MiM meets Congressman Mitchell…

Rep. Harry Mitchell (D-AZ) School Flag Raising Ceremony

Rep. Harry Mitchell (D-AZ) School Flag Raising Ceremony

Congressman Harry Mitchell made an appearance at the flag raising ceremony for our elementary school this morning. Rep. Mitchell has not held any townhalls. He had 2 telephone townhalls but they were prescreened questions. We took the opportunity today to meet with the Congressman, express our opinions and objections to HR 3200. We made sure Rep. Mitchell knew we were 22 and 24 yr Dems most unhappy with the current trajectory of this Congress and WH and sick of the out of control spending.

We thanked Mitchell for voting no to Cap and Trade, Mr MiM discussed at length the impact this would have on technology jobs here in AZ. Mitchell tried to turn around his comments saying ‘oh so you agree we need more new green technology jobs here in AZ”. Mr MiM corrected him and made clear that while alt energy is important we must NOT make ourselves less competitive in the world markets by entering into a restraint on our economic growth which will not be followed by India or China. Clearly Harry WANTED to vote YES on cap and trade.

We expressed our great concerns over the proposed Medicare cuts and panel to determine and set rates of growth for Medicare spending. Mitchell said as someone on Medicare he appreciates the importance of the program and he does not support any cuts, or attempts to redirect control of Medicare rates of spending away from Congress.

We expressed our HUGE concerns over the potential destruction of the current healthcare delivery system by a public or quasi-public government run option. Mitchell said there are a lot of good things about our healthcare system that need to be preserved, and that a Canadian or UK style system would not work for the US. (Thereby avoiding answering if he supports it or not)

On the extension of parents healthcare coverage to children through age 26, we expressed our conviction that this is not a good idea. One, divorced parents who have Qualified Medical Child Support Orders (QMCSOs) which outline which parent is responsible for paying insurance costs in a divorce, the court orders go to age 18-19.

Extending the coverage to age 26 opens a whole can of worms. Who will ENFORCE the premium collection from deadbeat parents? Are all divorced couples going to be forced to deal with Family Court for another 8 years after the child attains their majority? We adore our children but by age 26 they should have their own coverage, job etc.

Rep. Mitchell was unaware this was in the bill. He must not have caught TOTUS’ town halls because this was raised and TOTUS praised the idea again. Mitchell said he would look into this further.

On housing, we asked about Fannie Mae’s modification rates and when they will be coming back for ANOTHER 50 billion from the taxpayers. Why not just have HOLC? We OWN Fannie Freddie, we OWN the damned debt we are lending them. He expressed understanding of our concerns and said he is referring homeowners to modification assistance. He has no proposed legislation on housing based on our discussion. (Here in AZ this should be job no 2 right behind JOBS JOBS JOBS)

To summarize, Rep Mitchell is very good at glad handing and projecting empathy as are all politicians. In our opinion Harry wishes he could vote Yes on cap and trade and a public option but he knows his right leaning district will not support it. He should be given a pass from Pelosi to vote No as he did on cap and trade but he is not a steady vote and he needs to be voted out in 2010.

Mr MiM ended by saying the next time Congress was lo0king to spend 800b on a stimulus they should just give each American 2 million and we would take care of the whole economy and send GDP soaring for them. They laughed, but damned if it isnt true, there would be no housing problem, inventory would be soaring and so would hiring as we all went shopping AND paid down debt AND paid off houses, thereby fixing banking and housing.


Just back from meeting Rep. Harry Mitchell (D-AZ). Will have report up shortly..We told him what we do and do not want and he kindly listened…he voted No on Cap and Trade, we are sure that was a waiver from Pelosi as his seat is not safe, he should be another No on the public option but did not confirm, there is a lot of Heat in Arizona, pardon the pun….

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