Update: True Blood: Season Finale Tonight 9PM

Update 2: I have to agree with this SciFiWire post, I think the finale, well, it sucked. It left me with the same anticlimactic ‘bleh’ feeling that the second half of the BSG finale left me with. And I was thinking the same thing, What in the Frakkin Hell were Ron D Moore/Alan Ball thinking letting the first half be so ‘hot n heavy’ and the second half sooo flat? SPOILERS AHEAD!!

(…)The episode began with much promise as it picked up at Sookie’s Gran’s house, where the psychotic maenad Maryann was preparing to wed the bull god Dionysus. The town was dancing about in goddess dresses, vines wrapped about their heads and eyes black as polished obsidian as they finished off the statue of meat in the front yard with a blessed ostrich egg smeared in blood. All of the pieces were in place for True Blood to go out in a dizzyingly maniacal fashion, the kind of fang-bared orgy way we have become accustomed to, even addicted to, for the past two years. However, after the first half of the show, when Maryann was gored by what she thought was her god come to ravage her in matrimonial bliss, but actually turned out to be the shape-shifter Sam Merlotte, the energy of the show began to fizzle.

Yes, I completely understand that there were more than a handful of loose ends that needed to be tied up before the season concluded, but it could have been done in a more gripping fashion, the style that True Blood has become renowned for. It was as if a massive, fierce warship were barreling across the ocean with sails at full mast only to suddenly turn into a Duck Adventures tour boat filled with tourists. The flavor became almost cloyingly sweet at times as the townsfolk attempted to settle back into a semblance of normalcy. While there was still a hint of death and destruction, there was simply not enough to really grip the audience and make them dream vampiric fever dreams during the long months between seasons two and three. Yes, yes, not everything can be pure insanity in Bon Temps; there must be a balance, yin and yang, stability and depravity, but this is True Blood we’re speaking of. The natural order of the universe need not apply in this case.(…)

Lo Lo Bromio!

Lo Lo Bromio!

Courtesy of Buddy TV, a question about tonight’s Season Finale that I too am dying to get the answer to!

…In fact, things have turned from bad to worse with Tara and Lafayette now under Maryann’s spell while a giant egg sits on a large bed nest in Sookie’s grandma’s old room.

I’m sure you’re all with me when I say that the mystery behind the giant egg is the first thing I want uncover. It’s the weirdest thing ever but considering all the crazy stuff that’s been happening all season long, I shouldn’t be surprised anymore.

Click for Official HBO True Blood Videos

Click for Official HBO True Blood Videos

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