Supernatural Season 5 Official Promo and Smallville 9.1 Promo (Superman!! is that the notorious B.A.G?) + TGIF! Jensen Ackles as Jason Teague in Smallville S4…+ deleted scene from 4.8 Jason/Lana…

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WH-OMB releases budget forecast adds another 2 TRILLION to deficit- from 7 T to 9 Trillion


Breaking on FOX:  A-HA!!!! This is EXACTLY what we figured, they were holding back the damn GINORMOUS DEFICIT HIT hoping to ram through Healthcare in July before this data came out.  Here is our post from July 20th outlining exactly this scenario. Frakkers. J’accuse!!!! They KNEW this was coming and were going full steam ahead (and still are) trying to add ANOTHER MASSIVE spending plan on TOP of this?? WTF?? Recall CBO said the BIG COSTS in the HR3200 health care bill are AFTER the 10 year mark…(deliberately built that way to try and escape notice of the general public, since the WH has to report a 10 yr window)…

Breaking on FOX NOW….

So much for the crystal ball.

In a report next week, the Obama administration will increase its 10-year budget deficit projection to roughly $9 trillion, an increase of about $2 trillion from the previous projection, a senior administration official told Reuters on Friday.

The 2010-2019 cumulative deficit projection replaces the administration’s previous estimate of $7.108 trillion, said the official, who is familiar with the plans.

“The new forecasts are based on new data that reflect how severe the economic downturn was in the late fall of last year and the winter of this year,” Reuters quoted the unnamed official as saying….

The media did a lot of hyping ahead of this release about how THIS YEARS deficit is actually lower than forecast. O-yay o-Yay. Sadly that is due to them not giving as many bailouts as projected (ie housing plan funds of 50 billion are still sitting, and Fannie and Freddie are waiting to ask for 30 billion more until after this deficit number was released (their last money grab was a mere 8 months ago), wouldn’t want to frak up all the projections in the same report would we? Might lead the public to think we are up a stream with a madman at the helm….

We get the CBO numbers next week, no wonder TOTUS is off the tv and going on vacation….

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True Blood 2.10 ‘New World In My View’ Sneak Peek…

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Pundits Ponder: Why is TOTUS losing ‘Waitress Moms’ aka white working women in the polls?

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Donna Summer could tell them why:

More bad polling data breakdowns for Teh TOTUS (go read the whole thing):

…In the election, Obama won 52.9 percent of the vote; Pew, echoing other recent findings, put his latest approval rating at 51 percent….

But Pew’s new survey also records perceptible, if still generally modest, erosion among groups that were central to Obama’s coalition last year–including young people, college-educated white women and even partisan Democrats. That is more worrisome for Obama, especially amid signs that the bruising combat over his health care plan is inflaming the conservative base. If conservatives are energized at the same time that Obama’s core supporters are wavering, Democrats could face a withering differential in turnout during next year’s election, many party strategists fear.

…Obama’s ratings have declined the most among the group that was always the most skeptical of him–white men without a college education. At 35 percent, his approval rating among those men has now sunk below his performance with them last November, and converged with their meager support for the last two losing Democratic presidential nominees–Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004.

Obama’s numbers with the “waitress moms”–white women without a college education–are also slipping back toward his 2008 vote level, which was itself lower than the Democratic showing among them in three of the previous five presidential elections.

Figures provided by Pew’s Jocelyn Kiley show that from Obama’s Pew highpoint in April, when his overall approval rating hit 63 percent, the president has dropped a daunting 12 percentage points among the waitress moms and 11 points among the non-college men…

If Axelrasputin is still unclear why TOTUS is losing support with Indies, moderate Dems, the former Obamicans ie Marty Feldstein and others,  here is another diva who can give him a clue, Dolly Parton:

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Update: From RCP a nifty summary of what MiM has been saying for 2 years:

…But as the first act of his presidency has played out, he has shown himself to be anything but transcendent. Instead, he is an utterly predictable creature – a conventional liberal who mixes the weakness of Jimmy Carter with the ideological rigidity of George McGovern. And he is thus engaged in a conversation that the rest of the country concluded decades ago. Since the liberal movement became ascendant in the Democratic Party 40 years ago, no president has successfully governed from the left. Jimmy Carter ran as a moderate, governed as a feckless liberal, and boarded a plane back to Georgia four years later. Bill Clinton ran as a moderate, governed as a liberal for two years, then – chastened by the Republican Revolution – made the last term and a half of his presidency an extended genuflection to his conservative opposition. Unabashed liberalism has homes in cosmopolitan pockets throughout the nation. But left-wing presidents don’t rest their head in the White House for long. Either they change or their housing arrangement does….

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Dark Horse Comics – SDCC ’09: Dr. Horrible, Cabin in the Woods…

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Scott Allie, Mike Richardson, and Michael Gombos announce a slew of exciting projects. Featuring Eric Powell from The Goon and Metalocalypse. New projects include Mike Mignola’s Baltimore, Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods, Dr Horrible, The Guild comics, written by Felicia Day, Dethklok comics, and new CLAMP omnibuses. Get more information at

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Update: Health Care: Will Democrats Go Nuclear?

Update from SmartGirlNation on the Recess Rally tomorrow!

The default time and location for each of the Recess Rallies is Noon local time out in front of each of the 1000+ congressional offices. If you are unsure, you can just show up at the location. In the event there is a different location and time set for the event, that information will be listed beneath the specific district. If you are an organizer in your area and would like to be listed as a local contact, please contact us at

The Nationwide Recess Rally takes place on Saturday, August 22nd, 2009. If you believe your liberty, your hard earned money and your way of life is under attack through dangerous healthcare legislation currently being proposed, get to your local Representative office on August 22nd and make sure he/she knows.

Organizers are encouraged to circulate petitions among rally attendees. Please refer to the form at Patients First for a model.


Courtesy of SenJonKyl:

U.S. Senate Republican Whip Jon Kyl goes “On The Record” with FNC’s Greta Van Susteren over whether congressional Democrats will invoke the “nuclear option” and force through Congress their unpopular, partisan health care plan. Kyl says that Democrats should start from scratch and involve Republicans in crafting true bipartisan health-care reform that targets specific problems with specific solutions

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Economy: Marty Feldstein says we may see second dip; what about that housing data?

There you go. Now Feldstein is on board with the W shaped recovery (like we under edumacated consumers who actually buy the stuff we import and produce!) . This comes weeks after Geithner and Summers were off the rez talking about the possibility of tax hikes for the middle class. Buffet (another person TOTUS liked to wave around as proof of his moderateness in the primaries) is also calling for caution calling Hey Big Spender to D.C. in editorials and is expecting the dollar to drop…

Bernanke and the Fed seem to be expecting a long flat bottom to the L shape. PIMCO is on record with 1-2% GDP growth for a generation. Now we have Feldstein and Buffet on record the spending has to stop and TOTUS still clinging to his tax promises which are written in smoke….

The only way I see to avoid the double dip is for Team TOTUS to start governing as moderates and staunch the bleeding of the red ink and the pillaging of the drivers of GROWTH (ie private capital and comfy consumers who feel safe spending)…

What about the housing data today? We had a 7+% jump in existing home sales. Break it down with Diana Olick on CNBC

U.S. Existing Home Sales Yr/Yr
$0 – $100,000 Up 38.8%
100,000 – $250,000 Up 8.7%
$250,000 – $500,000 Down 6.2%
$500,000 – $750,000 Down 8.9%
$750,000 – $1,000,000 Down 10.6%
$1,000,000 – $2,000,000 Down 23.3%
$2,000,000 + Down 32.4%
Source:  National Association of Realtors

Averages rallying on the surface data DOW up 135 to 9486; S&P up 16 to 1023 and NAS up 23 to 2012. But the drill down data is not as rosy as the topline number would appear. We have short sales, foreclosures on the very bottom end homes <100k jumping almost 40% but the mid to top end is flat to negative..WSJ:

A survey found that one in eight U.S. households with mortgages was in foreclosure or behind on its mortgage payments during the second quarter, putting added pressure on programs aimed at preventing foreclosures.

While foreclosure starts have slowed on the subprime loans that ignited the mortgage and banking crisis, loans extended to borrowers with good credit are deteriorating at a faster clip as falling home prices and mounting job losses weigh on more households.

The Mortgage Bankers Association said its latest survey, released Thursday, showed that 13.2% of mortgages on homes with one to four units were at least a month overdue or in the foreclosure process in the April-to-June period, up from 12.1% in the first quarter and 9% a year earlier.

As home sales have picked up in recent months, some were expecting foreclosures and delinquencies to ease. But Jay Brinkmann, chief economist at the MBA, said foreclosures weren’t expected to peak until later in 2010 when the economy improves.

“Just because we see prices level off doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see a big reduction in foreclosures,” said Mr. Brinkmann, in part because many homeowners would still owe more than their homes were worth…

WSJ - Nick Timiraos

WSJ - Nick Timiraos

The foreclosure numbers are rising along with unemployment. This is a long shallow bottom if the anti capitalistic interventions in the markets and economy at large stop.

It is the first leg down on a ladder to Carterville if they ignore the public sentiment (we being 70% of our economy and the impetus for inventory buildup and job creation) which is expressing itself not just at townhalls but in the weak consumer sentiment and spending data….

Leave the economy alone! Leave it alone!

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IGN: Starcraft II Gameplay, Story & Character Interviews…

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