Reality Bites: Tragedy for the Left as TOTUS deals with big pharma behind closed doors…

The Obots are discovering that Reality Bites. Because he is NOT the change they were looking for. All the BS about eeeeeevil Hillary who was in the pocket of lobbyists (she wanted to work WITH the corporations this time after she locked them out of negotiations and failed in 93), and eeeevil John McCain and Sarah Palin who were decried as corporate tools, was just that TOTAL UNMITIGATED BS. TOTUS is the one locking the doors and making deals under the table. It is the constituents who are locked out this time..Rude Awakening for the Obots…


Take it away, Michael Brenner.

Let’s face the harsh reality — Obama has blown health care reform, big time. The opportunity of a lifetime has been squandered. The most recent revelations about backroom deals with Pharma and the other vendors of medical services drops the curtain on any hope of serious change in our costly and inefficient non-system. This is a painful admission to make. Not only does the country remain handicapped by grossly sub-par arrangements for health delivery, we also are burdened with a president who has been discredited as a progressive dedicated to a betterment of how we conduct public business….

It is Barack Obama who is to blame for this. For months, he stayed aloof from the out-of-control Congressional maneuvering based on a strange belief in some kind of bipartisan collective will emerging by osmosis. He never leaned the weight of his person and his office to elements of reform that has been touting as candidate and then President. He deceived the country by pursuing secret talks with the very lobbies who are the heart of disgraceful national health care situation. He entered into deals that were weighted heavily in their selfish interest rather than the national interest. In short, we have gotten from him the antithesis of what we were promised and expected — in the substance and process of policy both. We have instead a conventionally minded politician overly respectful of the status quo and deferential to those who control and profit from it, A man with no apparent fixed convictions….

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Gen X could’ve told the Obots that Reality Bites….

Gotta love the IRONY:

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