Where is Dennis Kneale? Is his show cancelled?

WOTS (word on the street) is he is on a two week hiatus…aka cancelled?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some of Dennis’ greatest hits in what has thus far been a brief foray into hosting his own hour:

More after the break:

Here Dennis does his best DELUSIONAL DENIAL rant against ‘doomsayers’ ie the people who KNOW we have no recovery without GROWTH. Dennis is wrong IMO…here he claims Bill Gross and Mohamed El-Erian are merely talking their book when they say we have a new normal of 1-2% GDP growth, pretty gutsy there taking on the bond kings without a degree in economics or anything to back you up, Dennis used to cover MEDIA. Of course he is on hiatus now, isn’t he?  lol. here is is with Peter Schiff…

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  1. the kid replied:

    Dennis Kneale is a baffoon IMO. He brings “nothing to the table”. He is obnoxious, rude to his guests by constantly interrupting them if he disagrees with them. I sincerely do not understand how this gentleman has been employed in this capacity.


  2. Rich replied:

    Trouble with CNBC, MSNBC, and NBC in general is that they just talk the Obama talk. Cheerleading is not what we need–how about honest reporting of the “Facts”.


  3. Rob replied:

    I did my part I wrote a specific complaint about Dennis and his worthless show in the my nielson rating book. Now if we can get just get rid of Larry the windbag Kudlow and Bill warm the seat Grifith along with his wife….well we need more real reporters like Jane Wells,and Steve Liesman and allow people to express a complete thought, instead of this stupid CNBC smackdown format


    • ginaswo replied:

      oh Bill Griffith is sooo condescending! I dig Jane Wells too, and Liesman..


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