HA- Dr. Zero: on ‘the Jurassic Park of inevitable statist failure’…

A piece so good it needed an immediate linky with a video homage, please go read the whole thing..

Doctor Zero:

…Applying price controls to a complex product, such as medicine, is like trying to clutch a fist full of water. The only predictable result will be the dumb amazement of the politicians, when they find themselves trapped in the Jurassic Park of inevitable statist failure, with the laws of supply and demand coming at them like hungry velociraptors….

And what could fit this graph better than Mindless Self Indulgence?

Created by RosalineRoberts

More from Dr Zero on the way insurance premiums and insurance company cash reserves are built and why it will literally kill off private insurance if Congress enacts an end to yearly and lifetime claim limits, increasing premiums and eliminating the actuarial data that is used to score risk for insurance companies and price premiums accordingly:

….“Insurance” is sold according to actuarial tables. The insurance company sells inexpensive policies to a large number of customers, most of whom will never file a major claim. The customers voluntarily participate in this transaction, paying a small premium to gain protection against the possibility of catastrophic future expenses. The company makes money, because the amount paid out in claims is less than the income from premiums. A customer who anticipates no catastrophic expenses might choose to buy minimal coverage, or decline to purchase insurance at all. Using the force of law to compel universal coverage for the same price, regardless of existing conditions and risk factors, is not “insurance,” and the captive providers are not “insurance companies.” Orwellian distortions of terms like “insurance” and “premiums” cloud the health-care debate, and make meaningful discussion difficult.

This seems to be a feature of Obama’s agenda, rather than a bug, based on the panicked, authoritarian way he pushes it. For example, later in his editorial, he says “Despite what we’ve seen on television, I believe that serious debate is taking place at kitchen tables all across America..” What have we been seeing on television that suggests serious debate has not been taking place at kitchen tables? This is just another backhanded slap at the grass-roots inferno of resistance that has erupted against the Obama agenda, implying those angry town-hall protesters are actors in some sort of scripted television production, designed to intimidate your family into nursing its corn flakes and pre-existing illnesses around the kitchen table in bitter silence….

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Tea Party Patriots: Healthcare Phoenix, AZ 8/17…

Update: SonoranAlliance with an interview of a Phoenix ‘antiObama care’ protester today, a moderate expressing the sense that a majority of America is against big government take overs, exactly! Now if only the Obama Administration would respond by moving center as Big Dawg did, then the economy could recover and we could call it a day!:

The local news reports, covering both sides of the protests for/against…

Courtesy of IconicFreedom


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IGN: Starcraft II: Video Preview…

Courtesy of IGNentertainment:

…the latest info on the Single Player campaign.

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Horror: SDCC ’09: NoES trailer audio….

Listen to the SDCC  (SanDiegoComicCon) crowd go WILD at the end, they loved it fer shure…Platinum Dunes EPIC FAIL on that F13 YARM IMO but they sure as hell know how to hype, I am psyched for NoES….

Our previous posts on NoES (Nightmare on Elm St) YARM (Yet Another ReMake) here

Courtesy of melinasgiminez1987

The footage was presented in Comic-Con 2009, this is the audio version. Sorry for the bad quality, but please enjoy.

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10/6: New KISS Album ‘Sonic Boom’ on sale at Walmart…

First new KISS album in 11 years to be released October 6th...

First new KISS album in 11 years to be released October 6th...


Wal-Mart is being embraced with a KISS. The veteran heavy metal group, KISS, is joining a growing list of classic acts putting out new music through the world’s largest retailer.

“Sonic Boom” is due to be released only at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club on Oct. 6. It will include a CD of the band’s first new music in 11 years, re-recorded versions of famous KISS hits and a live DVD….

Courtesy of yoshinatsu:

A preview clip of KISS’ new song “Modern Day Delilah”, from their upcoming album “Sonic Boom”!

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True Blood 2.9 recap, 2.10 promo…

Yowsa!!! 3 more episodes to the season hiatus, no worries we got early renewal for S3!!!…and Season 2 DVD Set available for preorder on Amazon.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Late September vote: A party divided against itself: House Dems insist Public Option will remain in their bill….

And we all know that in Committee they will ram that public option in there regardless of what comes from the Senate.

The way the Dem leadership is damaging the party (and their own majority) by gnawing off it’s own limb which is caught in a trap of Rahm’s making (moderate Dems elected in McCain winning districts, the kind who actually LISTEN to their constituents and the Senate which is more shall we say temperate in its makeup) reminds me of a scene in Evil Dead II…of course a lot of things remind me of a scene in Evil Dead II cuz I’m that kind of girl, lol….

So after the Dems lose the majority in the House in 2010 (assuming they ram this thing through like cap and trade) does anyone else expect Obama to rip off his mask to show Jimmy Carter and yell out maniacally, “So who’s laughing now?” as the gavel is ripped from Nancy’s hand and Boehner is installed as Speaker? yep…

So in true Pelosi Cabal of Dunces form, the House is bitterly clinging to the public option the majority of the public DOES NOT WANT..in a plan the public WOULD RATHER SEE DIE THAN GET PASSED....

Fine Nancy, you guys cling to that while I cling to my Constitution, let’s see how it all shakes out in 2010…I am betting on the American people to ‘learn you something’ since your elitist friends just reflect your own class prejudices back at you as you flit to and fro in the bubble that insulates you from Real America…./rant off…

House Democratic officials say a public option will remain in their version of a health reform bill, even now that the White House has acknowledged it may be dropped later.

“This is just for the Senate,” a House leadership official said about the administration’s concession on a public option. “There is no way it passes the House the first time around without a public option.

“The liberals (around 100+) won’t allow it. It if comes back from conference committee without public option and there is the right pitch that it is this or nothing, then it may pass the House.”

Leaders now say the House will put off a vote on health reform until the end of September — to provide a cooling-off period from the raucous town meetings and to give strategists a better sense of where the Senate is headed.


…The GOP now holds a six-point lead on the top issue of the economy, an advantage that has changed little over the past four months.

Health care is not the only issue which the Republicans are enjoying a first-time lead. Voters now trust the GOP more than Democrats on the issue of education, 41% to 38%. This is also the first time in over two years the Republicans have held an advantage on that issue. Democrats led Republicans on education by three points in July and seven points in June.

Republicans lead Democrats on Social Security for the second straight month, this time by a 43% to 39% margin. Social Security is another issue where Democrats have enjoyed consistent leads in recent years.

The GOP maintains a strong 51% to 35% lead on taxes, after holding the same lead in July. Republicans have been trusted more by voters on the issue of taxes in every poll conducted since February.

Recent polling shows that 54% of U.S. voters say tax cuts for the middle class are more important than new spending for health care reform, even as the president’s top economic advisers signal that tax hikes may be necessary to fund the plan. But 76% say it is likely taxes will have to be raised on the middle class to cover the cost of health care reform….

And who, who, who can be to blame for this turn of events?!?

…The White House said the media frenzy was prompted partly by bored reporters who haven’t been paying attention to what the administration has been saying for weeks.

Yes, if only the WH had the media on their side, THEN they would be able to get this done. Are these people even on the same planet with the rest of us or what???

Meanwhile, the GOP is slowly putting itself back together as regular American joes and ginas organize for the late September vote and for the 2010 midterms…GROOVY!

Evil Dead II clips courtesy of leftnut13 and boogaizzlezz

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Market Mover Monday: FED expanding TALF, no WH FY10 budget forecast yet? GE Capital RE to sell MBS to China…

Market Update: 11:00am EST: DOW down 190.90 to 9130.50; S&P down 23 to 981 and NAS down 48 to 1936 (ouch we were just over 2000 last week)….

CNBC: Federal Reserve is announcing now they will expand TALF to March 2010 from December 2009, commercial securities program through June 2010..

Not a soul reported the WH FY 2010 budget update the WH said they would release Friday at 5:00pm…is it so bad they didn’t release it?If we go to the WH site we will get cookied! Oh Noes! will any journOlist person NOTICE they have not reported the figures to us yet?!

GE Capital RE is about to sell China a bunch of our mortgages with Uncle Sam money isn’t that great? frakkers.

China Investment Corp, the country’s $200 billion sovereign wealth fund, is set to pour up to $2 billion soon into the U.S. mortgage system by hiring mandates under the U.S. Treasury-backed Public-Private Investment Plan (PPIP)..

…Under the PPIP program launched earlier this year the U.S. government plans to seed a number of public-private investment funds that would combine taxpayer money with private capital to buy as much as $40 billion in toxic securities from banks…

...CIC, established by the Communist government in late 2007, is keen to participate in the PPIP as it expects the U.S. property market to start to recover gradually late this year, said the sources.

This is the same PPIP that had an EPIC FAIL when NO BIG BANK would participate, Jamie Dimon of JPMChase was all, we are eager to get the hexx away from the government, in his own words of course, lol…so the toxic assets still sit on big bank books while Jeff Immelt, (worst CEO in the worrrrld!?!) prepares to sell our loans directly to China..this should go over well with evicted homeowners 😦 maroons.

Midnight Oil courtesy of onlythepianoplayer

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