GOP Townhalls: still talking to the people….8/8 John Shadegg R-AZ and Don Manzullo R-IL…

Yes we are passionate. Damn straight. Just speak to us honestly Critters. John Shadegg R-AZ and Don Manzullo R-IL manage to hold townhalls without any condescension:

Courtesy of SonoranAlliance

A large crowd of constituents participated in a town hall meeting with Congressman John Shadegg on Saturday, August 8, 2009. The event was held at an elementary school and as the video shows, there was standing room only.

Courtesy of RepManzullo

More than 100 residents of northern Illinois attended a town meeting Rep. Manzullo hosted at the Ogle County Farm Bureau in Oregon, IL. During the meeting, Manzullo said a government takeover of health care as proposed would devastate small business owners, put millions more Americans on the unemployment lines, and threaten the private health insurance of 114 million Americans. Unbelievably, Members of Congress exempted themselves from the government health care and even voted down an amendment in committee that would have forced them to abide by any plan they enact.

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