Update: Compare/Contrast 9/12/09 Rally Pic-10-2-10 Rally Pic; Tea Party Documentary; Contract From America; Metro Ridership Data; I Own the World has the pic we need to get a real count;How big was the crowd? Media credibility plunges to new low; Aerial Views added: D.C. Police close roads to buses, people on foot; estimate 1.2 million; ABC can’t count..912 – Party On Patriots!!

9/12/09 Rally and 10-2-10 Rally Crowd Comparison

Above the post update 10/3/2010: So the left/neoprogressive/labor alliance professional grievance folks had a rally they claim was planned before Glenn Beck’s 8-28-10 Rally. If so, they were responding to our 9/12/09 Tea Party Rally in D.C., so let’s compare/contrast form the same angle.

MSM reports citing the OneSomething 10-2-10 Rally had sponsorts claiming 500k people showed up. The MSM is comparing crowd pics of Glenn’s Rally and 10-2-10 because they largely IGNORED the largest rally to date, which was of course the one we covered here, the first 9/12 rally in 09.

We need a GIF of the POST RALLY conditions of the grounds on the capitol mall following both events.

Updates moved to end of post, it’s time to start the 2010 election countdown!!!

9/19- As of today, 203,000 people have viewed this post. If they all send the info to 2 people, we will have surpassed MSNBC/CNNs usual viewership, LOL. The pseudoelite intellectual media (although really not as smart as they think they are-did you see Wolf Blitzer get his axx handed to him on Jeopardy! lol) cannot handle the truth. 2010 will be EPIC!

Go to the linky to expand x2, I cannot fit it here! see to the left and the right!

912 PATRIOTS!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! click to go to IOWNTHEWORLD to expand

Update: 9/17 Charlie Martin reworks the numbers with new data and an update on those Metro Ridership numbers:

(…)we have two new sources of information. First, the ridership statistics from D.C. Metro became available after being delayed, apparently because of a fatal accident on the Metro tracks. The Heritage Foundation, using these figures, computed that Metrorail ridership was about 235,000 greater than the previous weekend. As they say, that in itself is more than three times the (unreliable and badly sourced) number reported in the legacy media.

Second, there is now a high-resolution photo from FreedomWorks, which you can see in the poster here

On comparisons to the Inuguration via the USAToday chart:

Now, let’s look back at the National Park Service method as published in USA Today. If, in fact, the Mall were only as full as a seated crowd of invited guests, as shown in the article, and if the crowd only went to the diagonal streets Pennsylvania and Maryland, then the Park Service method would give an estimate of about 250,000. But a crowd of this sort is rather more dense than a crowd of seated invited guests because of the need for aisles and access in a seating plan; you can see that in the overhead photos of the inauguration.

And summary of key data points:

  • The estimate widely used in the legacy media is not from an authoritative source, and it isn’t even consistent with itself: “full back to 3rd Street” is around 250,000 by Park Sevice methods, not a quarter of that.
  • Many estimates, using different assumptions and different methods, arrived at numbers well into the hundreds of thousands.
  • This is clearly consistent with the panoramic photo that we can source reliably.
  • With everything above, and with several more estimates, I don’t think there is a plausible argument for any total attendance figure much less that 500,000 to 600,000. That is, nearly ten times the reported attendance.

Go read the whole piece!

Rep. John Culberson video from the Capitol steps, he notes the dc police said the est was 250k, lol!! look at those wonderful peaceful Americans 🙂 Thank you to Ace commenter phreshone at September 16, 2009 12:00 PM for the vid!

Okay Obots, here is a picture we have needed, courtesy of IOwntheWorld, who will have more to follow!

Slide show courtesy of nhlimited:

Welcome TOTUS apparachiks and neoprog trollz!

Welcome GatewayPundit readers!

Welcome NiceDeb readers!

Charlie Martin at PJM does some math on crowd size:

(…)To summarize:

Rumored number 2 million
“People meter” count 1.5 million
Eight “Pennsylvania Avenues” full of people 800 thousand
Grant Memorial area by Park Service method 250 thousand
Legacy media reports 70 thousand

Average all of those and we get 900,000 plus (924,000). Throw out the outliers, we get 850,000. And remember that the 1.5 million was a real count; it’s inherently a more believable number. Our estimate should be “pulled” upward by that.

Conclusion: probably well more than 850,000 in the crowd.

Which is a lot of people….

One more time for the visually and politically impaired Obots

One more time for the visually and politically impaired Obots


see that crowd over on the right side? yeah they count too lefty trollz, there was NO PREMIT for those two blank grass patches, it was reserved for another group, was it perhaps Obots who overslept? lol
Pic courtesy of NiceDeb: See that crowd over on the right and left sides? yeah they count too lefty trollz, there was NO PERMIT for those two blank grass patches, it was reserved for another group, was it perhaps Obots who overslept? lol

Update: Media Matters neglects to come after us here at MiM directly! Why? Is it because we are 22 and 24 yr DEMOCRATS? Yeah we don’t fit the ‘righty blog’ label they like to use eh? Bring it on MediaMatters. Next will be the race card. My dad is laughing at me in heaven. He knows I voted for Dinkins when we lived in NYC and used to use Media Matters to ‘debunk’ what I thought was right wing spin. Sorry GOP, I was ill informed.

Lefties are bitterly clinging to the idea that the the Mall was not filled up and are putting up pics of the Mall,  and whining that our pics here are not of the mall, well NEWSFLASH OBOTS, there was NO PERMIT FOR THE MALL! Thus the people are everywhere else! what morons! Commenter at NiceDeb explains:

JoAnn in VA Says:
September, 14, 2009 at 3:00 am

The photo showing very few people at the march was actually taken of the National Mall. We did not have permission from DC Parks and DC police to use the Mall. We had permission to march on 16th Street, one block north however, and had to start at 10 am instead of the scheduled 1130 beginning time because the DC police told the organizers that we had reached “Critical Mass” and had more people at the starting point than could safely be contained. At 2 pm there were still people marching down 16th Street.
Mr. Obama, can you hear us now?

Play again MediaMatters? This time let’s not play with a bogus pre/post event crowd as is found on lefty blogs, but at the actual time of the event, noting no permit for those 2 squares of grass, but folks eventually spread over them as the crowd kept coming. Tools!

Courtesy of theguyfromZHills

Update: Media credibility plunges to new low, gee wonder why?

…Nearly two-thirds of Americans think the news stories they read, hear and watch are frequently inaccurate, according to a poll released Sunday by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. That marks the highest level of skepticism recorded since 1985, when this study of public perceptions of the media was first done…The survey found that 63 percent of the respondents thought the information they get from the media was often off base…

…The most recent poll found just 29 percent believed news reports had the facts straight. (Eight percent said they didn’t know.)…Similarly, only 26 percent of the respondents said the press is careful to avoid bias. The figure was 36 percent in 1985….

…Some 42 percent said they relied on the Internet…A decade ago, only 6 percent of the survey participants said they leaned on the Web for their national and international news…

BWAAAHAAAAA!!!!! Keep ignoring the REALITY MSM and keep driving your customers away…Maroons!!!

Above the fold updates- pics moved up the page per request, scrolling down we can see the crowd is all around the reflecting pool as well….


MSNBC screen cap of the 912 march, CLEARLY we stretched out past the 1 mill point based on USAToday's report on ow to gauge inaugural attendance!

MSNBC screen cap of the 912 march, CLEARLY the crowd stretched out beyond the 1 mill point based on USAToday's report on how to gauge inaugural attendance!

912 twitpic by scottwgraves

912 twitpic above by scottwgraves


Update: A Commenter whines that our pic is a webcam and cannot reflect density of the crowd. If he would merely scroll down he would see ample evidence of said density which we think is on par with 1 per 2.5 sf and would have likely exceeded that had the DC police not closed the roads to buses leaving people still walking up when the permit ran out at 400pm.. here are some additional shots via AceHQ which reflect the avg person per sf throughout the crowd:

912 density912 density2912 density 3

Headline changed to reflect the All Barack Channel’s wuss out on their count of the rally. If 1 million VOTERS descended on DC to be heard and no MSM reported it would it make a sound? DAMN STRAIGHT BABY, 2010 will be a wipeout for the DEMS at the polls and for any Critter who continues to ignore the people…woohoo!

The really good news is that the BLATANT ONGOING LYING and OBFUSCATION to the public that the MSM is doing on behalf of Team TOTUS will ensure that the MSM is never ever able to elect our POTUS again the way they did in 08. They have ZERO credibility, deservedly so.

Consumer Complaint divisions in companies generally have a mathematical formula in which they extrapolate the actual number of customers who feel a given way based on a small number of actual complaints from the public. Kind of like the way a teeny tiny bused in fixed caucus elects a DEM candidate, lol.  Anywho, if you Obots dont think your Team TOTUS is scared spitless by the public backlash we saw yesterday you are as delusional as your dear leader.

The number of Americans who traveled across the country to Just Say No More Spending is incredible and extrapolating for the rest of America, and throwing in the polls (in which TOTUS Biased MSM is now reduced to polling ADULTS instead of likely voters AND oversampling Dems by 5-1 margins), well, yeah it is there in all its glory plain as day. 2010 will be a day of reckoning in the polls for the Critters who blindly follow the MSM Elite Ivy League Intellectual Selected and Approved Leader into oblivion with these massive spending programs.

Don’t do the crime if you cant do the time Critters. No soup for you if you pass any more crxp! One day when this Admin is far far gone some FBI or CIA FOIA request or something similar will give us better numbers of the INCREDIBLE MOVEMENT of regular Americans that took place yesterday. In the meantime let the Critters who believe their own hype lay it on the line….

Original Post: Via MM viewers who sent in pics and the USAToday schematic from the Inauguration on how to judge the size of the crowd. Excellent! (other pics after the break at the bottom of the post)

On the ground report from Matt Welch of ReasonTV here: “* Big crowd. Do not believe any description that says “thousands.” If there weren’t at least a healthy six figures there, I will permanently revoke my head-counting license…”

“…Songs included “Glory Hallelujah” and “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.” The most moving chant might have been when we walked past the Newseum, with its ginormous carving of the First Amendment on the side, and the crowd spontaneously said “Read that wall! Read that wall!”…”

courtesy of bucksogal-HorseofPaulRevere Reports: The march included more than 1,500,000 people by DC police estimates. Two different police confirmed that with me! I hope this conveys even a little the special feeling of that march. God Bless America!!

Courtesy of bowlmeoverva

Courtesy of ccubedblogger

Courtesy of patriotsandheroes-comments from DC attendees!

Best parts:
1: That there were so many people already overflowing Freedom Plaza into the streets that the march just “started itself” 2.5hrs early.

2: When we got to the Capitol, and they were announcing that the didn’t have a permit for the mall, and everyone needed to come in on the lawn. And the crowd chanted back “WE OWN THE MALL!”. Permit or not, it didn’t matter, we filled the roads all the way back to the Washington Monument!

Freedom plaza at 9am was overflowing, and the river of people down Pennsylvania did not stop flowing for 3 hours and filled the front of the capital and down the mall…

Keeping up top scroll down for updates-

Courtesy of MaroonedinMarin

We had an old twitpic of ‘close the gap 97’ rally, now deleted! thanks for the h/t!  🙂 More people attended than watch MSNBC or CNN…

Daily Mail UK Foreign Press reports up to 2 million:

Up to two million people marched to the U.S. Capitol today, carrying signs with slogans such as “Obamacare makes me sick” as they protested the president’s health care plan and what they say is out-of-control spending.

The line of protesters spread across Pennsylvania Avenue for blocks, all the way to the capitol, according to the Washington Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency.

People were chanting “enough, enough” and “We the People.” Others yelled “You lie, you lie!” and “Pelosi has to go,” referring to California congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Demonstrators waved U.S. flags and held signs reading “Go Green Recycle Congress” and “I’m Not Your ATM.” Men wore colonial costumes as they listened to speakers who warned of “judgment day” – Election Day 2010…

Above the fold update: Video of the starting point for the march in Freedom Square:

Courtesy of kjcanon

DC Police have closed the roads to buses, people are walking on foot now..“Reports roads closed marchers streaming from capital to washington monument.”

UPDATE FT WORTH! The Ft. Worth 912 Rally has been MOVED UP to 1:45pm Central time so that Glenn Beck can link to it. Blogging the live reports in D.C. from Vodkapundit (Stephen Green) here

Instapundit: Mary Katharine Ham emails this pic from the Newseum balcony in DC.

Instapundit: Mary Katharine Ham emails this pic from the Newseum balcony in DC.

Update 3 : MM12:34 EST DC Police est 1.2 mill, ABC reports 2 million, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Livecam of the D.C. rally here.  Wow!  WOW!!! LOVE ALL YOU PATRIOTS!!! ROCK ON!! WOOHOO!! Update from MM! FOX NEWS STREAM HERE From HA FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE CABLE OR ARE IN OTHER COUNTRIES YOU CAN WATCH MARCH ON WASHINGTON HERE: http://www.tikilive.com/ #912DC #912 #DC912 #tcot #teaparty #tcot #ocra

912 Courtesy of MM Photo Credit elmarco

912 Courtesy of MM Photo Credit elmarco

912 Courtesy of MM photo credit elmarco




Update: From AceHQ: the tea party will be aired live on CSPAN (…) The March on Washington will be aired LIVE on CSPAN from 1pm – 4pm (EST)! To view online, please click here.

Courtesy of FrankStrategies

912 Twitpic brinux

912 Twitpic brinux

912 twitpic brinux

912 twitpic brinux

Update: Ft Worth is having an event also!

Go to TeaPartyPatriots.Org , scroll to the bottom for a state by state listing of local events for everyone who couldnt make it to DC! This is MiM’s sign:


9/12 RallyPhoenix, ArizonaSaturday, September 12, 20099:00 a.m. till noonState Capital Lawn

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BWAAAAHAAAA!! This guy has the right idea from Vodkapundit:


Update for the morons on TV calling everyone raaacist again, there are none so blind as those who will not see, my hubby is ‘swarthy’ lol, and here is a gentleman who would likely disagree that everyone out there is a cracker:

912 Twitpic by Brooks Bayne courtesy of MM
912 Twitpic by Brooks Bayne courtesy of MM
Close to giant paper mache puppets, lol! TOTUS' and Standees! Photo: EPA Source: Daily Mail

Close to giant paper mache puppets, lol! TOTUS' and Standees! Photo: EPA Source: Daily Mail

Courtesy of ccubedblogger

Update: Documentary to be released around Thanksgiving:

Courtesy of TeaPartyMovie


9/22 Update: A new project from the TeaPartyPatriots: Contract From America:

We would like to introduce you to the Contract From America website, our new initiative, where you can join your fellow Americans in a collaborative grassroots effort to create a document that offers real change in Washington, D.C. and the state capitols. Click here to go to the Contract From America homepage now.

This website provides you with the opportunity to offer your innovative free market, limited government solutions to our nation’s pressing problems and to vote and comment on the ideas of others. We believe that the result of this grassroots-generated marketplace of ideas will be a document that not only represents the will of the American people, but promotes unique ideas that will breathe new life into the economic conservative movement.

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  1. Mr. Pinko replied:

    Can you hear us now? 😉


  2. Linda replied:

    We haven’t won until they are voted out and patriots are voted in. We haven’t won until we have term limits and have done away with lobbyists.

    I’ve looked at congress even the conservatives are not patriots. Flake from AZ is the only one that has not taken lobby money. I am not from AZ but that state has my full support. Let’s demand it in our states. The liberals say it will cause more states to rebel and break away from federal government restraints. Maybe that is what we will have to do to set this nation back on it’s capitalist feet. Capitalism has kept us the strongest nation in the world….up until now and we are an international joke.


  3. Craig replied:

    I’ve never seen a people so blind! Obama and the Democrats are bankrupting our country so that we won’t be able to stand up to those who would have us become a subservient people – subservient to them and our elected government officials. They are enamoured with the idea of communism. They think it would be great for us – you and me the taxpayers. If we don’t put them out on their ears next election it will continue to get worse. Next, we will wake up and it will be too late. Foreigners own too much of the U.S.A. now. We’d better get back to trust in God – in our government, our scools, our homes, ourselves. He is the one who has blessed our nation for so many years. Wake up America!


  4. LARRY replied:



    • ginaswo replied:

      Dems would never ever impeach the first AA POTUS. Big Dawg got a BJ and they went after him, Obama is destroying the economy but nothing will be done. We have to take the House and hopefully Senate in November to stop the damage. We only have 1.5 yrs to go til ’12 when we can take back the WH! make sure everyone you know is registered to VOTE!


  5. Charlotte Parraga replied:

    How come we did not hear anything about this with 2million people attending and demonstrating our frustration and anger at what is going on in our beloved nation.


  6. Papa Mike’s Blog » Blog Archive » Media Credibility Plunges To New Low On The Turn Out In Washington, DC on April 15th. replied:

    […] This event in size was compared to Woodstock .  At the time this photo was taken, around 1:00 p.m., Pennsylvania Avenue was still jammed completely, and the mall was packed from the Capitol Building past the Washington Monument.  See aerial photos and videos here. […]


  7. Dennis M. Ellis replied:

    Obama planned on being re-elected by leagalizing 15 million illegals. That didn’t work. Then Obama floated a plan to legalize the votes of all convicted felons. That didn’t work. Then Obama tried to scare women that their abortion rights were in danger. That didn’t work. It seems that only Obama and his cronies are the ones who are desperate and scared!


  8. paul kubrich replied:

    You know the media is watching this and just trying to keep a lid on the movement (tidal wave) that is happening around them. The media is just doing what they are told to do. Remember – the FCC is the feds and they control the airwaves. If the media does not do what they’re told then they will get shut down. The globalists are almost in total control unless we stop them.


  9. Susan Ellerson replied:

    I can’t believe this happened and we did not know anything about it. Is it only the bad things that out News people are interested in? Why didn’t we hear about this so we could support it ourselves. Please do not stop here. Nothing will be done until the government realizes that we have had enough of their lies and stealing from us. Maybe if this is done enough times, they will wake up and take notice, but only if we all stand up together to show them we do not like what they are doing.


  10. Pat Turner replied:

    Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe the news media didn’t pick up on this. They had to be blind NOT TO SEE ALL THOSE PEOPLE AND SIGNS.OBAMA, LEAVE US A LONE.


  11. Wm L. JOHNSON replied:



  12. RKWMO replied:

    For a long time I have been telling people that this is not the USA I grew up in. WE had PRIDE in our country, said the Pledge of Allegiance to start each school day and knew to put our hand over our heart…and we felt pride even as children and blessed to have been born or moved to the United States of America! When John Glenn circled the earth we were so proud. When the first steps were taken on the moon, it was the American Flag that was planted. And, we didn’t have to twist the Constitution so we could make it ok to kill babies before they could even take their first breath. We knew what made our country strong and unique and why it was founded….and the belief in the importance of keeping God in our country was woven into the words of the US Constitution.
    I miss my country where the redistribution of wealth happened when someone like Dolly Pardon or Abraham Lincoln went from humble beginnings to success through their own talent, intellect, ingenuity, grit and determination. Simply put…they earned it! And, our economic history is full of successful business men who came from humble and poor beginnings! It is called FREE ENTERPRISE!
    I pray that the trend I have been watching, which breaks my heart for my children and grandchildren and what lies ahead for them….I pray that patriots like those in these pics will grow virally throughout this great nation! I pray that the silent MAJORITY will finally be heard so loud and so often by those who were elected to “serve” (what a joke to use that word) but think they were elected to dominate and line their pockets and make laws that don’t apply to themselves….that we will take our country back!
    The “Land of the FREE” will only return and be restored because it is “The Home of the Brave”!
    God bless you, each and every one, who makes these rallies and marches and tea parties! With God on our side, if we continue to make ourselves heard……..it can be like the shot that was heard around the world!


  13. Kevin replied:

    Question to all,
    where the hell you when Bush and his cronies were leading us into the most costly war in our history, lying to us about why we were there, and letting the economy spiral out of control? It’s easy to pile on now that there is a party whom you don’t agree with running things, but who lead us into this crisis, bc as far as I know, all signs were pointing to the crisis we are all in prior to Obama’s arrival, and I didn’t see you guys rallying then. It was all business as usual.

    Am i wrong?

    Stuck in the Middle with Me


    • ginaswo replied:

      I was with you whining about Dubyah and voting DEM up and down the ticket as I have for 24 years. And now we have Obama who is Dubyah all over again. STOP THE SPENDING, what part of we dont have it dont they understand? secure the borders. protect the people, allow business to grow and employ Americans, We love America and we will be at the voting booths to take it back from the Critters who are totally out of control.


  14. Kevin replied:

    Question to all,
    where the hell you when Bush and his cronies were leading us into the most costly war in out history, lying to us about why we were there, and letting the economy spiral out of control? It’s easy to pile on now that there is a party whom you don’t agree with running things, but who lead us into this crisis, bc as far as I know, all signs were pointing to the crisis we are all I prior to Obama’s arrival, and I didn’t see you guys rallying then. It was all business as usual.

    Am i wrong?

    Stuck in the Middle with Me


  15. Rebecca replied:

    You say up top “It’s time to start the 2010 election countdown!!!”

    Please, everyone needs to be fully aware of the rampant vote fraud and what we can do locally to watch out for it!
    A good website to educate one on how to hold our local election officials accountable is

    Please have this information in a prominent place on your site.

    Thank you.


  16. DC Sr. replied:

    Much appreciated all comments here. Humbly suggest we all concentrate our efforts on one (1) non-traditional party in comming elections. If our votes are split among different independants, ‘they’ win again. I only saw one ref. to the GOOOH. You might want to Google it; seems to me they have a really good idea goin. Heres hoping all of this Patriotism hangs around long enough to actually get the VOTES we need to make the changes.


    • ginaswo replied:

      Absolutely!! The great thing about the enthusiasm for the vote in this midterm is we will have a great surge in registrations in time for 2012, So many people I know do not register until the last minute or have not voted at all. Everyone is very excited and enthusiastic to vote this year. God Bless America :0)


  17. Diane Emmich replied:

    If you listen to the Government run news media, you will feel like an outcast or a racist. Now after viewing these photos I have renewed hope. “YES WE CAN”

    Praise be to God.

    I know now that I am not alone.


  18. Sprueche replied:

    Hello from Germany! May i quote a post a translated part of your blog with a link to you? I’ve tried to contact you for the topic Update: Tea Party Documentary; Contract From America; Metro Ridership Data; I Own the World has the pic we need to get a real count;How big was the crowd? Media credibility plunges to new low; Aerial Views added: D.C. Police close roads to buses, people on foot; estimate 1.2 million; ABC can’t count..912 – Party On Patriots!! « Moderate in the Middle, but i got no answer, please reply when you have a moment, thanks, Sprueche


  19. JAson replied:

    Amazing. Yes our media completely provides mis and dis information. I only question this.
    Most of us know that the design of Washington Capital is based on Masonic and Esoteric architecture using the roads and buildings to harness a certain energy.
    For those who are clair-sentence who feel energy would know what I mean when going into the Capital. It has a very eery energy.

    So does the protest their only enhance the power or energy of the malevolent ones or does it work to cancelling it out.

    I see participating in protest only adds to their power rather than just not participating in anything they offer. That requires community to start working as a community and going off the grid.
    Here is too our liberty of the spirit as their is no caging that stops my true self from being free.


  20. Michael Anthony Mazzilli replied:

    What a site, thank God!! We want our country back!!!


  21. Dan MacAfee replied:

    This is the greatest get together I have seen in
    the last 2 years!!! Keep this up and we will scare
    all the Lib’s out of Washington.


  22. Linda Lee replied:

    You would think that with all these people showing up they would stop and listen but apparently Not. It seems like they are just doing what they want without any regard to what we are saying. It has to STOP some how it has to STOP.


  23. nativegrl77 replied:

    Power Trainer …
    send a sample …i went to your blog but it was in a different language ?


  24. Power Trainer replied:

    If you’re interested in having a guest blog poster please reply and let me know, also if you want to have a guest account on my blog. Cheers, Dave the Power Trainer


  25. UN replied:



  26. Don replied:

    I really think that AMERICANS are taking back their country. It’s the politicions that have sold out this country for a few dollars more.


  27. Keith Moote replied:

    hi it is my first comment on this website and in the begining I would like to thank you for the great information, which I were able to find in this and all previous topics , it really helped me a lot. I will definitely add this website on my rss reader 😉 Also, I would like to ask – don’t you mind if I will quate some information from your website since I am writing articles for the Helium, Ezine and other articles directories (this is my part time job)? It would really help me with some of mine articles. Of course, I will mention your website title or URL (not all articles directories allows URL’s , so I can’t 100% promise that you will get a direct link to your website).


  28. Donald Jackson replied:

    This is the most incredible thing…It is the partial answer to the prayers of the American People…I believe there is a lot more to come…I pray for the impeachment of Obam…He is not an American President…


  29. JIM replied:

    Iy’s time to take our country back!! We can do it the same way we lost it. At the ballot box !!!


  30. Search Job replied:

    I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work


  31. David Terflinger replied:

    It,s about time.


  32. Sunl replied:

    Fake or not but that is really huge crowd.Celebrities | Nature


  33. Daniel G. Donzelli replied:

    I finally viewed what i thought was correct.

    Poor Bill O’Riley was misinformed by city of Washington

    that 70K only.


  34. Greg replied:

    This is a better link than the one above http://www.whale.to/b/allen_b1.html


  35. Greg replied:

    Don’t you see people that in order to have this kind of lying from the press and a continued push from the power people there must be something bigger involved. The Acorn people and the fringe media are just corrupt puppets. Read a book called “NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY”. It was published in 1971, but I think it still applies today. I don’t know if they have everything right, but it is very enlightening. http://www.kamron.com/none_dare_call_it_conspiracy.htm


  36. DeWITT HENNEY replied:




  37. Jack Emrick replied:

    I didn’t view any of the videos yet. Do any of them contain aerial (Overhead) views of the crowd? I think that would, once and for all, shut the critics up about the size of the gathering. I am so proud of the citizens that put forth the effort and expense to go there and let the people who have trampled our wonderful constitution under ther feet, know that “WE” are sick and tired of what they are doing. Thank GOD for Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh,Sean Hannity, and all of the other conservative voices that are educating the “sheeple”. IT IS ABOUT TIME ! ! ! LET’S ROLL !!!


  38. Joyce Sabatino replied:



  39. Watch 2012 Online replied:

    That is such a beautiful post sir.


  40. 912Photos replied:

    Thanks so much for the great photos and videos on the 9/12 DC Tea Party and March. It was a fantastic experience!

    I also covered the event as a freelance photographer, and I invite you to visit my website, which contains an extensive photo gallery and commentary on the event.

    I welcome all comments.

    Thanks very much.

    Deb Phillips
    Documenting America’s 9|12 Spirit


  41. Edward Loughman replied:

    God Bless America. And may God have mercy of the souls of those (IN CONGRESS / SENATE / WHITE HOUSE) who are ANTI-America (like about 85 % of you). We want our country back, so you can go to whatever country you want – JUST STAY OUT OF OURS. P.S. The ACLU should be the AACLU (The Anti-American Civil Liberties Union). Ed Loughman, Whiting, NJ 75 years an American & still proud of it. I’ll be even more proud when we vote you OUT.


  42. this is the samaBlog » Blog Archive » Patches Math replied:

    […] were distributed, then it’d be noticeable that one our of every six signs were the same. Sure didn’t look that way to me. Somebody is wrong here… [hint: Patches and those claiming 60k people are both […]


  43. Preston replied:

    They can all talk about the size of the crowd……but I know how many were there, because I was there!!! And Congress knows how many were there!! This is truly a grassroots movement. If you are not involved with the 912Project………..get involvled NOW! It is your country and if you don’t get involved now, you may soon not have a country!


  44. Evanghelist – TEA Party in Washington DC replied:

    […] Am aflat cu stupoare ca mass media de mainstream a evitat sa relateze despre acest protest, iar in unele cazuri a raportat un numar de numai 70 mii de protestatari. In schimb, activistii TEA Party sunt foarte activi online si duc o lupta mediatica impotriva media de mainstream. Oarecum imi amintesc de Moldova Twitter Revolution. Afla mai multe despre TEA Party. […]


  45. Terry Orloske replied:

    The September 12, 2009 tea party in Washington D.C. was totally AWESOME!!! This is what “We the People” need to be doing all over the USA every weekend that it can be done. Get the train running. As for what is going on in America, it is very sad, very sad, that for many years and years, the USA has turned it’s back on God by taking the words away such as In God We Trust that God has turned his back on America. Can’t blame God for His almighty actions. God has turned America over to a depraved mind and minds. Therefore it is up to us the people to return to our Creator, God Our Father in Heaven. Time for us to get on our knees and pray. Our Father, Who art in heaven,Hallowed be Thy Name.
    Thy Kingdom come.Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses,as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


  46. Linda Hansen replied:

    We flew up for the March from Jacksonville, FL. We just moved down here from many years in Fairfax, VA. There were EASILY a million plus people there. What amazed me is that so many came all by themselves, saying, “I just had to be here.” There were many such people on our plane and the airport was quite festive with people going to the march. The first thing we saw at National Airport was a plane full of WWII vets being wheeled into the terminal while a military band played. Other than the day I got married and the day my baby was born, this was the best day of my life. Have NEVER BEEN SO PROUD of America!


  47. Sherry Atwood replied:

    I was in DC for the rally. We took the Metro early that morning from the VA area. There were so many people on the train at 8:30 am….carrying signs, etc.,…they would not let us use our Metro Tickets…they opened the turnstills. This means they had no accurate count of the number of people actually riding the Metro on the morning of Sept. 12th. Wonderful crowd. A DC policeman told me that they really didn’t need to be there …. we were the most orderly and nicest crowd he had ever seen march on DC.


  48. mike tackett replied:

    pray god heal u. s. a.


  49. nDavis replied:

    The rally cry is “Flip the House in 2010!!”
    Sweep out the Tax and Spend arrogant Leftists and the RINOs. Are you listening Olympia?


  50. RSS agregator » Blog Archive » Wash. D.C. Tea Party…. replied:

    […] Update: Contract From America; Metro Ridership Data; I Own the World has the pic we need to get a re… […]


  51. Agnes young replied:

    I was there!it was awsome experence! made me realize how important this tea party is. It burns me up to see how they tried to play down the numbers of people that was there. I hope people will wake up and see what really going on. God Bless America!


  52. Inventor replied:

    Just give me the same No deductable, No copay, No limit health plan that Obama has and I’ll be happy.

    We already pay 3 “Trillion” now, that’s enough for every Man, Woman, Child, Dog, Cat, Illegal to have $10,000.00 to buy a Health Care Insurance Plan.

    The Insurance companys want 7 “Trillion” for all the insurance written and only 9% payout on that.

    See You on the Souplines.
    The Password is: Chicken Noodle.


  53. Wash. D.C. Tea Party.... - U.S. Politics Online: A Political Discussion Forum replied:

    […] Wash. D.C. Tea Party…. Nazis? Knee Jerk Reactionaries? Fanatics? Rightly Concerned Americans? The last aforementioned is the correct answer. The Washington D.C. Tea Party [not the last one] demonstrated how concerned Americans truly are with this gathering of up to 2 million or as low as 850,000. Either way you want to count the numbers or do the political math it was a very large protest of Obama's political philosophy…he should have left it at the frat parties…it just does'nt make the cut in real world America. Obama has seriously misjudged the American people and he seriously is not going to get away with it. "So a few people showed up with signs…what's the big deal?" That glib dismissal is too late now…the word is out and it will only increase as the socialist Obama attempts to ram his world vision down our throats. The man we pay to do it our way has selective amnesia…it seems he has forgotten who gave him the Chance that Could Change Things but the things he wants to change is not the things the American people want changed. He misread the "tea leaves" and now the Tea Party is here to remind him of that fact. Update: Contract From America; Metro Ridership Data; I Own the World has the pic we need to get a re… […]


  54. deathbymedia replied:

    So far, very few have offered a cogent reasoning behind their claim. I have done my own study base on devised methodology which you can find here:


    It’s backed by evidence (pictures and clips) and determining the boundaries of the protesters and calculation of final tally derived from the density of the crowd at each given block. My calculus puts the figures around 130k up to 160k.


    • ginaswo replied:

      park service CONFIRMED more than that just at the Grant monument to a Congressman tho’
      also metro ridership was 250k higher than usual
      we will know one day when TOTUS is out of office
      I have NO DOUBT some satellites took pics
      they HAVE to monitor that stuff CLOSELY for security dont they?
      thanks for your thoughts!


  55. v at DC replied:

    There were THOUSANDS at the port a lets, I was there! Love all the tea-baggers, can’t wait to do it again!



  56. John C. Knue replied:

    I am 75 years old. My beautiful wife,(she out ranked me), had served two years in the military. She has passed away now, and is with her Maker.

    Now, she doesn’t have be witness to all of the “Anti-American” activities, going on in our Government today, as I do. It is very disturbing, to say the least.

    I applaud these 2 million+ Patriotic Americans, who made the trip to our Nation’s Capitol, to show their dis-approval of this Government’s, attitude, towards the great people of this Great Country.

    I only hope that, some of our Political Figures, have the intestinal fortitude, to stand up and do something for their constituants, who voted them into their present political position.

    May God Bless, and help this Great Country of our’s, to survive this on-slaught going on now in this Nation’s Capitol.

    God Bless America ! ! !


  57. Ken Clark replied:

    Let us know when the next event is scheduled. We must keep this thing going before it’s too late. Ken


  58. Kathy Jo Rudnicki replied:

    I watched the Tea Party almost all day and wish I could of been there. I’m disabled with the worse Ins. I can have but I would rather have no Ins.at all then let this so called obama care go thu. I Love America and Thank all the Americans that were at all the Tea Party’s ALL around Our United States Of America. my definition of obama is ONE BIG ASS MISTAKE AMERICA! I hope I can get more involved and I Love Glenn Beck and all of Fox News. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL THE AMERICAN’S THAT MARCHED FOR OUR COUNTRY.I LOVE MY COUNTRY AND I WANT REAL AMERICAN’S RUNNING OUR GOVERMENT.SO LETS GET RID OF obama, biden, pelosi,clinton & the rest of the omama admistration. I did not capitalize the first letters of ther names because they do not deserve it. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!ps. my e-mail does start with damspoiled, not because I am rich, just because I’m the baby of my family. Thank You


  59. Jonnean replied:



  60. JOHN MYERS replied:



  61. The Potts replied:

    When 2010 comes if we don’t vote them ALL out; we will be in the same boat with much more water in it. Sinking faster, and faster. Come on people, wake up & speak up.


  62. Steve Jordan replied:

    The only real defense of our nation that we have is to vote the worthless government congressmen out of office. We must carry this movement to the polls in 2010 and change our government to people who will represent the American public, not their own selfish interests.The best sign in the march—
    Politicians are like Diapers, they need to be changed regularly for the SAME REASON !


  63. elfriede sm replied:

    iam so proud to be an american/lets keep this up/ so we dont loose our freedom.remember when 2010 comes around ,to vote them all out.


  64. John replied:

    I received this in my E-mail today from a very dear friend of mine. I looked at all the pictures, read all the captions, seen all the bannors,seen the faces of the people that were there, and watched all the videos over and over again. All I can say is, I am so proud of every man woman and child that stood there ground to speak out against our Government and how they are basterdizing our nation. to be exact 2 million people, weather our wonderful media would like to admit it or not. Even though our alustrious Government would like to take the word GOD out of everything that WE THE PEOPLE stand for, they ( EVERY POLITICIAN IN THIS COUNTRY) should have prayed to GOD and be thankful that the the only thing these people were carrying in their hands WERE bannors, signs, and sayings on their tea shirts, THIS TIME. Just to let you all know I sent this out via E-mail to everyone of my friends and Family with the subject stating PLEASE DON’T DELETE>>PASS IT ON IF YOUR AN AMERICAN with the song attached GOD BLESS AMERICA sung by Kate Smith.





  65. Kimbal replied:

    Great reporting! I worked to elect a Democrat when I was young (Bobby Kennedy) who was of course shot and killed by one of the first recent Islamofascists. Bobby would be more conservative than John McCain in my estimation and the Democrats have left capitalism and the Constitution behind. But many Republicans have done the same.

    We The People will vote for the best man running in 2010 so Republicans had better reclaim their conservative agenda and quick! Remember that the primaries will be the first battleground this time around! Thanks again for all the great reportage and linkage.


  66. 9/12 Tea Party the real story « Buckskinner's Blog replied:

    […] To get a real idea of the numbers check out Moderate in the Middle blog. […]


  67. debbie recore replied:

    I am proud to be an American and I am proud to see the people take our country back. We can’t stop now. We will stay united and we will OVERCOME NOBAMA!


  68. Chris replied:



  69. Crowd Blog - Benzworld.org - Mercedes-Benz Discussion Forum replied:

    […] Blog FWIW folks: Update: Metro Ridership Data; I Own the World has the pic we need to get a real count;How big was th… __________________ A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take […]


  70. Joy Cooley replied:

    Having a Constitutional party sounds like a good idea!! Both of the political parties at present, are not in touch with the American people. (There are a few who are aware, but the majority are not. So thrilled to see the amount of people who showed up and marched peacefully.


  71. bmo replied:

    Thanks for posting a link to my 912 Wash DC Rally Pledge Allegiance video, great site you put together here!


    • ginaswo replied:

      thank you! The video was so moving, it brought tears to my eyes!


  72. John replied:

    We need to organize a hostile takeover of the media outlets. If we all organized and bought the stock of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN… We could make a hostile takeover of these organization and insert into the Board Rooms Executives more honest in there news reporting. You all need to do this to fix the lying media.


  73. Top Posts « WordPress.com replied:

    […] Update: Metro Ridership Data; I Own the World has the pic we need to get a real count;How big was t… 9/19- As of today, 203,000 people have viewed this post. If they all send the info to 2 people, we will have surpassed […] […]


  74. hugh replied:

    Thank for effort to post those pictures. No media would talk about this party in D.C. Why?
    Have ABC,CBS,NBC…already sold to …….
    I’m a political refugee from VN. I do understood Max and Lenin, American people must not let this (last) country into those leftist hand. They (Com) will make this land like the rest of the third world.


  75. Monica Will replied:

    Wish I could have been there, but grandbaby is due any day.

    We need to produce a VIABLE alternative party. Call it the CONSTITUTION PARTY, The term “patriot”, though correct, has been appropriated too many times, by too many people with less than honorable motives. WE KNOW WE ARE PATRIOTS! LET’S SUPPORT OUR CONSTITUTION!


  76. Washington DC on 09-12-09, not shown by mainstream media Part I - Truckingboards Truck Drivers Forum replied:

    […] Washington DC on 09-12-09, not shown by mainstream media Part I Here is a photo capture of the event, of which our beloved media grossly understated the attendees to cover for their boy! Typical state run media tactic of modern day USA. Due to photo restrictions I have to post this in 3 parts. For more info on this Update: Metro Ridership Data; I Own the World has the pic we need to get a real count;How big was th… […]


  77. Violet Upton replied:

    Oooohhh what a cool site! Love it!! I’m sharing with everybody in my email, you guys better add some bandwidth! I couldn’t get onto the link IowntheWorld.com cause it exceeded the bandwidth!!! Praise the Lord!

    Keep it up guys,

    Don’t Tread On Me!
    God Bless America!


  78. Noreen E Perry replied:

    People – the numbers don’t matter. We The People who were there know the truth. It was simply amazing and I am so glad that I and my 2 sons were part of this historic march! The entire time we were on the Capitol lawn – I kept saying – this is so amazing – more and more people keep coming. The next time – I know there will be more and more peolple coming! God I Love This Country. God Bless America


  79. Ed Rice replied:

    When WE THE PEOPLE clean the HOUSE & SENATE in 2010, 2012 and 2014, please remember the damage done by the staffs that work for these people, and don’t let them stay in power! (BY THE WAY: NO ONE SEEMS TO HAVE COMMENTED ON THE APPARENTLY BEAUTIFUL WEATHER, so I will: THANK YOU,LORD!)


  80. Dave Emery replied:

    Great website…Great videos…great photos. As a conservative, I fully support the endeavors of 9/21. God Bless America!!


  81. Mary replied:

    I’m over 65 and had never done anything like the rally in DC. I consider it a great privilege to have been there among so many good and decent people who love their country. I hope the politicians realize we VOTE.


  82. Dave Walker replied:

    At last I can feel like a real American again and know that there are others in this great country that rtealize we are being duped and swallowed by political arrogance and ignorant management of our tax dollars . I pray to God that all the people that didn’t vote him in are there to vote all the old out in the next elections . It is time for a change , just not the Obama change . Congrats to all the organizers and leaders of this Tea Party Movement , I thoroughly enjoyed myself and met some really great Americans in the process.


  83. CMJ replied:

    I have mixed feelings about the images I just saw. On the plus side, they are quite possibly one of the finest examples of our Constitution at work that I have ever seen: free speech on a truly massive scale. Mostly, however, I find it distressing.

    First, let me say that I do not share the view that so many in our Nation seem to have, that Obama is one of the worst things that has ever happened to this country and a demon that should be exorcised. (That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it comes across that way more and more every day, and with each email I receive on the subject.)

    One aspect of the bile that has been spewed that I find particularly bothersome has been the outcry against “government healthcare,” along with all the cries of “Marxism!” and “Socialist!!” that have gone with it.

    Personally, I *have* private health insurance, and pretty good coverage at that, but would I oppose something like a public health care OPTION being created? No.

    Now, to everyone who is lamenting “Socialism!!” with regard to the healthcare system, I would like to say a few words–specifically: Medicare; Medicaid; Social Security. With all the angry talk of “redistributing wealth,” would you please tell me exactly what you think those programs that I just mentioned ARE?

    I offer a very radical (if perhaps a bit glib) suggestion. Just as people say “Don’t like how our country works? Then leave.”, we could have all the folks who are shouting “Capitalism” at the top of their lungs sign official government waivers, detaching themselves permanently from such socialist programs. After all, capitalism is, at least in one aspect or another, all about fending for yourself, right? We’ll even have the Government give them all their money back that they’ve paid into the system to date. Once they are out on their own, we’ll see how well things go.

    Now let me be very clear here. Even the most perfect idea can be useless if it’s executed badly. I am not saying that socialized medicine (or anything even like it) is a perfect system. I’ve heard many of the same horror stories you have. However, allow me to share a bit of data with you.

    Country: Overall life expectancy / Infant mortality

    Sweden: 81 years / 2.75 per thousand
    United Kingdom: 79 / 4.85 per thousand
    United States: 78 / 6.26 per thousand

    These numbers might not seem very dramatic, but nevertheless, there they are. And these figures, my dear people, are from the World Fact Book of our very own CIA!! I could go on with the figures, but you get the idea. Both Sweden and the UK employ a form of socialized medicine, and yet they are still reasonably prosperous countries.

    Finally, to all those who may respond with “Well, that may work for THOSE countries, but that could NEVER work for us Americans,” let’s take a look at that.

    In the simplest possible terms, what is socialized medicine? Basically, the government (of whatever country you’re in) taxes the living daylights out of you, and the government, in turn, uses that money to manage a healthcare system that just happens to span your whole country. The practical upshot of this is that you get to go the doctor/hospital/etc. and never pay a dime out of your pocket or worry about medical bills. (Remember, if this system was so inferior to our own, the numbers I put above would most likely not look the way they do.)

    One of the biggest criticisms I’ve heard of that system, though, is that “the government is taking my money and using it on people that don’t deserve it! Thank God we don’t have anything like that HERE!”

    Don’t we?

    How many people do you know (yourself included), who have paid for YEARS into…car insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance, and scarcely if ever actually used them to any degree? You happen to be an excellent driver in a safe neighborhood and in very good health. You never collect back any (or hardly any) of the money you paid into each of those systems, yet it still goes somewhere. If you never get it back, then where does it go? To the bad driver who has totalled almost one car a year for as long as they’ve been driving. To the guy who keeps the gas can in his garage next to the electric heater. To the fella who smokes and drinks and eats nothing but fast food.

    Why do I never hear such public outrage about those things? And yet, many of those same systems we pay into above are often just as compulsory as the taxes that the citizens of those other countries pay to their governments.

    It’s very much the same thing–just a different bureaucratic entity managing it.

    I just wish people would realize this and stop the tiresome demonizing of the man that, may I remind you, a majority of this Nation’s populace CHOSE as their leader. If your candidate didn’t win this time, cheer up. There’s always next time. That’s the magic (and sometimes the curse) of term limits. And in my limited experience, every new President always spends *some* time cleaning up the “mess” the last guy made. It’s unlikely that this one will do any more “damage” than any other clown we’ve put in the White House.

    Thanks for listening,


    P.S. – After reading back over this, I realized that I completely forgot about “welfare.” Yes, there’s plenty of grousing about abuses of that in our Country, but I still don’t recall ever seeing/hearing about any “million man marches” on Washington about that little subject…


  84. Don replied:

    Lets do it in 2010 and put in a totally new congress- if they are and incumbent vote them out. Starting over cannot be any worse than we have now. Fire the incompetent idiots.


  85. R Rutkowski replied:

    If they are this short on reporting this crowd numbers, how short does that leave their budget and healthcare costs and everything else they estimate.


  86. Mildred Wilcox replied:

    Why am I reading and watching all of the excitment in DC on the internet. Why are so many of us left out of whats going on. I just happened to get an e-mail about whats going on in DC starting 9/12/2009, and continues 9/18/2009 but nothing is said on the news channels or in the newspaper.? Why are we being ice-so-lated..? I’m a senior and I don’t like this at all. Please fill me in. Millie


  87. Jane replied:

    I was there and I believe in the American people! We are going to take our country back. 2010 is coming and we WILL stand strong until we take back our Republic and let those who now hold our government offices know that they are not above the law. The law being the Public Thing is what made us different since our inception as a nation and when you read our founding documents, you will have no doubt that God was directing the founding fathers to create a nation which would be a beacon of light for the world. We have given even when we had to borrow to give. We can be that beacon, but not with the corrupt politicians now in office. So, Politicians, HERE WE COME! I will be in DC for the “Defending the American Dream” Conference and I will be in Washington for every tea party I can afford to attend. I will take every vacation day I have on the books to keep patriotism alive and well and to return this nation to honesty and integrity. I love America, she has been a blessing to me and to all of you. Praise God for the military past and present who continue to secure our freedom. They are pledged to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And I believe in them. If necessary,I know how they will stand….for the Constitution. Our government officials should READ it and if they want to keep their jobs, they should make every attempt to follow its limits on government power. These Patriots are not weak…and they are not going anywhere except to success in our endeavor to take back our beloved America. LET FREEDOM RING!


  88. This is what two million people looks like!! - MBWorld.org Forums replied:

    […] one million or two million, this what Americans who want to take back their country look like… http://moderateinthemiddle.wordpress…-buses-people/ http://moderateinthemiddle.files.wor…09/live912.jpg […]


  89. Mason replied:

    Unlike our current administration…….pictures don’t lie


  90. Betty Deming replied:

    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  91. Jan Kasza replied:

    I was there as well with a group from Michigan. Although, I would be interested in an actual count, does it really matter? We, made it very clear, how we as American’s feel, in regards to Obama’s mission to socialize our country! They are aware and just don’t care as they have their own agenda. They work for US, we pay their salaries, we have to continue to make ourselves heard…..LOUD and CLEAR! Otherwise, we will allow ourselves, to be led like sheep, quietly to the slaughter! Let’s all organize together, Resist Net, The 912’ers, Freedom Works, Big Government etc. as we can accomplish more this way. Thanks!


  92. " L.T." replied:



  93. Get on the March, GOP « American Maggie replied:

    […] between 250,000 and 500,000 marchers – most certainly in the hundreds of thousands. New aerial photographs recently released by Freedom Works are finally demonstrating the actual size of the […]


  94. blc77 replied:

    Wish I could have been there. I was there in spirit!


  95. george kashella replied:

    I AGREE WITH THIS. I am proud to be an AMERICAN. I love OUR country.
    George Kashella


  96. george kashella replied:

    I agree with this. I am PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.I love OUR COUNTRY> George Kashella


  97. chkrdflg replied:

    As far as the Metro ridership goes…Is that counted when you enter the train or exit the train? When my wife and I got off the train at the Federal Triangle station there were so many people that Metro personnel just opened the gates and let everyone pass through without scanning tickets just to clear the area. We were not charged for that trip. That was mighty nice of them!!!


  98. Cathy replied:

    I am SO proud of these patriots! I wanted to join them, and I personally know of DOZENS of people that totally agree, and could not make the trip. We have got to take our country back. Tort reform, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, and smaller government are essential. Maybe it should be a ‘conflict of interest’ for a lawyer to be a legislator….


  99. F. Edwards replied:

    Sorry, I didn’t realize the party was as big or as important as it was. I like so many others relied on the media for news. NOT ANYMORE. I will do my part to get the U.S. back where it belongs, believing in God and doing everything we can to take our nation back, into the hands of working responsible people who have to account where their money goes and where it is spent. You can count on me!


  100. Been there replied:

    240,000 or 2,000,000 — it still is an incredible showing. I wanted to go, but had to work that weekend. I know another dozen folks who wanted to go, but they are teachers, police, doctors, nurses….they just can’t get off.

    We must have really hit a nerve — the media and lefty bloggers either totally ignore it or are very disdainful. Perhaps the lefties doth protest too much….

    My message to all….don’t give up now. The fight has just begun. We have accomplished very, very much in the past 2 or 3 weeks. Without any help from the main-stay media (except Fox), Vernon Jones has resigned, the NEA communication director has been reassigned, ACORN is on the ropes and both the House and the Senate has voted to cut off funding to ACORN. Two Democrat congressman are taking on Obama about his “czars.”

    And to think, all of this occurred just after the tea parties started to get going — without union help and without violence. Without fancy prepared signs.

    Just plain folks — black, white, hispanic, asian — who are fed up with the way the federal government is going.

    Pelosi was reduced to tears today because she can’t take the verbal complaints.

    The giant is awakened.

    WE, THE PEOPLE are coming!


  101. joseph replied:

    As a Soldier and a humbled defender of freedom; freedom for my country men/woman and any other soul that cries for freedom in this world, i am proud to see you people stand up for what you believe in. I know what the polls said, what the automoton Soldiers said; but let me say this, the Soldiers do not support our President. Respect and serve yes, but we do not believe in him.


  102. louise downing replied:

    I’m proud to see this cpuntry’s people that finally said enough is enough, before our congress completely distroys us from within.


  103. ColGrampaw replied:

    Does everyone remember the media frenzy over Cindy Sheehan down in Crawford, Texas? While we all share her grief over the loss of her son, as we do for the all families of those who gave their lives in the cause of freedom, we still cannot help but be truly incensed by the underwhelming media coverage of the 9/12 Washington protests. Per Wickipedia, Sheehan’s protest, which lasted about 4 weeks, attracted up to 1,500 supporters and there were probably about half as many more major media representatives falling all over themselves trying to get interviews, footage and story lines. Yet, even with the lowest possible figure of 70,000 in Washington, the major media deliberately refused to cover the story. In addition to strongly letting our elected representatives know that their jobs are on the line, it may well be time to start a writing/email/FAX campaign to the alphabet news media corporations. We need to advise them that either they balance their news coverage or we will simply take our collective conscience not only to FOX News programs, but also to non-mainstream channels for entertainment and sports programming. When the Nielsen surveys show viewership droping and advertisers start cutting their dollars, maybe they will start giving some balanced coverage. If not, well, they were warned.


  104. Brian Lee replied:

    There is no way there was more than 70K at that deal. Whats the point? Get over it!


    • ginaswo replied:

      thats funny, Metro ridership was 250,000 dude
      youll have lots of time to get over it in 2010 and from then forward as Dems languish in the wilderness for decades after this disastrous leadership failure..


  105. David Hughes replied:

    The U.S. citizens who took their time to attend this event should be strongly appreciated by those staunch capitalist conservatives all around our great country will tolerate no less than a complete turn-around of the direction taken by the current administration and those in Congress who support it. We want our country back NOW so that the rest of the world knows the hearts of Americans who believe in our Constitution as it has always been intended to be! May God bless America!


  106. Conservative Woodstock Rocks the Capital Blast Through The Million Mark | Satelec 2003 replied:

    […] The two photos above show a tiny fraction of the multitude that surged through the American capitol. I saw signs and heard lots of comments comparing this event to Woodstock. At the time this photo was taken, around 1:00 p.m., Pennsylvania Avenue was still jammed completely, and the mall was packed from the Capitol Building past the Washington Monument. See aerial photos here. […]


  107. Kendra Winick replied:

    I’m 39 years old, looking for a job. I live in Sparks Nevada. I don’t have access to television right now, but my Mom, thank God sends me e-mails to keep me in the loop. I admit that there are a lot of things I don’t understand and haven’t trusted “our” government for years. I don’t remember the last I voted. I must also admit, I thought Obama was the one. I thought he’d help put this country back together!!! Obviously mis-led and now feel kinda’ stupid. Watching the video’s gave me the chills and I REALLY wish I had been there!!!! I’m VERY proud of everyone that was!!! Kendra Winick


  108. Ralph Cunningham replied:

    That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!!!! True patriotism.


  109. van replied:

    I was glad to see so many demonstrate in a dignified
    manner. Maybe this will be the awakening of the “silent
    Concerning “ACORN”. “From little acorns big Hoax grow.”


  110. dave replied:

    Recind the simulus bill, and give health insurance vouchers the to the 10 million that need help.


  111. Randy Thomas replied:

    Americans will never stand for injustice. We will never
    just meekly follow like sheep. We are hard working, bright, intellegent, God fearing people. Give us liberty or give us death, was the cry from our fore fathers.
    We stand united! God Bless everyone who took part in this
    march. You are true patriots. We want the America that
    our Moms and Dads built with their hard earned sweat and
    tears. You will never keep a true American from showing
    how much we love this land. Get it together Washington,
    and give us back our America. God Bless you all, I will
    be praying.


  112. UPDATED: Media Grossly Underestimates DC Crowd Count on 9/12 « Greene Fields replied:

    […] More math […]


  113. Marilyn replied:

    I am SO impressed, and proud to be a TEA Partyer! Am so appreciative of all those who made this information available, since we can’t depend on the “mainstream media!”
    We had our own TEA Party here in Lewiston, Idaho — a well-behaved crowd, leaving no litter behind. We worked at a sign-up booth, and it was great to see how well-informed so many good people at our TEA Party were!


  114. Jeffrey Reilly replied:

    I could be wrong but it seems to me that the hoops doctors much jump through (or perhaps the high bar they must clear) to submit the raft of paperwork required by the federal government to get paid on medicare claims has resulted in the best doctors refusing to take medicare patients. Would not the inclusion of millions who would fall into the “new” medicare for the say 21 to 65 year olds exacerbate that problem? A revamping of the forms should be required to reduce the number of staff a doctor must hire to fill out those forms. And an effort made to eliminate the several months the progam takes to pay what little the progam allows to generate enough income to encourage their participation


  115. Barb Morris replied:



  116. Lynda replied:

    I forgot to add:
    Thank God for Fox News otherwise we would not know what is really going on in our world…
    The other media is so one sided, and they do not tell the truth…
    Thumbs up for Fox!!!


  117. Jessica replied:

    I went to the Rock fest in Dallas in 1997 and there were an estimated 400,000 people there and it looks like more than that in WASHINGTON!!!!! Those on the left do not want their dimwitted followers to know how many people really don’t like Obama’s policies!!! But we all know the truth!!! “The truth shall set you free.”


  118. libertyJoe replied:

    At the march a New Party was unveiled! The UNITED PATRIOTS PARTY. Go to birthofaparty.com Basically a silent majority party



  119. Lynda replied:

    Thank you Americans…I wished I could have been there. It warms my heart to see Americans standing, walking and talking to other Americans..No matter what side one is on this march was thrilling….Washington has got to get back to working FOR the people NOT against the people…
    God Bless all of you that took the time and effort to attend this march….I’ve never been more proud of my country…



  120. Bill Strong replied:

    I have video from around 12th street of crowd Marching by , after around twenty five minutes with no end in sight we moved on down towards the capital. I want to do my part so tonight I will expose Baron Hills ties to ACORN and the SEIU .Does your congressman have ties to ACORN or the SEIU ?


  121. Wybirds replied:

    Heard that the Univ of Indiana using satellite imaging techniques came up with 1.7+ million. THAT’S what we’re talking about!


  122. ColGrampaw replied:

    80K? – 2M? Hey, what’s really important is that ordinary citizen patriots, of all races, creeds & colors, from across the USA, spent their time and money to travel to Washington and personally send a message to their elected employees in the House and Senate. Hello, is anybody in there listening? In 2010, when those same employees are trying to find a new line of work, maybe they will look back and say “Maybe if I’d been listening, I’d still have a Washington address!”

    What’s critical now, since the Cap & Trade(Tax) and Health Care Reform debates are still ongoing, is that each one of us tell every member of congress that our memories are long, and if they approve the takeover of our country by a Socialist Administration, they will get to enjoy life as private citizens after 2010. Every individual who casts a vote for those bills should be put on personal notice that, no matter what other good works thay may have done, supporting the bankruptcy of our country is grounds for removal from office the next go-around, period!


  123. Carlene replied:

    What a great day in our history. It is about time we took a stand. The only way the news media will get it is if we hurt them where it counts: in there pocketbooks.
    Don’t watch there channel, don’t buy their papers, don’t go to the movies of the actors who voice there opions. Look at the Dixie Chicks & how they have fallen.
    I worked real hard over the last few years for a reason, it was to pay off everything I could. My car, my credit cards & then I cut then up, etc.. If I don’t earn much money, who is going to pay the taxes to support the free loaders. They can’t collect from me if I don’t earn it. If more people would do this, the Congress pigs would see that the Health care bill would not be paid by the very people who was in this march. In stead of worry about taking off from work, do it. Why stay in the work force for the day when they plan to take 1/2 of it anyway.
    If we acted like the liberal protestors, broke some windows, burned some cars, etc. I do believe we would seriously get there attention. They have compasion for those people, they are oppressed, bull we the working class are oppressed!
    I did not vote for Obama or any Democrat in this election, but that does not mean I am a racist. I don’t care if he is black, I care about the damage the libs are doing to my great country!


  124. Neil Grulke replied:

    I would like to thank everyone that was there from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could have been there and so many others wish the same.
    I hope the people in the “Dome” realize that we have had enough and want our Country back. It’s time to listen to the Majority of AMERICAN citizens. It’s time to get our correct CONSTITUTION back. IT’S TIME to get our great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BACK!!!!
    JOBS,SMALL BUSINESS and INDUSTRY based(kept in our borders) in this Country is what this country needs again.
    We wouldn’t be in this position if the Goverment took care of it’s people and didn’t let GREED for MONEY and POWER come in there way.
    Our For-Fathers made a great Constitution….”IN GOD WE TRUST”…..It’s time to get our Great “USA” back.
    Thanks Again For The People Who Are Getting Us On The Right Track!!!!

    Neil Grulke
    US Citizen


  125. ColMatt replied:

    There were between 1.2 million – 2 million people in attendance. I have worked a lot and have a number of at least 1.7 million people: this comes with many calculations, looking at numerous photos (of the actual event), speaking to people in attendance, and collaborating with others. I know people will disagree with me, but I have put a lot of work into trying to figure out how many people were there as it was an interest to me. The panoramic view picture (I first saw it on freedomworks) is a very important image, showing quite a bit of information.


  126. J.H. Means replied:

    Thank’s to all of you people that attended a tea party.
    Are elected oficial are onley thinking of there party (Dem. Or Rep.) They are not supporting the American people. My wife worked 37 years for Cal. school dist. paid in to Social Security for 23 years along with her employ. She retired in Dec. 2007. Got a letter from Social Security in Nov of 2007 saying that she retires after age 66, that she would still receive the same amount each month. (about 700.00). Jan 2009 she got a letter from Social Security stating that she was overpaid 3,300.00 and that she would only receive 55%. She gets 298.00 a month. If I am corect are elicted oficial get the same pay when they retire as they get while they are working, and there own medical that us tax payer’s pay for. Is ther somthing wrong hear? take Social Security out of the mutual and put it back where it was in the beginning. This country was founded under (In God we trust) I hope God will help us get it back.


  127. RancidPeanutbutter replied:

    To all disputing attendance figures:

    The police estimate is probably the most accurate. Why? Because they have to be prepared for any and all contingencies (riots, fights, shootings, medical emergencies, looting, disorderly conduct, crowd control, and every other anti-social thing you can think of) and the only way they can do that is by setting up “grids*” throughout the area with spotters counting the crowds within the grids so they can know the size and type of response needed to quell any of the above. That information is passed to the patrol cops so they know what they’re dealing with.

    *Source: Los Angeles Police Department


    • ginaswo replied:

      DC Police are forbidden to release the actual estimates, this is b/c following the mill man march people had this same ‘discussion’ of attendance..


  128. wisely retired replied:

    We, the American people must take back congress. Unless we do nothing else matters. “Career politician” MUST become an obsolete definitive term. We MUST have a 30 requirement pledge from those running for office in 2010. As an example, it must be one that includes a pledge to introduce and vote for congressional term limits, cut in salary, cut in amounts and lengths of pensions after leaving congress, all conversations with lobbyist recorded and made public to constituents, AND AN AGREEMENT TO TAKE A LIE DETECTOR TEST EVERY YEAR THAT CONSISTS OF ONLY ONE QUESTION…..”HAVE YOU KEPT THE 30 PROMISES YOU MADE???” We Amricans are like the Marines. We are looking for a few good men and women that will serve, serve America for a few years and return home, letting someone replace these real Americans that will make those 30 promises AND KEEP THEM!!


  129. Jill Gershen replied:

    WOW!! I wish I had been there!!! I am SO PROUD of these people!!! I am so proud of my fellow Americans – the best people in the world!! God Bless them all for their compassion, their committment and their dedication to our country. What a wonderful event. Thank you to everyone who memorialized it in videos and pictures! God Bless America!!!


  130. Joyce Myers replied:

    In addition to our church and political favorites/charities IF FEASIBLE ! Sacrifice if necessary—an automatic bill pay from your bank of $10 a month to each—– NRA and THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION —–TO GUARANTEE—-SAVING OUR AMERICA————-Put on all websites and/or e mail addresses….


  131. mac chandler replied:

    Reduice the size of government


  132. floatingduck replied:

    There is no doubt that the Bush / Cheney assault on our Constitutional Liberties has done great damage, and I am ready to concede that those criminals need to be jailed in Leavenworth or deported with loss of their citizenship, for High Treason, and they’d be getting off light if they’re allowed “out” as in “Deported”.
    However, lets get real. There is not a Court in the Land, or a Prosecutor anywhere, who would be willing to risk their career by standing up and bringing such a case forward. Ask Vincent Bugliosi what it’s like to have this ability, to HAVE a “case”, yet not be able to bring it to Court for lack of a willing Prosecutor, on ANY Jurisdictional level, in this “Land of Justice For All”.
    But, THE BIGGEST DANGER WE FACE, and the one that needs our immediate attention, is the corruption of our balloting system, and the attempt by the PTB to make it totally electronic and computerized. We MUST stand up now, in every State, to outlaw those machines before they influence any more important Elections, as they did in Conyers Jurisdiction, Ohio, and others, during the Presidential Election. The influence of these machines DID change the outcome of the Election. Whether Obama is doing the right thing or not, whether he is the new point-man for The New World Order, The United Nations and the WTO combined, WHATEVER our elected leaders are up to in the long run, we MUST be sure that when we are informed enough as a Democratic Electorate to elect the RIGHT people to our Government, at ALL levels, we are able to elect them with a voting process that will not corrupt the outcome of our decisions as Citizens.
    DO SOMETHING TODAY…DO NOT WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW. Start your personal quest to become informed about THE DIEBOLD CORPORATION, which supplies the rogue machines, and it’s contracts awarded by the existing PTB in Washington and in the individual States. Search and learn how these machines CAN and ARE manipulated with deliberately implanted Computer Programs and Viruses. Understand for YOURSELF that corrupt voting machines are being bought, installed, and MANIPULATED with YOUR tax dollars, in order to nullify and neutralize the Votes of American Citizens.


  133. v at DC replied:

    BTW…thousands? tens of thousands? There were thousands lined up at the PORT-A-LETS!!!

    Media, Gibbs, and Gibson…take note…you have ZERO credibility. Go away!!


  134. Virginia replied:

    Thank all of you who attended the Tea Party. So many of us could not. Bless you…


  135. v at DC replied:

    Most awesome photos I’ve seen. They are better than mine. I was proud to be a part of the march, a representative for many others who could not attend.

    V for Vendetta…watch the movie…you’ll see why I wore a Guy Fawkes mask at the rally.

    We really are “Takin’ it to the streets”



  136. Track-A-'Crat replied:

    Great set of pics, really captures the enormity of the crowd (I was there). Cannot wait for the next one.

    Compare and contrast with the pathetic turnout for the 9/13 counter-counter-government march:



  137. Curtis H. Graham replied:

    I agree that we need to take back our country now before
    the complete sell out by the Democrats and their news
    media, ABC,CBS,NBC,MSNBC, abd the other left wing group.
    SPEAKER, REID and the rest of the garbage now in office.
    DURBIN is another example of the corruption in Washing-
    ton, D.C. Thanks for allowing me to express my opinion.


  138. StudentofHistory replied:


    I’m not attacking you or your belief in President Obama, but I would like to ask your opinion on something.

    I went to DC with a 24×36 sign that I made by graphing the United States’ budget for the next 74 years. I got the numbers from the Congressional Budget Office’s June 2009 Long-Term Budget Outlook. It is available from the CBO’s web sight in Excel format. Then I simply had it printed by Staples.

    I encourage you to check out these numbers they are an eye opener. But in case you don’t have a few minutes to check these numbers yourself, I’ll give you some of the highlights.

    Around 2022 our projected dept will pass our projected gross domestic product (GDP). From this point on the dept will enter into exponential growth as income does not meet mandatory outlay.

    2009 dept equals 56% of GDP
    2019 dept equals 83% of GDP (27% rise in 10 years)
    2029 dept equals 136% of GDP (53% rise in 10 years)
    2039 dept equals 215% of GDP (79% rise in 10 years)
    2049 dept equals 311% of GDP (96% rise in 10 years)
    2059 dept equals 422% of GDP (111% rise in 10 years)
    2069 dept equals 551% of GDP (129% rise in 10 years)
    2079 dept equals 700% of GDP (149% rise in 10 years)

    I’m sorry for all the math, but I feel it is important to inform people of the train wreck that is rapidly approaching.

    Here is the question I would like to ask you. We have four options on how to fix this.

    a. Convert to communism
    b. Print more money
    c. Tax more
    d. Reduce the size of government

    Which would you like to see?


  139. nativegrl77 replied:

    i don’t put any feelings toward the march,the crowd was of varying ideals,some good,bad and then the ugly,which is what stood out to me,i am a Obama supporter and have faith that he will get us out of the ditch the house of bush left,it takes dollars,it will go back to the same capitalistic label when it all gets fixed, what i want to know is where were y’ll when the house of Bush sent over 10mil a month off the financial books,our ruined econ happened under the Bush admin, yet everyone out at this march charge Obama? this is a strange response to me and something more is going on,how do they expect to get us out the hole the house of Bush put us in,that wall street,aig and the housing creeps all participating in? i respect freedom of speech but what i saw as fear mongering, hate and heard the ppl who were in charge state they want to go back to how things were 100 years ago? that should scare ppl because minorities and women were treated very poorly… ask AL Gerhart what he meant by that?


  140. Judye replied:

    I too attended.Number of patriots was overwhelming!Plus,everyone I talked with indicated that there were others they knew wanted to be there but were unable to.DO NOT LET THE ELITE MEDIA CONVINCE YOU THAT YOU ARE ALONE, OR A WINGNUT! The Constitutional delegation of power must prevail.The agenda of the current administration(the majority)is to abort babies,cut medical help for the elderly(after all,what are they contributing to the collective,and make certain that the masses are dependant on the crumbs thrown to them by the political rulers. We must preserve our right to secret ballots,free speech,and LIBERTY>


  141. Dave replied:

    It is very good to see so many{I go with the 1.5mil-2mil estimate} take the time to go to DC and voice the displeasure of many of us that could not attend.
    There is only one ‘small-problem’ with this march; and that is the fact that it will merely accelerate the Communist-in-Chief and his cronie’s timetable.
    2010 will be too late to fix what has been ‘broken’, for they will have either declared martial-law or something equally as drastic.
    Do you ‘really’ think that they will give up that easily?? I sincerely doubt it,,and would advise everyone to strap in,,for the ride is going to get much rougher much more quickly now that the PTB have gained concrete evidence of their oppositional numbers.
    To effect any kind of ‘victory’ here,,I would say to ALL states, Recall your Reps and Senators immediately, put them on the carpet, and bring them to task for BREAKING the OATH that each one swore to UPHOLD the Constitution, to PROTECT said Constitution, and to REPRESENT the DESIRES of each one’s constituants.
    Also, EACH and EVERY one that PROFITED from this DEBACLE should be JAILED in Levenworth as a HARDENED CRIMINAL,,for they are WORSE than Manson, Jack-the-Ripper, Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and the list goes on with their PROPER associates.
    The GIANT[as the Jap. Admiral that destroyed Pearl referred to US as] has awakened a year TOO LATE,,and OVERSLEEPING on such an IMPORTANT day[last November] will COST VERY DEARLY..
    Hyphenated Americans can go hyphenate themselves somewhere else, for unless you are an American period, why are you here?????
    The OBAMANATION will not be brought down so easily, for this has been planned for the last 40yrs..
    As previously stated,,strap in,,ROUGH RIDE AHEAD!!!!!


  142. Patrick Lagacé est un idiot. replied:

    […] Mise à jour:   Si vous doutez que la taille de la foule à Washington dépassait 1 million, allez voir ceci. […]


  143. StudentofHistory replied:

    I say let them attack all they want to. To back up my point of view here is a bit of history on the Tea Party Movement.

    February 10th

    Fort Myers, Florida – One woman protested wasteful spending in the stimulus bill. News coverage was actually quite good.

    February 16

    16, Seattle, Washington – Dozens protested wasteful spending in the stimulus plan.

    February 19th

    Rick Santelli criticized the government plan to refinance mortgages as “promoting bad behavior” This comment struck a nerve in many people who had been witnessing this behavior during George W. Bush’s administration despite Republicans claim to be fiscal conservatives.

    Within hours of Santelli’s comments web sights to organize tea parties went live. Also, within hours White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs derided Santelli’s remarks and questioned whether he had even read the bill. Other groups joined in on verbal attacks on everything from Santelli’s intelligence to his sincerity.

    There were a few scattered “Tea Parties” before this but they got very little attention and the few that took place gathered a few hundred at most.

    February 27th-28th

    The first day of protests named “Tea Party”. There were 50 protests nationwide that drew between 3000 and 50000 protesters. News coverage was sparse but civil for the most part. A few commenters made disparaging remarks and the comments section of news stories were crowded with the derogatory terms that one expects. But for the most part these tea parties were ignored.

    March 6th-24th

    Many individual protests cropped up during March in opposition to taxes, bailouts and wasteful spending. All these happened with little or no news coverage.

    April 15th

    In cities across the United States there were more than 750 Tea Parties where as many as half a million demonstrated against spending and bailouts. Here the news stopped ignoring it. They instead went on the attack using the same language that had come from attacks from the comments sections of previous coverage. According to an April 20, 2009 Rasmussen poll, 51% of Americans polled viewed the protests favorably and 32% of these viewed them “very favorably.” About one in four people polled knew someone who had attended a Tea Party protest. Yet, CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen says “I think this is not really family viewing”; Daily Kos editor Jed Lewison, asked “When will CNN fight back?”; MSNBC’s David Shuster accused the protesters of “going nuts for it” and “whip[ping] out the festivities”; wanting to “give President Obama a strong tongue-lashing and lick government spending.”; and CNN’s Anderson Cooper said “It’s hard to talk when you’re teabagging.” When half of America support something and a quarter personally know someone who went, this kind of attack galvanized support.

    May, June, July, August

    Hundreds of protests were held. They took place in every state. They were every size from a dozen to 10000 at a time. Many of the same people who attended tea parties went to town halls to protest another trillion dollars in government programs. They were called Nazis, astroturfers, un-American, and un-patriotic by members of congress. They were told by our president to get out of the way and not to do a lot of talking. And the anger built.

    September 12th

    Taxpayer March on Washington filled the Capital building grounds, a large portion of the National Mall, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Maryland Avenue. No one will issue an official count and true aerial frottage has not been released, but I personally experienced the crush of people trying to get from Pennsylvania Avenue on to Capital Circle. I stood high on the Capital building greens and looked back at the Mall and could not make out and end to the ocean of people. Yet, every major news agency still holds the line of “tens of thousands”. Add to that the volume of protests that took place across the country in support of the DC march and the media should have been saying hundreds of ten’s of thousands.

    Thanks to just a few brave people saying what needed to be said and to the hateful attacks on those people we are on the verge of changing the course of this country. So I say from the bottom of my heart, thank you ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and all those who helped to build this movement.


  144. William replied:

    After all of that, What did it accomplish?


    • ginaswo replied:

      well, we saw that up to 1 mill Americans agree with how we at home, feel, that the spending is out of control, more importantly the Critters saw it and it will make the blue dogs think hard about their votes on the next steamroller bills coming
      this is all just IMO of course, I am a 22 yr Dem so I dont know what it means for all the people just for people like me, who are disenfranchised and disenchanted and frankly disappointed and disheartened and lots of other dis’es, lol. We KNOW we are out there,

      this was IMo most important to finally pierce the media bubble that the Elitist Pseudo Intellectual Media has formed around TOTUS.

      Once they ignored upwards of a million Americans in an historic march, ALL Americans who know anyone who went know accept they lie, blatantly lie
      a lot of DEMS, such as myself, did not realize this..

      thus they cannot elect our next POTUS and we will be ready in 2010


  145. bernard Kaiser replied:

    Gave me chills. Finally the silent majority speaks up and hopefully with God’s grace will be heard.


  146. 9/12/2009 March on the Capitol - Page 3 - Conservative Republican Discussion Forums replied:

    […] her is a really good link… Update: How big was the crowd? Media credibility plunges to new low; Aerial Views added: D.C. Police… __________________ A left liberal and or radical is someone who often "lives in a fantasy […]


  147. Malinda777 replied:

    OMG! I LOVED this post! We the people ARE taking our country back. Welcome aboard 😉


  148. RenoDiamond replied:

    NobamaCalendar.com – this inspirational and patriotic countdown calendar features the wisdom of our founding fathers as well as a daily reminder to STAY FOCUSED – only 1223 days to go!! Patriots, you have reason to be proud, but let’s keep those sleeves rolled up, still lots of work to do! Hooorahh!


  149. wizzkids replied:

    The sleeping giant has awoken and will not settle for anything less that what we want.
    In/Out 2010. Legislatures, do what the people want or you’re voted out!
    vote out the career politicians; the dems who pass bills w/o reading them; republicans that aren’t standing up and yelling loud denouncing Obama’s inexperienced leadership; Obama should be impeach for violating anti-trust-laws, conspiricy RICO Act, collusion with Unions giving away the equity of automakers, the true owners of bond and common stock holders! gave away savings of hard working Americans preparing for retirement!


  150. Stan R replied:

    I don’t have enough praise for the participants. It was rewarding to see the “Sheep” come to life! I see a rebirth of our Constitution. People are finally getting fed up with this socialistic regime and are trying to get our Country back. I can’t wait till 2010. “Clean sweep” will be a major event in cleaning out the statists from Congress. Obama is next! God bless our Patriots.


  151. Robert replied:


    What hope!

    Two words for 2010: “Constitution Party”

    Leave the republicrat party (a.k.a.: statists) to die a natural death.


  152. GLORIA replied:



  153. Tens of thousands attend broad protest of government in nation's capital - Page 27 replied:

    […] Re: Tens of thousands attend broad protest of government in nation's capital Sorry if I'm being repetitive here, since I have not had time to scroll through the last 25 pages of this thread to see if this has been posted. However, I just wanted to post this link for those are too naive, uninformed, stupid, stubborn, or proud to admit that this was a huge protest! The biased and misguided mainstream media would rather throw all these people under the bus… and it shows by their recent ratings! I have read numerous accounts from participants who spoke to policemen who estimated it to be over a million based on estimates of past events. Seeing is believing… except for those who are too blind to see! Check out this link: SEEING IS BELIEVING […]


  154. Millions At D.C. 912 Project Tea Party Protest Dozens At 913 Pro Obamacare Rally….A Tale Of Two Protests. - gary4205’s Diary - RedState replied:

    […] in the Middle has a lot of photos as well as great videos over at their website, that one simply must take a look at. JoAnn in VA […]


  155. Mike Avery replied:

    I was there in DC on 9/12 about 100 feet from the stage. Took pictures too. Massive crowd, everywhere as far as the eye could see there were people. Before clamming up, Capitol Police told my reliable source that their crowd estimate was 1.2 to 1.8 million. 1.5 million is a fair figure, many more not permitted into city for lack of room. You get the same story from everybody who was actually there, and the pictures from many different people support eye-witness accounts of crowd.


  156. LouAnn replied:

    Here are the numbers you quote in context:

    # September 14, 2009 – Rail ridership: 704,000 Bus ridership: 450,000 (Detailed Service Information)
    # September 13, 2009 – Rail ridership: 224,715 Bus ridership: 152,108 (Detailed Service Information)
    # September 12, 2009 – Rail ridership: 437,624 Bus ridership: 236,347 (Detailed Service Information)
    # September 11, 2009 – Rail ridership: 724,754 Bus ridership: 450,000 (Detailed Service Information)
    # September 10, 2009 – Rail ridership: 748,145 Bus ridership: 450,000 (Detailed Service Information)
    # September 09, 2009 – Rail ridership: 736,434 Bus ridership: 450,000 (Detailed Service Information)
    # September 08, 2009 – Rail ridership: 692,263 Bus ridership: 450,000 (Detailed Service Information)
    # September 07, 2009 – Rail ridership: 165,791 Bus ridership: 450,000 (Detailed Service Information)
    # September 06, 2009 – Rail ridership: 237,179 Bus ridership: 152,108 (Detailed Service Information)
    # September 05, 2009 – Rail ridership: 300,963 Bus ridership: 236,347 (Detailed Service Information)
    # September 04, 2009 – Rail ridership: 680,988 Bus ridership: 450,000 (Detailed Service Information)

    But the 437K number is less than normal daily ridership during a typical workweek. Why, then, did they have to shut off the streets? Why did the security guys at the metro trains halt people in batches to go up the escalators? And don’t you find it odd that the ridership leading up to the 9/12 was 736K, 748K, and 724K and then drops to 437K on the day of the march? The event was actually a three-day event, starting on Thursday. I commuted on the DC metro for years, Mon-Fri, and shutting down the roads and having people move in batches was not a daily occurrence, or even a Saturday occurrence. If it had been, then the commuters would be up in arms everyday over some ongoing transportation nightmare. Who knows? The metro numbers might be true, but it cannot explain why the streets and metros had to be managed differently when the reported numbers are less than what you’d find on a Monday. Also, interesting that 9/14 train ridership was 704K, and the prior Labor Day’s numbers were 165K (coming down from Labor Day’s weekend tourism peak numbers of 680K and 300K).


  157. Washington D.C. 9/12/09 - Page 6 - Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum replied:

    […] Whatever…………………………….Actually , I was in my teepee banging on my tom tom in my buffalo briefs. Here's a little tidbit regarding how many of us were there. Update: How big was the crowd? Media credibility plunges to new low; Aerial Views added: D.C. Police… […]


  158. Mary replied:

    My husband and I traveled from IN on our own dime, taking vacation days to stand up for our country’s true identity as a republic “of the people, by the people, and for the people” rather than see her being forced into socialism, czardom. and govt. control of every aspect of our lives(a citiizenry being enslaved and waiting for a hand-out from a govt who feeds, clothes, houses,doctors, schools us…..all we have to do is keep following their orders and voting them into office)! Americans reading this…and reading about this march on Washington, join us if you wast your country to remain free and a republic as our founding fathers meant her to be….surely this wonderfully unique and fought-for-by-so-many free land can not go down, in this short period of years, to socialism. This is America! I have never felt so inspired as when I walked down Pennsylvania Ave.in our nation’s capitol and realized that this is what it is all about…the people all around me of all ages, races, religions, and walks of life, who treasure the precious freedom that we have and who are willing to fight against its loss to big govt. and trillions of dollars of debt. which will cripple this country. America, walk with us and we can take back this country for ALL of our citizens!


    • ginaswo replied:

      God Bless and Thank You!!!!!!


  159. knr replied:

    I was there. I live there. It was 50K tops. And some of the photos above are fraudulent, from other events. Pathetic.


    • ginaswo replied:

      so you dispute the DC Parks estimate of the grant memorial area and the university estimate as well, good luck with that in 2010
      we saw all we needed to see and all the howls from the wilderness you wail out as you lose your majority in 2010 will do nothing to change our minds then or now
      and have a great day!!


  160. Peter replied:

    I was in DC and encourage ALL AMERICANS to join us for round 2. It warmed my heart to see people come together for their country in a peaceful march. Unfortunately Obama turned tail and ran away from “We the People”. Instead he lead a cheer against the patriots in front of a friendly union audience in Minnesota. Obama should have welcomed the patriots to DC and told us that even if he didn’t agree with what we had to say, he acknowledged that we had a RIGHT to say it. Instead of being the Great Uniter, Obama is the Great Divider. Racial tension is running about as high as in the 1960s. Thank you Mr. President. Like the Rev. who spoke on Saturday was wise for pointing out. No hyphens needed. This is not a black America or a white America. This is America. Period!


  161. Twitter Trackbacks for Update: How big was the crowd? Media credibility plunges to new low; Aerial Views added: D.C. Police close [moderateinthemiddle.wordpress.com] on Topsy.com replied:

    […] Update: How big was the crowd? Media credibility plunges to new low; Aerial Views added: D.C. Police… moderateinthemiddle.wordpress.com/2009/09/12/update-how-big-was-the-crowd-media-credibility-plunges-to-new-low-aerial-views-added-d-c-police-close-roads-to-buses-people-on-foot-estimate-1-2-million-abc-cant-count-912-party-on-patriots – view page – cached Update: How big was the crowd? Media credibility plunges to new low; Aerial Views added: D.C. Police close roads to buses, people on foot; estimate 1.2 million; ABC can’t count..912 – Party On Patriots!! — From the page […]


  162. Dr. Right replied:


    Heal thyself, doctor.


    • ginaswo replied:

      BWAAAAHAA!! Nimrod you must be pretty out of touch with mainstream Americans if you dont get the bugs bunny references.. tsk tsk
      poor elites, all dressed up with no approval ratings to celebrate!
      don’t fret you can go back to bashing the ignorant masses in flyover country when we take Congress away from you in 2010…


  163. Ray replied:

    If Obama and his cronies think they can continue to take away our freedoms and our right to bear arms… THEN THEY ARE THE DUMBEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET!!!!


  164. Lefty replied:

    If that’s true I’m a sucker cause I ALWAYS had to pay for buses to A.N.S.W.E.R. rallies in DC. I would have gone more often if that was the case – but the antiwar movement never had that kind of cash.


    • ginaswo replied:

      you must have missed the DEM Caucuses then cuz the buses were free!
      you should have followed the TOTUS rallies like a Dead Head they paid them and everything!
      in fact Axelrasputin will pay you to astroturf comments so dont do it for free ya dig?


  165. RandyT replied:

    Its good that the liberals and their media bury the story. Then they’ll keep their heads in the sand and fail to mobilize against the landslides in 2010.


  166. EddieD replied:

    2010 is going to bring a change in government one way or the other!!!

    Of course by then the Obama Administration will have made thousands of ‘chosen’ people millionaires with our tax money, or money we owe China.

    Now there’s “Change” for you!

    Can we really afford to wait that long?


  167. Jj solari replied:

    i noticed all the words on all the signs were spelled correctly. and they were better constructed signs. with no duplicate messages. and all of them hilarious!! WASPS – you gotta love ’em.


  168. watchdoggity2 replied:

    I support the 9/12 Tea Party Patriots. To be fair to history, we have to stand for the truth. There is nothing to be ashamed of with the awesome turnout on 9/12/09. However, the actual truth in pictures shows that far more people were at President Obama’s inauguration back in January, then were at the 9/12 Tea Party march. The pictures below show more dense crowds at Obama’s inauguration, without cardboard signs etc which cause people to spread out more. Also, the crowds at the 9/12 event did not go past 3rd St, which were reserved for an annual “Black Reunion” that had set up the large white tents that you see in the 9/12 Tea party photos:

    9/12 photo from Capitol steps:

    Obama inauguration photo from Capitol steps:

    more photos of Obama inauguration showing massive density:


    • ginaswo replied:

      dude!! NO ONE is even SUGGESTING we had more peeps than the inauguration!! BWAAAHAA!!!

      PULLLEZE!! We are using the INAUGURATION way to count that Natl Parks used !!!

      BWAAAHAA!! We got over 1 mill and had no one to swear in or anything it was just to say STOP SPENDING!!


  169. janita florez replied:

    What do you expect from abc OWNED george soros BIGGEST COMMUNIST IDIOT AND LOOKS LIKE A BIG FAT ASSHOLE!! HE IS SO GROSS AND OBAMA IS HIS PUPPET. OBAMA IS GOING TO GO TO HELL! we hispanics get it and we say no to socialism!!!!
    VIVA LAS latina’s and latino’s

    Maria Torres
    Noel Ramos
    Janita florez
    Mario Deluna
    Dona Mela and Randy garcia
    Rev. Maunel Flores
    Riccardo Buccio Giani
    Kelly danube
    Laura Rodriquez
    Petula maria and micky Wright


  170. 9/12. Media downplayed crowd size. « Cmblake6’s Weblog replied:

    […] Subotai, and several others have sent me this link. You really want a better view of that crowd? Take a look. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Crowd sizes through media spectaclesPronouncing […]


  171. Maribeth Jones replied:

    Whatever the number…the energy and excitement of being together with so many like-minded people was awesome. For the 1st time in my life I am standing up for something that I believe very strongly in and I know that this is just the beginning. GOD BLESS AMERICA…WE THE PEOPLE will prevail!


  172. Sparky222 replied:

    I was there for the Event of my life with a cousin and her friend. We all were inspired and energized for the continuation of this fight. It was just great to be in the company of so many like-minded patriots! To the White House and Congress, CAN YOU HEAR US NOW!


  173. Donna replied:

    I was there with my husband and we like so many others have never done anything like this before. We went to protest big government and the corruption that prevails on both sides. This is not about political parties, we are fed up with Washington, period. I am not going to argue over numbers. We all know that there were a lot of people there and I was proud to be among them. Thanks to the women who paid for our metro passes because we did not have any small bills, you are a patriot!


  174. Marie replied:

    Love it! The crowds are awesome, Sorry I was not able to join the tea party in DC. However, at home I participated in a political fund raiser in NH to have great people to replace Paul Hodes and take over for Judd Gregg.


  175. 9/12DC Crowd Numbers « John M. O'Hara replied:

    […] breakdown of crowd estimates from Moderate in the […]


  176. ColMatt replied:

    I was there – I did some more math, etc and I really feel that there were in excess of 1 million people, probably closer to 2 million. The UK Daily Mail ran a story (yes, I have to get my news from a foreign agency) that there were up to 2 million people there. I would confirm that. When the crowd chanted, it belllowed through the streets – it was truly amazing.


  177. Top Posts « WordPress.com replied:

    […] Update: How big was the crowd? Media credibility plunges to new low; Aerial Views added: D.C. Polic… Welcome GatewayPundit readers! Welcome NiceDeb readers! Charlie Martin at PJM does some math on crowd size: (…)To […] […]


  178. Tom Petrkins replied:

    “The march included more than 1,500,000 people by DC police estimates. Two different police confirmed that with me!”

    And to put this matter to rest, we need to get those police personnel on the record and have the average joe judge their credibility to be good, and for it to be so.

    How do we do it?


  179. pj replied:

    Even at 75,000 it’s an amazing number considering there were no free buses organized. When I lived in NYC you would see signs for Wash. DC marches with free buses. But 850,000 now that’s really amazing!!


  180. ML in Tacoma replied:

    Awesome…let’s get 5 million next time!!


  181. Baskin replied:

    quick video i made overlaying the street to the USA Today map

    plz share


  182. Patrick replied:

    Protesting taxes despite getting a tax cut.

    Protesting health care despite the previous administration’s MMA bill costing more (and not a cent of it paid for – direct to the deficit).

    Protesting the stimulus when the tax cuts earlier this decade cost twice that amount (again, not a cent of it paid for – directly to the deficit that cost goes).

    These people are so sadly uninformed it makes me sad to be an American.


    • ginaswo replied:

      are Obots auditing our taxfiles now? You dont know who got a ‘tax cut’ TOTUS sent checks to people who DONT PAY ANY TAXES, thats not a cut thats a subsidy. Dont lecture us on how to feel or whats good for us, thats called PATRONIZATION and TOTUS told Africa and Europe and eery other nation how EVIL Americans were for doing just that..


  183. Roderick Reilly replied:

    I work in that big clock tower building on Pennsylvania Ave., just up from Freedom Plaza.

    A couple of comments: I find the 1 million and up figures hard to believe, but the pictures do tell me that the number of participants was well in excess of what the 9/12 organizers had hoped for (50,000). I see a jam-packed Pennsylvania Ave, for 12-15 blocks, and I saw the Reflecting Pool completely surrounded and saturated with people. Were these the same participants at different locations, or two different portions of the overall crowd? Some people are citing crowds “on the mall,” and I do see quite a few people on at least the front portion of the Mall in the picture at the Capitol with the Washington monument in the background. In that same pic, I see a solid mass of people coming over (on the right) from the Pennsylvania/Constitution avenuse side.

    Lots and lots of people, and way more than the originally hoped-for 50,000, but I don’t see anything adding up to 1 million, much less two million. I do think the number is likely in excess of 100K. This is a wonderful turnout, and I understand that people turned out in other cities as well.


  184. faboofour replied:

    Good question: Where are the helicopter photos? Don’t you think the organizers would have wanted true aerial shots to prove their numbers the way others do? And don’t you think if the government had somehow suppressed those photos, they’d have told us about it? Why not post ’em on a website outside the country? After all, there are hundreds, if not thousands of proxy sites all over the world (as any 12-year-old music trader can tell you).

    Here’s a guess: Maybe it’s the organizers themselves are suppressing the helicopter photos they took. Maybe because it proves there really were less than a few score thousand people there after all?

    The simplest explanation is usually the most likely, y’know.


    • ginaswo replied:

      the airspace over DC is INCREDIBLY restricted for, well OBVIOUS reasons, lol
      but TOTUS flew over in Marine One, we could ask him for the aerial footage!


  185. WJS replied:

    We were at the march on Sep 12, and I am outraged at the disparity in the numbers of attendees.

    I have seen NO helicopter footage of the entire crowd. Where is it?? They know if aerial footage is released it will only take a couple hours for people to integrate the areas and get a fairly accurate estimate.

    Here is one estimate my Husband made this morning. Using Google satellite images he measured Pennsylvania ave from Freedom plaza to where it intersects the Capitol grounds (near the pond). 4750ft. Pennsylvania ave is just over 100ft wide. (not including sidewalks). That is an area of 475000 square feet. Many sites are using 1 person/2.5 square feet to estimate crowds similar to this. That would mean 16 people in a 10 X 10 ft room average. I think this would be accurate for the moving crowd down Pa ave. Sometimes less sometimes more. That would give me a static crowd of 190000 on Pa ave alone. (475000 square feet / 2.5 square feet per person).

    This video shows Freedom Plaza from a building from 8am to 11:30am (3.5 hours) timelapse. About half of this video shows Pa ave full. (1 hour 45 min) I will also note again this is the only footage I can find from ANY VANTAGE POINT. I watched helicopters all day, again, WHERE IS THE FOOTAGE???

    Back to the estimate, It took me about 30 minutes to march from the Freedom Plaza to the Capitol. This would allow enough time to get 3+ volume changes of people down PA ave. The people streaming down PA ave in this video by my estimate is close to 600000. (190000 times 3+ volume changes)

    Now remember this number would not include people that were arriving after 11:30 am, people who went directly to the capitol or entered the area from any other point than the Freedom Plaza area.


  186. Paul replied:

    Fox News (national)
    Fox News (local, DC)
    ABC News
    CBS News
    The Washington Post
    The Washington Times
    (and every other news outlet)
    all said “tens of thousands”, but you’re better at making these estimates?


  187. Paul Johnson replied:

    A spokesman for D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services estimated the crowd at “in excess of 75,000” people. Local and federal law enforcement authorities don’t provide crowd estimates.



  188. Annette replied:

    Grea blog PEMin TN! I wish I had run into you! I was in DC with 16 of my family members (forgot to count 2 children earlier) and a few friends as well as the the 1++++++ million. I have been downtown before for the Reagan funeral and concerts, etc, and this was waaaay bigger! People like Jonathon are just used to being lied to or he doesn’t want to believe so many could disagree with his dear leader and the Czars . (I understand, poor thing), but we are NOT lying. It was huge!!!- bigger tahn the Jan inaguration. I DARE you to come along for the next party . Just know you will be VASTLY outnumbered.(no matter what your acorn pals try to pull) This was a volunteer force and it will only grow as so many more wanted to be there and WILL find a way next time. FLIP THIS HOUSE!!!! -beginning in November.


  189. Norwen replied:

    I know for a fact that the entire mall was full to capacity and there were people overflowing on both sides. The mall alone holds 1 million. These pictures are only a portion of the people who attended. By the way the crowds started coming at 7:30 AM and continued all day to come and to go.The police had to ask the organizers to start early because they didn’t have enough cops to handle the crowds. Sorry to all the wacko liberal nut jobs, but your way wrong about the numbers. 2010 is not far away


  190. Delaware Bob replied:

    Thank You for the work you put into this site!!!

    I was there, and if they don’t hear us now, WE WILL BE BACK!…only bigger and stronger!



    NO CAP and TAX!!!



    • ginaswo replied:

      thank YOU patriots!! God Bless America!!!


  191. Drewbiwan replied:

    Great job, Americans! I’m glad to see the British news reporting this.

    One thing: I hope they picked up after themselves. I don’t want to see the aftermath photos from the coronation- er inaguration…

    ps: what did the use for porta potties?


    • ginaswo replied:

      they did! see Gateway Pundit report on how the Mall looked after the 912 marcha nd after the inauguration, TOTALLY different! the patriots cleaned up after themselves 🙂


  192. Bandit replied:

    The uprising of the common folk against the encroachment of big government appears to be growing in numbers all across the country.
    It is amazing, really, that the voters elected a president and a majority in congress that in a few short months have obviously declared war on the country they took an oath to protect and defend.
    The Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Rule of Law have been under attack since the day obama became president. It is now up to the power of the people to take their government back and retain their independence.


  193. PFMinTN replied:

    I didn’t see ONE PERSON I knew
    not ONE.
    ** made lots of new friends though!
    Several times, a “roar” would start from the back, like “the wave” they do at football stadiums, and worked it’s way all the way up PA Ave.
    It brought chills.
    I’d forgotten too (thx previous poster), when we passed the Newseum, people chanted – Read that Wall! Read that Wall!
    Someone gave me a great orange tee shirt when they realized I was representing TN that said “Tennessee Mob” – YAY!!!!!
    Another family gave me a little flag- George Washington’s flag – “An Appeal to Heaven”
    What a blessing!
    The media that focuses on the anti-Obama signs are NOT bringing the story. I don’t know what % of signs had that topic but they were very very few and far between. The overwhelming majority had to do with other topics.
    WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO (can you tell I’m still glowing??)
    WASHINGTON – Can you hear us NOWWWW??????
    I just sent this in as a letter to the editor to our local paper:

    I just returned from the rally in DC and my thoughts are difficult to describe.

    Bottom line: The President called us out, and we came.

    But, those who think this was an anti-Obama rally are not well-informed. This was an anti-big government rally, an anti-“out of control spending” rally. (NOTE: TEA stands for “Taxed Enough Already”.)

    Many met at Freedom Plaza. There were so many, the police made us start the march early because there was literally no more room; we were blocking traffic!

    It was a thrill to walk past the Newseum and read the 1st Amendment carved on the stone wall 3-4 stories high. We realized we were exercising that very right – to peacefully assemble and present our grievances (almost everyone for the first time).

    When I arrived at the Capitol, the police wouldn’t let any more of us on the lawn. I finally was allowed in about noon. When I worked my way closer, I turned around to see CROWDS – all the way down the Mall and on either side of the Capitol.

    There truly were over a million attending. (There are photos and even time-lapse photography on the Internet.) And every state was represented!

    Incidentally, no one paid our way. The consensus was – “I just had to be here.”

    When we left about 4PM, there was NO trash left behind.

    These were good and decent people of all races, genders, ages, abilities, occupations.

    If that’s a “mob”, then I’m proud to be associated with them.


  194. Yankeemom replied:

    […] Moderate in the Middle:  here and here […]


  195. Michael Knowles replied:

    Great job guys. wish I could have been there.

    Tea Party


  196. Twitter Trackbacks for Update: Aerial Views added: D.C. Police close roads to buses, people on foot; estimate 1.2 million; ABC can’t [moderateinthemiddle.wordpress.com] on Topsy.com replied:

    […] Update: Aerial Views added: D.C. Police close roads to buses, people on foot; estimate 1.2 million; … moderateinthemiddle.wordpress.com/2009/09/12/aerial-views-added-d-c-police-close-roads-to-buses-people-on-footestimate-1-2-millionl-abc-cant-count912-party-on-patriots – view page – cached Update: Aerial Views added: D.C. Police close roads to buses, people on foot; estimate 1.2 million; ABC can’t count..912 – Party On Patriots!! — From the page […]


  197. Sarah replied:

    Wow, I am just beside myself. I want to thank every single individual that participated in the march.


  198. Bernie replied:

    My family and I were at the rally in Washington and were forced to leave early by the sure force of numbers. We didn’t know it then but we were lucky enough to get inside the Capital Court Yard. We spoke with the security police at noon tine and they told me that at that time they estimated about 1.2 Million and that there were more still coming. By 2pm one of the speakers said that they were backed up so far they blocked off the freeway and shutdown that part of DC.
    Any news paper, station, etc. where you get your news that plays this down, when it was one of DC largest demonstrations of all times, probably didn’t tell you 2 months ago about Vanjones and all the other radicals the president has placed as czars/advisors. They are the same media that will show the signs that were distasteful, but were way less than 1% of the thousands signs being held that day. Please join me and my family in writing letters to these media outlets telling them why you are canceling their news papers and stop watching their stations.
    That’s real power, which is why journalism is dead and the ratings of these biased news organizations are sinking fast!
    Note: The healthcare (HC) debate shouldn’t focus just on what we do not like about the democratic views/versions, but have answers for the real problems; high cost of premiums and preexisting conditions. The high cost of premiums has some real easy fixes and should be able to be written in a few pages not 1100; (1) do not allow any taxing of health care. I live in NY and our State Government says there looking for ways to lower HC, but taxes it 20%, that cost just gets handed down to the consumer, it always does. (2) Real tort reform, the money these doctors spend in malpractice insurance is ridicules’, sure they need to be able to be sued for wrong doing, but there needs to be caps and away to stop the frivolous law suits (My understanding is that Doctors win 90% of the time). (3) Create real competition, by allowing us to by a plan that fits our needs as consumers across state line. That’s access to more the 1300 HC insurance companies, that’s real competition. The government option is not competition; they’re not going to pay the taxes, they’re going to be run on taxes. They don’t have to show a profit, and the Presidents idea that you’re going to run a HC system with the savings of corruption from another government HC system-Medicaid is ridiculous.
    That is the whole problem with Washington it is corrupt and needs term limits to stop the special interest groups from gaining close relationships with our politicians on either side.


  199. Ernie replied:

    To quote someone in the whitehouse :This is the first time I’ve felt proud to be an American !!! (Not really the first time,But it’s been awhile)


  200. Dave replied:

    One guy on here, Drew, said that Obama could draw this crowd if he really wanted to. No, he could not. This was a crowd of people who ON THEIR OWN showed up. They had no national leader with nearly all media outlets advertising forhim. They are a SAMPLE representation of what is really going on. The democrats are in total trouble as is every liberal (republicans included) in the next election.
    Liberals…destroying the united States one freedom at a time, unless we stop them.


  201. Elwood Baas replied:

    I feel unpatriotic for not having attended. Will join the next one.


  202. Charles replied:

    Just got back from the DC rally. I am surprised that more democrats didn’t show up. After all, it was their going away party and enyone else’s that vote for this health care bill or more spending.


  203. Estimate 1.2 million; ABC can’t count « Mcnorman’s Weblog replied:

    […] September 14, 2009 Estimate 1.2 million; ABC can’t count Posted by mcnorman under Uncategorized | Tags: dc, health care reform, healthcare, lifestyle, mob, Obama, POTUS, protests, public option, revolution, tea party, washington dc | Leave a Comment  Oh yes…well over 1 mil. […]


  204. Elaine replied:

    Operation Clean Sweep…………..hmmmm, I like the sound of that!


  205. Estimate 1.2 million; ABC can’t count..912 « Mcnorman’s Weblog replied:

    […] September 14, 2009 Estimate 1.2 million; ABC can’t count..912 Posted by mcnorman under Uncategorized Leave a Comment  Oh yes…well over 1 mil. […]


  206. TriciaNC replied:

    It doesn’t matter what the MSM or the pundits and politicians say. It doesn’t matter if they underestimate our numbers, our concerns or our resolve. It doesn’t matter if they belittle us or mock our values or constitutional principles.

    It doesn’t matter how many people went to the D.C. rally yesterday or the over 200 tea parties across the country that same day.

    It MATTERS how many people get to the polls in 2010 and 2012!

    I was at the D.C. March and I’ll be at the March to the polls.

    P.S. Hi Gina! Remember me, my friend? Good to see you.


  207. Frank replied:

    I live in DC..there were over a million people here on the mall. And those of you who want to dispute it seem to forget that there were other protests around the country in other cities. Probably another 3 to 5 million. Go ahead and keep up the name calling and insults. Come election day I suspect you’ll have a stroke when you find out your beloved O’Bama loving congressional representative has been voted out!


  208. Busting Another State-Run Media Lie— Visual Proof That Protest Yesterday Was 1 Million Plus « YuvaBlog.in replied:

    […] march on washington, middle, Moderate, proof, strata sphere, video proof, visual proof, Washington Moderate in the Middle posted visual proof that the 9-12 March on Washington was at least one million […]


  209. Bill from Lilburn, GA replied:

    I wouldn’t blame the next administration for investigating this administration. We may have to build a “special prison” (not a country club, but Club Gitmo may work) for all who have violated the public trust, cheated on their taxes, scammed us out of millions, billions, trillions of dollars. It is amazing that we didn’t have money for armor for our troops, but are able to give billions to acorn? GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK! All these fat cats who made millions while in office need to have a spot near Bernie Madoff. Holder, on the other hand should face the UCMJ. Pelosi should have to hear tapes of herself for life. Oops, that may be considered cruel & unusual punishment. In other words, what goes around comes around.


  210. Angela replied:

    I love seeing this, but I desperately hope that people will remember that Republicans are as culpable in the government growth and the unrestrained spending as the Democrats.


  211. Obama Can You Hear Us Now? Video and Pictures « Goodtimepolitics replied:

    […] Update: Aerial Views added: D.C. Police close roads to buses, people on foot; estimate 1.2 million; … Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Petitioners: If you’re eligible, show us the […]


  212. indypat replied:

    Brian-as cnation said, your shot missed the gigantic collections of people standing shoulder to shoulder on both sides of the area in your photo. Nice try…We were there and we saw that crowd! Way to go, Patriots!


  213. Great Aerial Photo from DC Tea Party March « Just Americans Making Ethical Statements Weblog replied:

    […] videos and other pics at: https://moderateinthemiddle.wordpress.com/2009/09/12/aerial-views-added-d-c-police-close-roads-to-bus… ▶ Comment /* 0) { jQuery('#comments').show('', change_location()); jQuery('#showcomments […]


  214. truth4all replied:

    Brian said:

    “Here is a picture that shows people on the Mall.

    According to the USA today graphic, that is less than 240k.

    Stop lying.”

    What you don’t realize Brian is that the photo you linked to ONLY represented the people standing on the Mall-BOTH streets adjacent to the Mall were packed body to body that same distance. In other words, the photo you linked to only shows about 1/3 of the protesters present.

    Stop denying.


  215. DC 9/12 Tea Party Makes History! | The Lonely Conservative replied:

    […] For those who say there were nowhere near 1 or 2 million people at this event, be sure to see Moderate in the Middle where there’s plenty of proof that you’re wrong! AKPC_IDS += "10173,";Popularity: 11% […]


  216. Cnation replied:

    To Brian:

    Your picture was taken either very early or very late. At its peak, the areas immediately to the left and right of the mall were full all the way back to the Washington monument.



  217. Great 912 Videos « Mike In BA replied:

    […] Great 912 Videos 09/13/2009 mikeinba Leave a comment Go to comments Im stealing this one, but you can watch the rest over at moderateinthemiddle […]


  218. Wanda Dietel replied:

    These people make me so proud to be an American and proud plus thankful to each of of them for standing up for us all. I am ashame and sad that I didn’t join them.


  219. Steve replied:

    Great post! I had a great time there…. we have some pictures posted on COMMON CENTS:


  220. Mark Maye replied:

    I am so proud of America after seeing all of this.


  221. Bruce Bellott replied:

    I received a link to my performance at the March on DC from a good friend who said i made them proud. I felt so proud to be a part of that great American day that it gave me the strength to pull it off. Please check it out and consider posting it somewhere so Sean Hannity might considser me for one of his Great American “Freedom Concerts” !
    Thanks for all your kind words and singing-a-long too! It was a hoot! :=)

    Tea Party (Taxpayer) March On Washington DC pt.16


  222. Dirty Democrats » Busting Another State-Run Media Lie— Visual Proof That Protest Yesterday Was 1 Million Plus replied:

    […] Another State-Run Media Lie— Visual Proof That Protest Yesterday Was 1 Million Plus: “Moderate in the Middle posted visual proof that the 9-12 March on Washington was at least one million […]


  223. Robert Steward replied:

    I would love to know the economic boost to Washington D.C. and Travel companies throughout the land. And then it would be nice to get a thank you from those who benefited. If anyone knows the numbers or can extrapulate them please post it!


  224. idaho beef replied:

    God bless everyone who took a stand against this injustice!


  225. Ben West replied:

    I was there! It was an absolutely amazing experience. I have no trouble, whatsoever believing that there were 2 million patriots at that protest. I know that my group was parked at the Capitol, after arriving there with probably the 1st third of the marchers at around 10:00, & the people just kept coming & coming. We left around 2:45 in an effort to make it easier on ourselves to get back to our buses, and the people were still coming in from Pennsylvania Ave. The lawn in front of the Capitol steps was packed & was closed to any more of us by the police. People were climbing on statues & simply covering every available piece of ground everywhere within sight of the platform. The Mall was packed. I can attest to the accuracy of the wait times to get into a portable toilet. One hit from our group have up & walked to one of the museums to use the restroom. It was a fantastic gathering of like-minded people. I was pleased that I heard of no fights or other problems with the police or each other. It was a great event & I’m very proud to have been a part of it.


  226. Judy Campbell replied:

    Thank all of you who were able and very willing to make the march to say what I wanted to say! God bless you!


  227. arlenearmy replied:

    I am so proud to see that top picture showing the over million point-base. That’s a lot of people, yet, Obama hurries out of town to an event of 15k.


  228. brian replied:

    the usa today graphic shows crowds on the MALL with 2.5 sq ft separating people.

    your picture is a webcam shot of people marching down Pennsylvania Ave, not the Mall.

    Here is a picture that shows people on the Mall.

    According to the USA today graphic, that is less than 240k.

    Stop lying.


    • ginaswo replied:

      you can see the density of the 912 marchers in the two other aerial shots down the page..I think there were MORE than 1 person per 2.5 sf and I think they were spread even wider than they were at the inauguration making for more people not less
      too bad we dont have any journOlists in America today

      POSTSCRIPT-Lets clarify, the USA graph was for pre inaug attendance gauging, I will say that we had less than inauguration but more than the usa graph that is the point, but stories in the 912 attendance brouhaha indicate that the inaug attendance was much lower than initially reported, much like voter turnout in 08 lol, and was in fact 850k, if that is the case I think we had less there, based on photos ive seen, someday maybe we will know!


  229. Michael replied:

    If I could quit my job,I would go to these events and shoot pictures,videos and do interviews of the people .. And of course get my two cents worth in ..

    I would rather get more involved in the fight for freedom than to go to work in a shop for 9 hours a day ..


  230. Tex in Big D replied:

    USAToday’s National Mall/crowd estimate schematic, which it published in January to show how the Park Service estimated inaugural crowd attendance.

    If it was good enough for Obama’s inaugural it is good enough for me. Hows that Obama lovers!!!


  231. Mark Anthony Jones replied:

    All I can say is Hallelujah!!! I am OK that they don’t “get it” yet. They will get it on election day. I just hope we can channel the energy into one direction. Then we will be successful in bringing our Republic back to the People. Both parties are corrupt and “managed” by the un-elected Council on Foreign Relations.


  232. Jenn of the Jungle replied:

    Poor little leftards all upset that we finally have a voice. And it will be heard in 2010.


  233. The Strata-Sphere » Comparing Tea Party 9/12/09 To Obama Inauguration Crowds replied:

    […] (H/T Moderate Middle) What is clear in the inauguration model is that people are restricted in their movements and are assigned locations with specific capacity numbers. Now look at the Tea Party Pics, especially around the reflecting pool which shows a capacity of 240,000 in the inauguration model. […]


  234. Ed replied:

    ABC says they never said 2 million. Should probably remove that from the headline on this page…


  235. Rick replied:

    correction: “…Pennsylvania Ave to the NorthWesterly side of the Capitol area…”


  236. Rick replied:

    My wife and I were there – the attendees were put on the march early from Freedom Square up Pennsylvania Ave to the NorthEast side of the Capitol, with people streaming into the march from the north/south streets the entire way – the crowd was solid people from the Capitol speaking platform point back to at least 12th Street – there was no plan to assemble onto the Mall, the cops were blocking the southerly access from Penna Ave to the Mall area, and few went over that way as far as I could tell – the toilets were nearer to Constitution Ave, at least 70 portables, and the lines were 30 deep for each one, for hours – I can do the geometry and the math – I believe that, conservatively, there were at least 400,000 – 500,000, and twice that would not be a shock, as there was lots of crowd expansion/dispersal to the north onto Constitution Ave. too.


  237. Jules replied:

    9/12 demonstrations across this nation is a great start at getting our voices out. Send the truth to the MSM that they can no deny us true reporting for both sides anymore. Tell them and their advertisers that if they will not report the truth we will boycott them and their products until the truth is reported on ALL main stream media outlets.

    I hope and pray the congress and the white house will at least acknowledge in their minds that WE THE PEOPLE, will not tire, will not faultier and we will not fail to change this congress in 2010 to address the corruption that is going on in this nation today. We the (Majority) people are finally fed up with Big Government, with their small special interest projects need to be stopped. We need are now using our voice that “Enough is enough” this is not a party issue it is a “right and wrong” issue. What would our founding fathers say today about what has happened to our country and the state of affairs we are currently in.

    Stand tall patriots and speak loud, if they are spending our money then we need a say in how it is going to be spent. Get rid of the special interest and get back to the basics. I see that this nation is finally fed up and I am proud today to call myself an American with out any hyphen.

    Stand tall, and talk loudly until they start taking us seriously patriots and may god bless America.


  238. 9/12 Washington Tea Party, CAN YOU HEAR US NOW??? - Page 2 - Nissan Titan Forum replied:

    […] Party, CAN YOU HEAR US NOW??? Holy ****e, can that be right, over a million people there??? Update: Aerial Views added: D.C. Police close roads to buses, people on foot; estimate 1.2 million; … __________________ IRC VK56 Member "BIG CHIEF WANNARACEUM" 2005 XE, "Land […]


  239. A Sanders replied:

    well if ABC news says it, then it must be true.


    • ginaswo replied:

      lol!!! hey take a look at the update with the USAToday graph of how to judge the magnificense of attendance at Teh one’s inauguaration

      they use 1 person per 2.4 sf and come up with 1 million based on how far our crowd stretched, we had more than 1 person per 2 sf dudes. Face it, biggest crowd EVAH especially with NO MEDIA HYPING for the event and no astroturfed SEIU buses etc etc

      real Americans from all over saying STOP SPENDING

      Pass any more spendulus plans at your peril Critters say goodbye in 2010!!!


  240. TC replied:

    @Aria: Does your back hurt from having your head so far up your butt? Bottom line is, there were about 1.5 million people there and if you count up ALL the tea party attendees from all 50 states (not 57), we probably had approximately 3 or 4 million protesting this moron of a president.


  241. Annette replied:

    My family & I were there (15) If this had been an angry crowd (but thank goodness not) -it was easy to see that there would have been very little the police or anyone could have done.It was awesome to be a part of the largest protest in our history.It was 1 million at least. The energy in the air was incredible! If you were there you would want to make sure you came back and brought more people the next time . The “news” agancies can marginalize all they want, but it was too many people for the word not to get out. Notice we don’t see any aerial views that get all of Liberty square, down PA Ave and all around the capitol and the reflecting pool to the Washington monument . It was absolutely wall to wall people. Obama must have seen it as he hovered above (for more than a few moments:) in Marine One on his way out of town 🙂 to MN. Folks kept coming and going from up on the steps of the Capitol . They KNOW !!!:)


  242. congressive replied:


    Sorry, ABC News says 70,000. Wishful thinking doesn’t change the facts… or does it?


  243. Lisa K Gray replied:

    Looks like a hell of a lot more than 70,000 people to me, and a lot more than went to Obama’s inauguration. Also a lot of people couldn’t be there for financial, health or job reasons, so maybe politicians on both sides of the aisle should start paying attention to WE THE PEOPLE.


  244. GMiller replied:

    Have you yet read “The Obama Timeline?” See http://www.colony14.net This is the definitive work on the Community Organizer-In-Chief. 660 pp,. over 2000 references– a real argument-winner.


  245. Glen Bradley replied:

    This is the same thing they did to the Ron Paul Restore The Republic march on DC back June 12th 2008. We had some 15-20 thousand people, and all the news kept saying we had maybe 1 or 2 thousand. DC cops estimated I think 11 or 12 thousand, but that didn’t stop CNN MSNBC Fox etc from lying.

    I’m just glad that more people are seeing now how the major news media will do anything and everything they can to lie, discredit us, and make it look like we are marginal or do not exist.

    Now instead of 15 thousand people being reported as 2 thousand, we have 1.5 million people being reported as 70,000. Same stuff, different day. The anger is growing, the people are standing up, and the high tide of discontent is growing.

    We can do this people! Just stay the course, and don’t let the jerks discourage you. Instead, let stuff like this fuel your anger to make the next one 5 million.

    People wondered why Ron Paul supporters were so amazingly passionate — at least part of the reason is we were outraged at the media constantly lying about us and about Ron Paul. Instead of just turning over and going home in apathy, we let the media’s lies feed our outrage to to keep coming back, bigger and better.

    Ladies and gentlemen, patriots, it’s time to take our Republic back!


  246. Catherine West replied:

    What a wonderful feeling — THANKS TO EACH OF YOU! I am one proud American! Congress Members Especially Democrats – not liberal or socialist – pay attention! “We the people” are speaking Loud and Clear! Respect what they are saying! It is NOT about PARTY! It IS ABOUT OUR NATION and IT IS ABOUT IGNORING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
    ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ SAY “OUR NATION IS UNDER GOD” and “no group of small,like-minded individuals will decide what is best for 350,000,000 individuals under Our SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.


  247. Aria replied:

    Hah, are you kidding me. That’s not even 100k. I used to work in D.C., actually 4 blocks from Willard hotel which probably where the camera is mounted. From the Reagan building to the congress is no more than 10-12 blocks and if the marchers only covered the Pennsylvania ave., then it’s probably somewhere around 80k, tops.

    Quit it with the feigned hype. 80k is not a bad effort just don’t try to exaggerate for personal self-aggrandizement.


  248. Coolpillow replied:

    If CONgress and Senate don’t pay attention to this day, they are blind, deaf AND DUMB.

    They will be SO fired in 2010 and 2012!

    Can’t wait- OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP is well under way!


  249. rasputin replied:

    The 2 million figure didn’t come from the D.C. Police, since their official policy forbids crowd estimates.

    From their own statement:

    “The (House) Committee has provided no funding for crowd counting activities associated with gatherings held on federal property in Washington, D.C. If event organizers wish to have an estimate on the number of people participating in their event, then those organizers should hire a private sector firm to conduct the count.”

    The only official estimate of any kind is 60,000 – 70,000 from the DC Fire Department.


  250. Drew replied:

    I honastly dont think some of the signs I have seen at this event are going to help this cause. This President has entirely too many supporters in this country, he can draw a crowd like that by just speaking at an event. So while this is a nice first step, I doubt this will derail anything he’s doing.


    • ginaswo replied:

      Congress Critters dont give exams to the voters before running to see if they are ;THEIR TYPE’ of people. they just need the majority votes. The majority wants the spending to end, in 2010 we are gonna flip that house


  251. Bill Mitchell replied:

    70,000 people would fit into one smallish NFL Stadium for a game on Sunday. Saying that massive crowd was 70,000 is an insult to one’s intelligence. The Rose Bowl hold 100,000 and this crowd was many many many times what would fit in the Rose Bowl.

    70,000. What a joke!


  252. patch replied:

    This picture is a fake:

    912 Aerial View- click image for twitpics!

    It’s from the 1997 Promise Keepers event.

    The rest are real.


    • ginaswo replied:

      dudes it was an honest mistake, it is taken down
      thanks for the heads up


  253. 9/12 DC March – Best (and Biggest) March ever! replied:

    […] Check out this awesomely awesome aerial photo. […]


    • ginaswo replied:

      pls note one pic taken down was from diff rally, now updated, gracias


  254. Becky replied:

    All you have to do is compare the pictures from Obama’s inauguration and the Tea Party on DC, if in the same space they claim two million in attendence, that’s what there were today. 70,000 is a joke, the Rose Bowl holds more


  255. Aerial Views added: D.C. Police close roads to buses, people on … « Arrive Deprived replied:

    […] Continue reading here: Aerial Views added: D.C. Police close roads to buses, people on … […]


  256. jeff from chicago replied:

    I’m here in dc…thanks michelle and mary katherine (hubba hubba) for the best coverge I’ve been able to find on my bberry so far…thanks much ladies.


  257. Sophomore replied:

    As of 5:09 p.m. EST, ABC is reporting “tens of thousands,” and the DC Fire Dept. estimates 60-70 thousand.


    Where did you see the 2 million ABC number or the DC Police number?


    • ginaswo replied:

      we will have to see, ABC radio reported the 2m, DC police said 1.5 and closed the roads to buses, head click count at one passway was at 500,000 around 1100am


  258. D.C. Police close roads to buses, people on foot; estimate 1.2 … « Arrive Deprived replied:

    […] Read more from the original source: D.C. Police close roads to buses, people on foot; estimate 1.2 … […]


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