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Amanda Carpenter on the public sentiment…Claire McCaskill (D-MO) forgets the first rule of public appearances: Don’t ask a question if you don’t know or even worse, won’t like the answer…

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Update: Just caught Amanda Carpenter on Dennis Kneale’s CNBC panel with Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) whom I like, and Joe Sestak (D-PA).  Joe, whom I happen to like, (and who is running against Specter Newly minted D-PA despite pressure not to), agreed the people’s concerns are genuine and not a GOP or corporate creation. (He also supports a public option of some sort but) clearly he at least gets that the people of PA are concerned about what looks like a runaway government. The same PA people whom we recall TOTUS called bitter and clinging to guns and bibles when campaigning in SF….but I digress..

Video should be up on CNBC here shortly, will post it… VIDEO HERE

Amanda nails it IMO when she says this is something larger than just the health care issue frustrating Americans at the townhalls. This HR3200 and its detrius are merely the latest and perhaps greatest example of massive overreach and assumption by an Administration and DC elite (including the MSM) who are hopelessly out of touch with a majority of the American people. The polling the same elites swear by reflects it.

If they had simply waited for stabilization of the economy or at least SOME meaningful job numbers, HIRING IOW, from the massive stimulus, then approached a collection of small reforms one at a time I think things would not be where they are now.

Bitter clingy Pennsylvanians apparently have something the DC elite do not. Common sense. You cannot expand coverage to a number TOTUS called 56 million today, costing a minimum of 1.6 trillion we don’t have, on top of the 12 trillion debt ceiling Geithner tells us we will hit THIS MONTH, not raise taxes on the middle class,  not ration care,  not implement tort reform, not allow cross state insurance purchase, and somehow come out at the end without adding to the budget deficit. Yet TOTUS said that again today.

Americans have watched these massive spending bills sail through with little to no deliberation and little to no meaningful results. I attribute the 3Q positive GDP we will see to minimal inventory building and Cash for Clunkers stimulus. WOTS right now is make the trade while you can and get out before September when the tide of Critters rolls back into the swamp that is D.C.

In fact based on today’s economic data on productivity and inventory, in June there was a low inventory level that will likely result in a downward revision to the 2Q GDP.

Then I expect us to begin the second leg downward of the W. Especially if Congress takes us off a cliff and picks up health care and then immigration reform which is what TOTUS said in Mexico this week, and which is already being worked on by Lindsey Graham R-SC. And BTW which will just pixx off unemployed Americans even more. Townhall questioners are connecting the dots between immigration reform and health care reform and HR3200 exempts illegals from contributions or penalties but does not exempt them from care in the plan. A free ride IOW.

People want it to stop. Over and over you hear the same theme in the questioners: this isn’t thought out, we cannot afford this right now, why are you reworking EVERYTHING for a small sliver that isn’t working properly, why the rush, only fix the small part, try it in a state first, leave us alone. And we are seeing the feeling from the American people that grand experiments and accompanying grand spending are being carried out on virtually every aspect of our economy at breakneck speed and now the issue is one which will affect our very lives, health care.

Slow down this crazy ride and let us off. /rant off The Sweet courtesy of BloodyHammer

Via The Club for Growth which has a  searchable index of townhall videos from across the nation (h/t Instapundit)…

Claire’s response is she doesn’t know what else to do to. I suggest she not run for re election. I am sure Mr Blunt or Jim Talent have some suggestions for her as well….

The latest spin is that OH NOES if we don’t be quiet and buckle down and try real hard to make a deal (ie sit down and shut up, I won) the Dem leadership will do the bill without any GOP or moderate support.

Well that worked out really well for them with the stimulus and cap and trade eh? The entire reason Americans are frustrated is precisely BECAUSE they keep ramming things through unilaterally at LUDICROUS SPEED..

It will not help them in 2010 to say, Well we did something, or Well, we couldn’t get the GOP or mod Blue Dogs to agree, therefore we simply HAD to put through all the most radical unpopular ideas. I don’t think so.

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Update: Ed Koch has questions about Zeke Emanuel and rationing and ‘Death Panels’…Health Care as Social Justice: Rahmbo’s brother and rationing health care…

Has anyone reported Mayor Koch for ‘fishy’ questions?

Update: 8/11: Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch has some questions about rationing and Zeke Emmanuel, from RCP via Instapundit:


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HBO – The Buzz: True Blood at ComicCon – SDCC ’09

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Update 5: Brewer signs parts of budget: brings back equalization property tax…

Update 5: 9/4/09 4:41pm AZ Time: Well with 1 day to go, Jan Brewer has signed off on parts of the budget and not others, we lost a great chance at tax cuts, Brewer is polling lower than “anyone else” literally, so her numbers cannot get much worse, but this really sucks:

If the election were held today, when given the option of Jan Brewer, or anyone else on the face of the earth as Arizona’s next Governor, voters opted for the latter, according to a poll released Monday.

The local political consulting group that conducted the poll, The Summit Group, found that only 18 percent of Arizona voters would cast their vote for the execrated chief executive, in contrast to 46 percent, who say they would vote for just about anyone else…

She allowed the comeback of the property tax, great for residents and commercial interests right now eh? and she vetoed spending cuts again. She did not get her sales tax ballot referral but she seems to be ‘bitterly clinging’ to the idea:

PX Business Journal:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer OK’d portions of state budget bills Friday, but she nixed a permanent repeal of a $250 million property tax on businesses and residents. Brewer’s move upset business and real estate advocates who want the state equalization rate gone. The property tax was temporarily repealed in 2005, but will come back without action.

The Legislature has blocked the sales tax increase vote, and Brewer could call another special session to try again on that front. The state budget should have been done July 1. The governor also nixed some education cuts in the budget bill she signed off on Friday.

…“The whole concept of taxing our way into prosperity, as Winston Churchill once said, is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. Let’s face it, everyone knows that increased spending and taxes are the worst possible option in this economy,” said Lawless, whose group has been a major proponent of getting rid of the equalization tax…


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Twofer Tuesday: Red Dawn…

Trailer courtesy of tvandalism

Starting with Part 2 b/c the subtitles here are hilarious, wait for the Cuban Contingent to chime in

By 21stcenturyfilmdocs, go see the entire film (before the remake destroys it) at his channel:

Next installment for Red Dawn. FYI, the reference to “AA” in the subtitles means Anti-Aircraft guns, not Alcoholics Anonymous. As you’ll see, subtitles did not carry over in the conversion process, so I added them back in…but with a modern re-interpretation…heh heh.

Remake casting details at EW…

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8/11- ACORN and ‘the Man’ stop people from exercising their free speech…

Via HA, here CSPAN caller Leah explains the frustration of the people attending townhalls. She does a fine job explaining to the pundits what many Americans are feeling:

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SDCC ’09: Spartacus: Blood and Sand Panel…

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Spartacus: Blood and Sand – San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Panel. The panel was held July 24, 2009. Featuring (L-R) Erin Cummings, Peter Mensah, Steven S. DeKnight, Craig Tomashoff (Managing editor of TV Guide), Rob Tapert and Lucy Lawless. Andy Whitfield extends a video greeting and introduces the world premiere of the trailer.

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