Derek Jeter ties Lou Gehrig’s all time hits record- 2721!!!

Poppi is smiling in heaven. A Yankees man through and through, God Bless.

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Jeter singled in the seventh inning for his third hit Wednesday night against Tampa Bay, matching Gehrig with 2,721 hits in a Yankees uniform.

After entering the game in an 0-for-12 slump, his longest hitless stretch this season, Jeter broke out of the rut with a bunt single toward third base leading off the bottom of the first inning.

With cameras flashing all around Yankee Stadium on every pitch to Jeter, he grounded out in the third inning against Rays starter Jeff Niemann and drove a ground-rule double to straightaway center in the fifth.

Damn Yankees courtesy of projecthenry

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TOTUS Health Care Speech 29: Go Back Jack, Do it Again….

35 minutes to greatest health care speech evah version 29…LIVE everywhere but FOX where they Think They Can Dance!

A parade of Senators on Kudlow including Collins, Wyden, Bayh, Warner, Alexander and Corker are all against the public option or adding to the deficit and they are all for interstate competition, sounds good..

Meanwhile Team TOTUS is still stuck on Go..

*Steely Dan courtesy of Melegorm

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Oh Please Make it So!!: Rumour Patrol- Hillary considering run for NY Gov?

(AP Photo/Tom Uhlman)

(AP Photo/Tom Uhlman)

Oh please please please, do it Hill! Get away from Team TOTUS far, far away., I thought you would be able to accomplish things for the world but they have you FENCED IN.  I was WRONG. FREE HILLARY! h/t HotAir


The boss hears from two sources that Hillary Clinton is considering stepping down as Secretary of State this fall in order to run for Governor of New York.

Posted by Michael Goldfarb on September 9, 2009 04:49 PM

President Bill Clinton and  first lady, Hillary dance on a Saint Thomas beach in the U.S. Virgin Islands,( January 4th, 1998) before ending their 6-day vacation.. CREDIT:Agence France-Presse Photo 01/04/1998

President Bill Clinton and first lady, Hillary dance on a Saint Thomas beach in the U.S. Virgin Islands,( January 4th, 1998) before ending their 6-day vacation.. CREDIT:Agence France-Presse Photo 01/04/1998

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Update: TOTUS lied, tort reform died! Trial Lawyers, prepare to meet the undercarriage of the bus…

I think the real winners tonight were the peeps who watched Ghost Hunters. I am going to the DVR stat to depoliticize myself for a few hours, lol!

Update 3: the Excellent IMO response from the GOP by Dr Rep Charles Bustany R LA. Go to

Update 2: Courtesy of Gateway Pundit, the clip of TOTUS getting called on his lie as he calls out the people for what he calls lies about immigrants being covered, what a farce this whole plan is at this point…

Update: Aww what a wash out!!! that was NOT TORT REFORM!! That was an agreement to view various options yada yad yada, that and a token will get us on the subway, it wont reduce the cost curve…he is for mandates now but no subsidies for the middle class, so the pain without the gain I guess is his message, of the greater good and Teddy or something like that…and frankly I consider the vow not to cut Medicare to be a lie, he has 622 billion in medicare cuts under OMB numbers, he will GUT Medicare Advantage…

Trial Lawyers Prepare to go Unda Da Bus!! Tort Reform Cometh baby...

Trial Lawyers Prepare to go Unda Da Bus!! Tort Reform Cometh baby...


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Trick ‘r Treat Trailer…

Our previous post on Trick ‘r Treat here

Courtesy of HollywoodStreams

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ALERT the media! oh yeah, nevermind: AP reports 52% DISAPPROVE of TOTUS healthcare and 49% disapprove overall…

Update: More highlights from the poll courtesy of AHFF Geoff at AceHQ:

support oppose cong bills – 34 /49
hc bill must be bipartisan 79 yes/20  no (SEVENTY NINE??)
obama proceed w.o gop? NO – 66, YES – 28

What do you think the President and Congress should do when they come back to Washington this fall? Do you think they should…
Keep working to pass a health care plan by the end of
the year 39
Scrap the current negotiations and start over from
scratch 42
Leave the health care system as it is now 18
Don’t know 1
Refused *
Based on: N=1,001

Here is Gibby this morning spinning madly, first TOTUS doesnt govern by polls, then he says the polls show the public wants a public plan, spin Gibby spin like Taz! BWAAAHAAA..Gibby says they want to be bipartisan and Drudge has up a headline that Boehner says TOTUS has not invited the GOP to parlay since April…GOP has put forward no less than three plans including HR 3400 and Wyden-Bennett…Baucus confirmed this morning that all 3 GOP members of his finance Cmte put forward suggestions to him before noon today…

That is the sound of the dam breaking….

The dam of propaganda and hype the MSM put up to pressure people into saying they approved of the abominable performance of Team TOTUS in handling the economy to date..

People can SEE their fellow country men and women and children at townhalls and tea parties. Now we ALL know that most of us ALL feel the same way..despite the heavy handed journOlist fog of Obamalove, and polling of ADULTS instead of likely VOTERS…

and Hey Media! we DISAPPROVE you intellectual elitists!!!


Get OUT OF OUR WAY. Let Americans do what we do best, build and GROW…

Just get your high flying ideals out of our real world way of life!


AP, mind you, and it’s a poll of adults to boot.

52% disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy, too. And…

A similar number disapprove of his handling of taxes, some of which may rise to help finance his health overhaul. And 56 percent dislike his handling of the budget deficit, which has skyrocketed under the costs of the financial bailouts and a recession that has caused sinking federal revenues….

.. Here’s the actual poll, again sent by AHFF Geoff. Lots of good eatin’ here.

On the economy, for example, 58% had approved of Obama’s handling back in April. That is now down to 44%….

GNR courtesy of Ildy87

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TOTUS Time: Buzz words for the TOTUS drinking game: ‘stability’ and ‘security’…


Okay I call for ‘stability’ and ‘security’ to be the two buzz words for TOTUS Time tonight…

Linda Douglass said them on FOX and they appear in the Politico spin piece this morning. Guess the ‘c’ words: ”choice’ and ‘competition’ weren’t big enough guns. They seem to like alliteration don’t they?And according to Politico, TOTUS will once again, be voting Present tonight…


…Dan Pfeiffer, the White House deputy communications director, said: “When the President is done tonight, everyone who listens will understand that his plan has at its core two overriding goals—to bring stability and security to Americans who have insurance today, and affordable coverage to those who don’t. And his plan will bring reforms that will reduce the unsustainable growth in the cost of health care, which has doubled in the last decade and will again, unless we act.”…

I am sure the Obots will be pleased to hear that TOTUS will, ‘gladly’ toss them unda da bus:

…Anxious to navigate treacherous divides in the Senate, the president will stop short of drawing a line in the sand, as many liberal House Democrats want. He will not demand that a public option must be in any reform bill he signs, the sources said….

..But White House officials privately say they know they don’t have the votes in the Senate for a public option. It is clear Obama will gladly compromise on this point, hence the loose language in the speech, allowing for future horse trading…

And just WAIT until the Trial Lawyers get a load of this:

Reaching out to Republicans and independents, the president will acknowledge a problem with medical malpractice litigation, suggesting that topic can be included in the debate on an overall reform package….

BWAAAHAAAAAAA!! Foolish neoprogs! This is NOT a Fighter! Hillary was the fighter in that race!

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Treasury: Millions more foreclosures coming…


Our previous posts on the Making Home Affordable program here

Treasury says Millions more foreclosures coming, but their Making Home Affordable program is a success!

Uh, wha? Way to set your high standards there Treasury! They have put only 360,000 loans in modification out of an estimate of 7-9 MILLION homeowners that TOTUS Treasury Team put forward on February 18th of this year.

Maybe TOTUS should have given his, ‘you owe it to the country to do your best’ speech to his Treasury officials instead of our kids, eh?


…Michael Barr, assistant treasury secretary for financial institutions, told a House Financial Services subcommittee that the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, launched earlier this year was on target to help a half million at-risk homeowners by Nov. 1.

But, “even if HAMP is a total success, we should still expect millions of foreclosures” as efforts continue to stabilize the crisis-stricken housing sector, he said.

In a report released Wednesday, the Treasury said only 12 percent of the troubled U.S. homeowners believed to be eligible for loan modifications under the Obama administration’s housing rescue plan have had their mortgages reworked….

Gee they have a pretty low bar for success there in D.C….God Bless the American people

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