Dragon*Con 2009: Wheel of Time: Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson’s ‘The Gathering Storm’ Chapter One released – WoT Artwork…

Happy Dance!!



The below announcements were made live at DragonCon in Atlanta on Friday, Sept. 4th, at 9:30 pm, at a special Wheel of Time track Opening



  • CHAPTER ONE of The Gathering Storm NOW AVAILABLE to read on Tor.com! Tor.com Registration (free) required, and excerpt remains on the site through end of October. An audio version is also available via the same link.
  • DragonCon attendees at the live announcement received a limited edition broad sheet of Chapter One.
  • THE PROLOGUE to The Gathering Storm will be available as eBook purchase for $2.99, beginning Sept. 17th, from all major online vendors.
  • EBOOKS of the ENTIRE Wheel of Time series will release from Tor, beginning with The Eye of the World on Oct. 27th. Subsequent books in the series to be released on a monthly basis after that. The text has been optimized for the ebook reading experience and retain all illustrations and maps from the physical books.

This marks the first time eBooks will be released from the Wheel of Time.

  • ORIGINAL ARTWORK – new “cover art” by different award-winning artists – has been commissioned by Tor for each of the forthcoming WoT eBooks. Yes, each eBook will contain brand new art. Details on the artists of the first four books (go read more at the TOR link!!)

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Update: Alert to the Country: They are coming for our soda- CALL CONGRESS NOW, SAY NO TO SODA TAX!!!

Update: Here is TOTUS pushing his soda TAX. Funny he didn’t give a frak about obese kids when MEchelle worked for Treehouse Foods now did he? courtesy American Spec:

In an interview with Men’s Health published Monday, President Obama suggested that a tax on such items as soda and sugary drinks should be put on the table, saying “I actually think it’s an idea that we should be exploring.”

Oh good, this means the kids juice boxes too. INSANITY!!! Did the WH miss the backlash Paterson got in NY when he tried this??

Obama then acknowledged the political reality of enacting such taxes while providing a glimpse of where he personally stands on the issue:  Look, people’s attitude is that they don’t necessarily want Big Brother telling them what to eat or drink, and I understand that. It is true, though, that if you wanted to make a big impact on people’s health in this country, reducing things like soda consumption would be helpful….

OMG, can’t we even have a damn Coca Cola!!! (or for my mom Pepsi!)

Are you listening OBOTS!! You drink RED BULL ALL DAY DON’T YOU???!!!

Now look what you have done!!!!


Breaking on FOX: President calls for soda tax to fund health care bill, Rep Jeb Hensarling R-TX objecting on Cavuto (Stu Varney filling in) on FOX now…

In 21 of the 22 years I have been a Dem I was a tree hugging lib – I have been sending dough to NRDC to save polar bears for years, those bears will be pixxed when they hear about this!

PLEASE call your Critters!!

FD-I am a KO shareholder! Just thought of that! double dxmn!

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Horror: Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods; another teaser poster…


Our previous posts on the film and Joss here

See SlashFilm.com for more Cabin tidbits..

When Kevin Williamson’s Scream first hit, the ripples pulsed quickly through the slasher genre and rapidly redefined the audience’s expectations of boogeymen in creepy masks and their cinematic slaughter sprees. It was a pioneering work and one of the genuinely visionary films of the 90s. The idea with Cabin in the Woods is, I think, to do something similar. The means, however, are not as simple and definitely not as fresh.

The film will begin with the “white collar” characters we’ve already had casting for – Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford as Sitterson and Hadley (though they aren’t necessarily taking the roles in that order – there are still some secrets to unlock). It then cross cuts between these two and a group of five college-agers headed up to a cabin for the typical cabin based shenanigans. A cabin, somewhat unsurprisingly, in a wooded area….

Read the whole thing, but BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!! They only had the first 30 pgs of script so NO ONE really knows what’s what in the film 🙂

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Market Mover: Consumer Credit falls record $21.6 Billion in July (estimate was a $4 billion drop!)

wall_st_bear_smallBreaking on CNBC

Rick Santelli has it:

WOW!!! Expectations were for consumer credit to drop 4 billion in July , it dropped 21.6 BILLION!! OMG! A record!

June REVISED to drop of $15.5 Billion!


Okay soopergeniuses in DC Elite land, how the hexx can consumers pull us out of this with no jobs and no credit? eh?

in other news, dollar fell to its lowest level in a year, 77.32 on the dollar index (.DXY) so oil spiked over 71 and gold pulled back a bit to 998 and change….

consumer is FLAT ON ITS BACK


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True Blood: Depeche Mode ‘Corrupt’ Full Music Video – HBO

Courtesy of HBO


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Islamist Militant plot to kill Hillary foiled in Kenya…

Notice no MSM reports it here in America. But let a guy strap a gun on 5 miles away from TOTUS at a rally and that is in the news for days. Why is that?  I mean there was a shxtload of coverage of Hillary getting snippy with a misinterpreted question, but we hear jack about the attempts to kill her? Which of these things was actual ‘news’? What a disgrace our media is. Were it not for the report in the Australian press we would likely NEVER have heard about it.  Same thing with GWB no reporting of the threats he received. Why? h/t ForeignPolicy

Hillary dancing in Kenya (knowing there was a bomb plot just foiled, cojones of steel has Hillary)

Hillary dancing in Kenya (knowing there was a bomb plot just foiled, cojones of steel has Hillary)

The Australian News:

RADICAL Islamist al-Shabaab militants linked to al-Qa’ida and based in Somalia plotted to kill US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her trip to Africa last month, it was disclosed yesterday.

A planned series of bomb attacks set to take place in Nairobi, the capital of neighbouring Kenya, while Mrs Clinton was there – one in the hotel where she was staying – was foiled at the last minute, media reports, citing senior security officials, said.

“Al-Qa’ida wanted to strike at the heart of Nairobi (while Mrs Clinton was here),” the senior security official was quoted as saying, adding that Kenyan authorities intercepted communications between the plotters in war-ravaged Somalia and their operatives in Nairobi, which has a large emigre Somali population.

Five suspected al-Shabaab terrorists were arrested, including a man believed to be a Somali carrying a Danish passport. The four other suspects seized, including a woman, had what appeared to be false Kenyan identity documents, according to the reports.

Sounds like a close call:

There were to be major bomb blasts in the hotel where Mrs Clinton and her entourage were staying, as well as at another major hotel and a transport hub.The reports said that so seriously was the view taken by authorities of the al-Shabaab threat that elements from Kenya’s elite presidential guard were deployed as part of Mrs Clinton’s entourage. Yesterday’s reports said there were concerns al-Shabaab militants living in Nairobi might be acquiring Kenyan identification documents, including passports.

Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, in neighbouring Tanzania, were the targets of al-Qa’ida attacks in 1998 that killed 250 people and injured 5000. In 2002, terrorists struck near the port of Mombasa, attacking a tourist hotel and attempting to bring down an Israeli passenger liner leaving the Nairobi airport.

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Twofer Tuesday: Styx (Supernatural style)

Created by smiley353

Created by goodintentions89

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