August 2: Stimulus Unemployment Extended Benefits and Emergency Benefits Weekly State by State Reporting…

Updated Repost:

PDF here from NELP with guidelines for UE Benefit Extensions

Here is the key information for people needing extended benefits, which may be most of us under the ‘new normal’ PIMCO keeps talking about:

6. Where can workers find out whether their state qualifies for EB under the different “trigger” formulas in order to collect EB after running out of EUC benefits?

On a weekly basis, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) provides an update of which states have reached the required unemployment level to trigger on to EB.

The most recent notice is summarized in Table 1, and the weekly DOL notice can be found at: by selecting
“Extended Benefits Trigger Notice.”

Here is the status of triggered extended benefits by state as of August 2nd

Here is the status of triggered Emergency benefits by state as of August 2nd:

EUC 2008 TRIGGER NOTICE NO. 2009 – 29
Effective August 2, 2009

State 13 Weeks IUR 3 months SA TUR Status Effective Date
Alabama 4.09 9.6 ON 2/15/2009
Alaska 4.82 8.2 ON 7/6/2008
Arizona 4.24 8.2 ON 1/4/2009
Arkansas 5.29 6.9 ON 1/25/2009
California 5.42 11.4 ON 7/6/2008
Colorado 3.36 7.5 ON 4/12/2009
Connecticut 5.12 7.9 ON 11/9/2008
Delaware 3.76 8.0 ON 3/29/2009
District of Columbia 1.57 10.5 ON 7/6/2008
Florida 4.11 10.2 ON 10/5/2008
Georgia 4.09 9.7 ON 11/9/2008
Hawaii 3.62 7.2 ON 5/3/2009
Idaho 5.07 7.7 ON 1/18/2009
Illinois 5.30 9.9 ON 8/3/2008
Indiana 4.92 10.4 ON 10/5/2008
Iowa 3.62 5.7 OFF 6/27/2009
Kansas 4.05 6.8 ON 6/7/2009
Kentucky 4.60 10.5 ON 8/3/2008
Louisiana 3.01 6.5 ON 7/5/2009
Maine 3.66 8.2 ON 2/15/2009
Maryland 3.56 7.1 ON 4/12/2009
Massachusetts 4.84 8.3 ON 2/15/2009
Michigan 7.24 14.1 ON 7/6/2008
Minnesota 3.96 8.2 ON 11/9/2008
Mississippi 4.34 9.3 ON 7/6/2008
Missouri 4.07 8.8 ON 10/5/2008
Montana 4.50 6.2 ON 2/15/2009
Nebraska 2.23 4.7
Nevada 6.33 11.3 ON 8/3/2008
New Hampshire 3.90 6.5 ON 5/3/2009
New Jersey 5.33 8.8 ON 1/4/2009
New Mexico 3.88 6.4 ON 7/5/2009
New York 4.33 8.2 ON 2/15/2009
North Carolina 5.33 11.0 ON 9/7/2008
North Dakota 1.72 4.2
Ohio 4.90 10.7 ON 8/3/2008
Oklahoma 3.11 6.3 ON 7/5/2009
Oregon 6.94 12.1 ON 11/9/2008
Pennsylvania 6.33 8.1 ON 1/18/2009
Puerto Rico 6.73 14.8 ON 7/6/2008
Rhode Island 5.02 11.9 ON 7/6/2008
South Carolina 5.37 11.8 ON 8/3/2008
South Dakota 1.45 5.0
Tennessee 4.11 10.5 ON 8/3/2008
Texas 2.92 7.1 ON 4/12/2009
Utah 3.32 5.4
Vermont 4.77 7.2 ON 2/15/2009
Virgin Islands 3.00 5.8 OFF 4/12/2009
Virginia 2.57 7.0 ON 5/3/2009
Washington 4.96 9.1 ON 12/7/2008
West Virginia 4.33 8.4 ON 4/5/2009
Wisconsin 5.94 8.8 ON 1/25/2009
Wyoming 3.27 5.2
All states are eligible for up to 20 weeks of first tier benefits.
46 states are eligible for up to 13 weeks of second tier benefits as of August 2, 2009.
I.U.R reflects 13-week period ending July 18, 2009.
T.U.R reflects avg. seasonally adjusted T.U.R for 3-month period ending June, 2009.

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  1. mark replied:

    i’m still looking for jobs and still putting applications online but nobodys still hiring


  2. mark dickson replied:

    hi, my name is mark dickson I, have out of work for over 2 years , i application s no jobs hiring if they are there on a long list , i don’t know how long that will actually take . I live in orangeburg south carolina i was on my 3rd emeregency unemployment has run out , no employment in this area if there is the companies are keeping there companies running how do i go about getting a job and there ‘s nothin but nothin here or almost in south carolina , i see jobs but when ask there hiring uit’s always not right now


  3. Debt Settlement Program replied:

    charming post. due one unimportant where I quarrel with it. I am emailing you in detail.


  4. Kent Anderson replied:

    I see New Mexico has joined the EB stimulus, when can I expect it to be activated?


    • ginaswo replied:

      holas! the states vary WI-D-EL-Y- on turnaround and efficiency. Check the local office. I laughed when Mr MiM said he couldnt get through on the phone to our AZ office for a few days. After NYC I learned to just go down there like it was a trip to DMV. your nm office may have an announcement up on the website. I used to live summers in Albuquerque with my grandparents Truly loved it. It is why we came to the SW from NYC….
      When the states hit the EB level they usually send out a letter as notification to those who will be getting bennies.

      I would call Sen Bingaman’s office, his staff should be able to give you an updfate and they should be ECSTATIC to have a call that is not health care related, LOL!!

      From his site:

      Unemployment Insurance

      Included provisions to extend the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program and provides $25 more a week in Unemployment Insurance benefits to recipients

      Administrator: New Mexico Department of Labor

      Description: Unemployment Insurance (UI) is temporary income for workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own and who are either looking for new jobs, in approved training, or awaiting recall to employment. Regular UI is a state funded program that provides up to 26 weeks of benefits. Emergency UI is a federal funded program created in 2008 to provide additional benefits of up to 33 weeks of benefits for those living in states with high unemployment. Both are administered by the New Mexico Department of Labor.

      Encourage Unemployment Insurance (UI) Modernization: would provide up to $7 billion to reward and encourage States enacting specific reforms designed to increase UI coverage among low-wage, part-time and other jobless workers, as well as provide an additional $500 million in UI administrative funding.

      Provisions: The current federally-funded emergency UI program (which provides up to 33 weeks of extended benefits) is scheduled to begin to phase out at the end of March 2009. The proposal would use general revenues to extend the program through December 31, 2009.

      The proposal would provide federal funding to increase both regular and emergency unemployment benefits by $25 a week through calendar year 2009.


      Online Form:

      Tel Contact: (505) 841-4000

      Inquiries: (505) 841-8405 NMDWS


  5. Pm replied:

    I have been unemployed and searching for work for a year and some 4 months and have a new born daughter. my comment and or question is living in Rhode Island 1 of the worst in this recesion for work will I be able t oat least cont..on extended emergency benifits until the end of the year? I had same auto industry job for 12 years and laid off


    • ginaswo replied:

      God Bless and congrats on the wee one! I would check for the trade relocation program. DOL has a program for people whose jobs were dislocated/relocated/phased out….

      see here:

      When the Dislocated Worker Unit in a state is alerted to the possibility of a layoff and/or a plant closing, it responds quickly with on-site services. They will make employees aware of their eligibility to apply for the NAFTA-TAA program. Once in the program, workers receive an assessment of their individual skills and abilities as well as financial and personal counseling to prepare for job transition. Learn more about Rapid Response.

      Reemployment Services
      Once the U.S. Department of Labor has certified eligibility, workers are offered a broad range of reemployment services, including:

      * Career Counseling
      * Job Placement Assistance Services
      * Supportive Services
      * Skills Assessment
      * Job Development
      * Referrals

      Training is also available once eligibility is certified. Training is offered to prepare a worker for another job or career. Workers may receive up to 104 weeks of approved training in occupational skills, basic and/or remedial education, and/or training in literacy and/or English as a Second Language (ESL).

      Income Support
      Income Support is otherwise known as a Needs Related Payment that are weekly payments that may be available for up to 52 weeks after the worker’s Unemployment Compensation benefit is exhausted and during the period in which the worker is participating in an approved full-time training program. Income Support is a combination of Unemployment Compensation and Needs Related Payment benefits for a maximum of 78 weeks (26 weeks for UC and 52 weeks for Needs Related Payments).

      Job Search Assistance
      Job Search Assistance provides reimbursement for approved expenses while job hunting.


    • ginaswo replied:

      here is linky for the applications for that program


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