Dragon*Con 2009: Wheel of Time: Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson’s ‘The Gathering Storm’ Chapter One released – WoT Artwork…

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The below announcements were made live at DragonCon in Atlanta on Friday, Sept. 4th, at 9:30 pm, at a special Wheel of Time track Opening



  • CHAPTER ONE of The Gathering Storm NOW AVAILABLE to read on Tor.com! Tor.com Registration (free) required, and excerpt remains on the site through end of October. An audio version is also available via the same link.
  • DragonCon attendees at the live announcement received a limited edition broad sheet of Chapter One.
  • THE PROLOGUE to The Gathering Storm will be available as eBook purchase for $2.99, beginning Sept. 17th, from all major online vendors.
  • EBOOKS of the ENTIRE Wheel of Time series will release from Tor, beginning with The Eye of the World on Oct. 27th. Subsequent books in the series to be released on a monthly basis after that. The text has been optimized for the ebook reading experience and retain all illustrations and maps from the physical books.

This marks the first time eBooks will be released from the Wheel of Time.

  • ORIGINAL ARTWORK – new “cover art” by different award-winning artists – has been commissioned by Tor for each of the forthcoming WoT eBooks. Yes, each eBook will contain brand new art. Details on the artists of the first four books (go read more at the TOR link!!)

Created by SinisterDeath18

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  • Dragonmount is proud to announce a very special opportunity for WoT fans. We are working closely with the gang at Tor to put together a team of Storm Leaders for each city that Brandon visits on The Gathering Storm tour. These Storm Leaders will be fans (like you!) who will get to meet Brandon and/or Harriet before the bookstore event begins (food and drinks to be provided). This will be a small, intimate gathering, only about 4-5 people per city, where you can also get your books signed. Because in return, during the actual event, you’ll help us photograph and blog about the event, so that other fans can read about it on DM and other sites. There will also be other responsibilities outside of that, details of which to come next week. Storm Leaders will also receive a limited edition TGS Storm Leader Tour t-shirt™ and bragging rights to all your friends.Dragonmount will be accepting applications for Storm Leaders beginning sometime next week. It’s free to participate and sign up. We’ll post a lot more information next week about how you sign up, what’s required,and what we’re looking for from candidates.
  • You may be wondering why Tor is releasing Chapter 1 before the prologue? Yes, technically that’s out of order. The prologue is about 20,000 words, while Chapter 1 is only a few thousand (ie, much shorter). Be forewarned: Although you will have no problems whatsoever following along, chapter 1 does begin after a short scene takes place in the prologue.
  • The Gathering Storm will be released in hardcover in the U.S, Canada, U.K. and other locations on October 27th. More Info
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