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Big Pharma is frakked: Reid (D-NV) latest to say he is ‘not bound’ by WH drug deal; says he will use reconciliation if necessary…

BWAAAAHAAA!!! The sheer STUPIDITY of Billy Tauzin in believing ANY deal this WH cut with him is in full display yet again..if these maroons do the 150m ad buy to back Obamacare they are serious schmucks…

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See our previous posts on Tauzin and the deal only he and his bosses at big Pharma were stoopid enough to believe would stand here.

At this point, IMO, it really does not matter if Reid is obfuscating to his constituents to avoid telling them they did a ‘smoky room, closed-door!’  deal with Teh Evil ™ lobbyists and now seniors can’t negotiate RX prices or reimport RXs from Canada, (which was one of TOTUS main promises in the campaign), or if Reid and Congress really have an ‘understanding’ with the WH to either a, pretend they wont be bound by WH agreements, or b, be bound but act like they’re not. The bottom line is nothing Reid says is IMO believable or trustworthy. So of course none of us trust these guys to remake our health care…Vote him out NV!


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Friday that he was not bound by a controversial deal negotiated between the White House and pharmaceutical companies, telling thousands of Nevada voters on a conference call that “I have not agreed with anybody to do that.”

The drug industry told the White House this summer that it would cut future drug costs by $80 billion in exchange for assurances that any health care legislation would prevent the government from negotiating for lower drug prices. As a result of the deal, the industry is bankrolling an ad campaign touting Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.

But Democrats in Congress have balked at the agreement. “I’m a Democrat in the Senate, and I haven’t agreed,” Reid told a caller…

And of course in his usual TACTFUL way Reid reminded everyone that Teddy is gone and said he would use reconciliation, he also said, I kid you not, “there is nothing to pay for” in the public option?!?!? Wha??

…”There really is nothing to pay for,” Reid said of a public option. “It is an entity to set up to keep the insurance companies honest. There would be some small administrative costs.”..

Reid said that if Democrats can’t get bipartisan support, they would move the bill through the fast-track budget process, which cannot be filibustered. He said that is not their preference, but he predicted that three-quarters of the bill could be passed that way.

“Sen. Kennedy as you know is dead,” he said adding that with ailing West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd frequently absent, “We need Republican help, that’s why a bipartisan bill is important.”

Well now their failure is due to death and illness I see. Maybe next he will whip out a note from Epstein’s Mother…

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Update: SciFiWire’s Todd Gilchrist slaughters Zombie’s sequel in review…Halloween 2 review roundup…

Update: WOW! Todd Gilchrist’s review on SciFiWire is as brutal as Zombie’s gore splashed grunting kill scenes:

Comparing Halloween to Halloween II is a little bit like debating the comparative value of two bowel movements. Both are equally worthless, but the first was excruciating while the second just uncomfortable—although it’s unclear whether there’s an actual difference, or you were simply prepared for the pain after having gone through the experience once already.

That said, Halloween II is in fact better than its predecessor, which means that the series went from abominable to merely unwatchable, and which means that “fans” of the 2007 reboot may indeed enjoy it. But anyone uninitiated with Rob Zombie’s brand of grainy hillbilly brutality would be better served by eating a bran muffin and steering clear of this particular horror film, because it’s a compliment to call it a piece of crap…(go read the whole thing!)

This line from the review perfectly encapsulates what I find lacking in the GROSS factor horror today found in Saw, Hostel, and Zombie’s remakes of classic Carpenter:

…But it’s also a sure sign of desperation that the only moment in which the writer-director really references Carpenter’s films is in the final scene, when he uses the original’s familiar piano refrain to emphasize a character’s deteriorating sanity, and unfortunately, underscore the difference between jarring shock-exploitation and genuinely disturbing suspense: no matter how graphically one can depict a scene of violence, its impact will never compare to the lasting effect of an image, much less an entire film, in which a palpable mood is created and then successfully communicated to its audience….

These are spoiler free…

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The reviews consistently dislike the Zombie take on Dr Loomis in H2….Zombie seems to deliberately make the audience dislike the characters…is this supposed to make us develop a sympathy for Michael b/c everyone else is so awful? dunno….


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Glenn Beck: 9/12: Neil Cavuto: The Sacramento Nationwide Tea Party…

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