Updated: 912 Tea Party Reports…


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Kewlin! Time Lapse footage covering 0800-1130 TONS of Patriots! For the trolling Obots who have no knowledge of flag protocol, the reason it shows at half mast initially is b/c it was flown that way in honor of 9/11 yesterday and would have been raised some time today as is customary…

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More video recaps, this one has no sound, frakkin WMG/youtube

Hey CNN you look a little..uhm.. surrounded, lol. Maybe Susan Roesgen can give this CNN reporter tips on what NOT to do to pixx off the crowd and get canned…

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Stephen Baldwin speaks in DC:

Reports of 10k at Ft Worth rally 🙂

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  1. Yankeemom replied:

    […] in the Middle:  here and […]


  2. njbitchysexyminx replied:

    Hi Ginaswo!

    Long time no see!


  3. Mibal Zarhari replied:

    Where are the people of color in all these videos??? African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, Indians etc. all share this country and all have access to the same news media. If there is such an outrage, why aren’t there people of color in these videos?

    Draw your own conclusions on that one!


    • ginaswo replied:

      my brother, or sister, lol, why the knee jerk Wheres Waldo of Color response?
      the proportion of persons of color to the population was well represented in the pics I have viewed since yesterday, I am posting for density and breadth of crowd size not for color, thats where we differ from MSM, I want to know how many Americans came out, not what color they were, or gender, or religion, thats the point of AMERICA ya dig??
      the IM WITH THE PARTY OF HELL NO signbearer in the sign gallery may make you sleep better tonight tho’


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