SciFiWire: Bryan Singer (X Men) directing new BSG film imagining…

Not the BSG cast. Another new imagining of the original show, this time in feature film form. Seems no one can get financing to do anything original anymore.  I am always happy when SciFi/Fantasy films get into production. Bryan Singer is also a great producer, witness House, M.D. which I love, Interview with Singer on hiring Hugh Laurie for the role here

Original BSG Blooper reel courtesy of SpeakerforBoskone

SciFiWire has the scoop, (go see their prior reports at their link)

Entertainment Weekly is confirming a story—first reported by HitFix‘s Drew McWeeny (and passed on by SCI FI Wire yesterday)—that Bryan Singer will produce and direct a new film version of Battlestar Galactica for Universal Pictures.

Here’s how the magazine somewhat condescendingly reports the news without giving credit where it’s due:

Universal Pictures has confirmed blog speculation that Bryan Singer, director of Valkyrie, will take on directing and producing duties for a BSG movie. Glen Larson, who created original series back in 1978, will produce as well. The film is not expected to be a continuation of current popular television show that’s running on the Syfy network but will be a complete re-imagining of the sci-fi lore that was invented by Larson back in the ’70s.

Courtesy of MikeKarv

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