True Blood: Inside scoop from Pam (Kristin Bauer)…



…according to Kristin Bauer, Pam’s coming back from a brief on-screen hiatus with a bang! Or more specifically with bangs because she is totally eighties’d out this Sunday! Her return also signals the resurgence of the Lafayette/V storyline that has vexed many fans and caught Bill’s eye.

But as the show hurtles toward its season finale (on Sept 13), Kristin has some intriguing details about what fans can expect not only in the last two episodes, but on the DVD special features. It turns out there’s a lot more to Pam than meets the eye!

PopWrap: Where’d Pam go?!?
Kristin Bauer: I know, but she’s back on Sunday! And her outfit will definitely make up for the absence. It’s the most hilarious, incredible thing I’ve ever seen! Audrey Fisher [“TB’s” costumer designer] had it made special and there are just so many sequins. It’s totally 80s.

PW: Does she reappear because Eric’s back from Dallas?
Kristin: Yeah, she’s reconnecting with Eric, back at his side, being a henchwoman. She’s been keeping Fangtasia running.

PW: Do you think she’s a better or worse boss than Eric?
Kristin: Worse, I think. I just go back to that scene where she asks, “Can I kick him?” Pam just doesn’t really think of the big picture. I think out of everybody, she loves being a vampire the most.

PW: I love Pam and Eric’s relationship on the show. Have you guys talked about their history together?
Kristin: It’s funny, Alexander [Skarsgård] and I would joke that the first 100 years between them were really passionate … but it’s faded to a friendship over time. Truthfully, we really didn’t know, but I just recorded the special features for the season two Blu-ray DVD and it’s like 34 pages of Pam talking about everyone in town. PW: Kind like the Lafayette videos on the season one DVD?
Kristin: Exactly. It turned out to be incredibly insightful because I got all my questions answered. She was turned by Eric 100 years ago but released, so she’s no longer bound to him but she’s so in love and couldn’t be more loyal. Whatever he says, she will do.

Courtesy of smeagol2

PW: What else did you learn about Pam from recording the videos?
Kristin: Before being turned she was living with her wealthy and very provincial parents. She says, “Small men were lining up for me to be auctioned off to, and then this big viking showed up and split my world apart … and Eric likes to joke that my legs did too.”

PW: That’s amazing — it’s nice to learn more about “True Blood’s” periphery characters.


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BSGcast: Interview with Mary McDonell…

Awesome awesomeness! I miss my BSG !!!

Courtesy of the oh so talented Matt and Nat at YourGeekNews/BSGcast:

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Battlestar Galactica’s Mary MacDonnell (President Laura Roslin) one week before her appearance at DragonCon, while she was in Toronto for Fan Expo! Nat had the chance to sit down with her, on set, and chat about her thoughts on Battlestars Finale, Lauras fate, Roslin Tattoos and even Caprica!

~Matt + Nat

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Update: ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill out of Committee…

Update: The WSJ has a great  Q/A on the legislation to audit the Fed here

Break the Matrix and Ron Paul will be totally psyched. I know we need to crack the opaque black box that is the lack of transparency of the Fed in many ways but I am also verrrry worried about what this will do to the financial markets…I do NOT want the TOTUS or the TREZ to get control of the Fed…Alexander Hamilton where are you?!

Courtesy of BreaktheMatrix

Read the article at
Federal Reserve Loses Bloomberg FOIA Lawsuit, Sensitive Disclosures Forthcoming


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Sounds Familiar: Japan votes for ‘Change’…


With only two weeks of official campaigning that focused mainly on broadstroke appeals rather than specific policies, many analysts said the elections were not so much about issues as voters’ general desire for something new after more than a half century under the Liberal Democrats….

And the platform was CHANGE! and anti-status quo!

…The ruling party has betrayed the people over the past four years, driving the economy to the edge of a cliff, building up more than 6 trillion yen ($64.1 billion) in public debt, wasting money, ruining our social security net and widening the gap between the rich and poor,” the Democratic Party said in a statement as voting began Sunday. “We will change Japan,” it said.

And LOTS of SPENDING promises were made but NO word on HOW they will govern, just like here:

With only two weeks of official campaigning that focused mainly on broadstroke appeals rather than specific policies, many analysts said the elections were not so much about issues as voters’ general desire for something new after more than a half century under the Liberal Democrats.

Oh Japan, something new is not necessarily something good, as we have seen here! Just as here, while they campaigned on how AWFUL the big debt was, the plans are to RAISE it!

The Democrats are proposing toll-free highways, free high schools, income support for farmers, monthly allowances for job seekers in training, a higher minimum wage and tax cuts. The estimated bill comes to 16.8 trillion yen ($179 billion) if fully implemented starting in fiscal year 2013.

Guess what else we have in common? Our demographics:

Making the situation more dire is Japan’s rapidly aging demographic – which means more people are on pensions and there is a shrinking pool of taxpayers to support them and other government programs.

Sounds just like what happened here. I wish them luck and hope they get a better result.
LeAnn Rimes courtesy of brattyangel1100

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