J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek back in IMAX for 2 week engagement…


We saw it in IMAX. Highly recommend it! Will probably catch it again.

Via SciFiWire:

If you missed seeing Star Trek when it played in IMAX theaters last May for a limited two-week run, now’s your chance to catch it on the big screen—and we mean the really big screen. J.J. Abrams’ blockbuster reboot will relaunch this Friday… into more than 89 IMAX theatres for an additional two-week limited engagement.

www.IMAX.com for theaters and showtimes.

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TOTUS to interrupt new Fall Season with yet another ‘greatest speech evah’; this time a ‘Joint Session of Congress’ no less…

Oh good grief. I have PLANS for the new Fall Premieres can’t they just STOP WITH THE SPENDING and the LECTURING ALREADY. Oy gavault! Well at least it isn’t Thursday when The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural premiere. Is he bumping that So You Think You Can Dance show? Don’t a lot of people watch that show? Imagine tuning in for that and getting a ‘greater good’ lecture on healthcare while being forced to watch the Critters do their whole: stand- sit- clap- jump up applaud -frown -stay seated- cross arms- clap more- fawn at TOTUS- and if Nancy clean your teeth with your tongue, instead of dancing? Ugh!


President Barack Obama will address a joint session of Congress on health care reform in prime time on Wednesday, Sept. 9, a senior official tells POLITICO. Obama will receive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at the White House the day before for a previously scheduled sit-down.

The last time a president addressed a joint session of Congress that wasn’t a State of the Union, or the traditional first address by a new president, was Sept. 20, 2001, when President George W. Bush spoke on the war on terrorism following the 9/11 attacks.

Obama plans to give lawmakers a more specific prescription for health care legislation than he has in the past, aides said….

Personally I find it disgusting that he is using something reserved for SOTU or EMERGENCIES like following 9/11 to SELL US on a plan we don’t want. Really abouses the power to call a Joint Session for a speech IMO.

Enough already.

Update: I am hoist by my petard (again). Big Dagw did this? for shame Big Dawg! I was in my 20s then and was probably out dancing with the girlz..Via AceHQ:

The decision to hold such an address is rare. The only times in recent history that a U.S. president delivered a non-“State of the Union” address before a joint session of Congress was in September 2001, when President George W. Bush addressed the nation after the Sept. 11 attacks, and in September 1993, when President Bill Clinton used the forum to push his health care reform package.

Well we see how well that worked out for THAT Congress of Dems dont we? What happened to Team TOTUS’ much lauded ‘Anything But Clinton’ method, hmmmmnnn? heh. frakkers.

If this RCP article is correct it was supporting Big Dawg TOO MUCH against their districts leanings that cost Dems Congress in 94. If that is so, TOTUS doing a Joint Session to fanagle them to vote for his bill will lose him the majority in 2010 in the House. Well alrighty then! Let’s place our bets and see how it unfolds. I say they lose the House in 2010 no matter what they do b/c I think their economic programs will give us a double dip before that election….

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Update: Bill Gross on double dip…Market Mover: Gold!

Update: Well lookee here, Bill Gross, the Bond King, agrees with MiM’s assessment on the double-dip, I sure hope he isnt suggesting more spendulus though, UGH that is what got us here, too much spending!:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

…”To the extent that we have had a trillion dollars worth of stimulus, from the standpoint of deficits, and more, the government basically has to continue to do that and to add to that in order to keep the economy chugging along,” he said. “To the extent that that’s limited, to the extent that they pull back on some of those stimulus programs—Cash for Clunkers and those types of things—then the double-dip moves into the realm of possibility.” A double-dip refers to a second leg down in the recession, which many economists say is ending.

But Gross said the situation remains precarious in what his firm repeatedly has called the “new normal” of much slower growth rates than normal over an extended period of time….


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Joss Whedon Update: Dollhouse S2 Sneak Peeks and 2nd Cabin in the Woods teaser poster…

Update: Lots of scoop on the Season Two premiere at SciFiWire here.

Our previous posts on Joss, Cabin in the Woods and Dollhouse here

Courtesy of popculturez

Examiner- Jeremy Beyer:

According to Fox’s press site the first episode of season 2 will be entitled “Vows”.  Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica) plays a wealthy financier who decides he wants to get married, and Echo is the lucky girl.

The honeymoon is soon over when Agent Ballard comes in to warn Echo of danger and she doesn’t recognize him. Fighting starts and Ballard tries to make Echo remember to save her life….


Click the image to go to the official film site

More from Jeremy Beyer at the Examiner:

Cabin in the Woods is “The horror movie to end all horror movies” according to writer Joss Whedon. Written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) who also directs, it is part horror movie, part reality TV, and part comedy.

The basic premise of the movie is the standard “group of teenagers go into the woods to party” formula. Unbeknownst (sp) to them they are being manipulated by a pair of white collar business men who have their own agenda….

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