Mad Men Season 3 premieres tonight: Matthew Weiner…

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Mathew Weiner talks about how advertising has not changed since the 1960’s.

WSJ has a piece on the show today:

…So one night I turn on my TV and there it is, just as I remember it. The color of the walls, the interoffice envelopes, the smell of cigarettes everywhere, the sound of clinking ice cubes, and all these beautifully dressed, immaculately groomed people….

…In one episode when Sterling Cooper is pitching the business for the new Kodak Wheel, Don makes a speech in which he actually renames the product. “It’s a time machine. It goes backwards, forwards. It takes us to a place where we ache to go again. It’s not called the Wheel. It’s called the Carousel.” That’s the most brilliant copywriting I’ve ever come across on a television show…

See that Carousel scene here

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  1. Mad Men gets early renewal for Season Four… « Moderate in the Middle replied:

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  2. BigLittleWolf replied:

    For those of us who have any recollection of the 60s at all, the sounds, colors, clothing, products ALL resonate with such intensity. And there are more than a few remarkable lines – of copywriting or anything else – in this terrific television show.

    I was particularly struck by the palette last night. Ambiance is so carefully constructed – and effective. My morning-after musings also note – and hope for – more discussions on the changes that come on the New York art scene in the 60s.

    And where better to reflect these changes than in a cutting edge ad agency on Madison Avenue?


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