leadership. STENY IS OBFUSCATING and MISREADING THE DATA. .and that’s putting it in terms I won’t get sued over heh.


And more from the Dreihaus Town Hall. Woman says she is concerned the bill does not cover abortion

Courtesy of Cincinnati912Project

See MM’s column today where she disects the astroturfing meme…

Unaccustomed to pushback, the wealthy, astro-turfed ground troops for Obamacare – underwritten by unions, liberal philanthropists, the AARP, ACORN, and your tax dollars — have resorted to projection. As I’ve reported previously, the single-payer lobby boasts a $40 million budget and a stable of seasoned political operatives based at 1825 K Street in Washington, D.C. Now, that cabal is accusing the broad coalition of taxpayer activists, libertarians, independents, talk radio loyalists, bloggers, and first-time protesters against socialized medicine of being, yes, wealthy and astroturfed….

Jake Tapper once again noting the hypocrisy of it all at yesterday’s briefing:


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