Update 5: Even Leno ripping ACORN; The Governator demands investigation: More tapes on the way! NY AG Cuomo opens investigation into ACORN; ACORN Tape up, San Bernadino: Twofer Tuesday: Stevie Nicks. Plus – More ACORN, now with alleged felonies*!

Update: 9/18 – Even LENO is ripping on ACORN! How embarrassing to be the PseudoIntellectual Elite Media!

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Breitbart on Hannity indicated there are more tapes but they will wait before releasing them. They may be waiting out ACORN’S audit, lol!! Extended tape from VeritasVisuals

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Hannity airs San Diego tape portions, We can now add offers to smuggle illegal (undocumented) underage prostitutes from Tijuana to San Diego from an ACORN worker to the list..check BigGovernment for ongoing updates…

Drudge has a developing headline, upper left, Governator demanding investigation, Booyah…Ahh Ed at HA links to Governator’s twitter on his opening an ACORN investigation

Update: 7:00pm EST: San Bernadino Pt 3, AP at HA notes the highlight of the conversation with this apparent ‘community organizer’ from hell:

(…)Speaking of keeping the clips coming, here’s part three from San Bernardino; a new one, reportedly from San Diego, is set to go live tonight around nine. Pay special attention starting at around two minutes in as our heroine nods blithely along while O’Keefe and Giles talk about johns paying extra to physically assault the child prostitutes they’re raping….

Update: 4:30pm EST: HotAir flags a HumanEvents interview with the Big Government site editor confirming MORE ACORN TAPES are on the way:

“There are more,” Mike Flynn, Editor-in-chief of new site BigGovernment.com, told HUMAN EVENTS in an exclusive interview this afternoon regarding the number of undercover films exposing ACORN. Flynn would not reveal the location of the ACORN office where the latest video was filmed, but he said, “It’s a slightly different discussion in this one than you’ve seen so far.” The video should break around 9 p.m. EST.

Flynn said this is not the last one, either. “There are more after that. It is amazing. Stay tuned.”…

And here is PT II of San Bernadino ACORN with Tresa, a sad scary version of Mike Myers Coffee Talk:

Update: 9/16: HotAir reports that NY AG Cuomo has opened an investigation into ACORN and frozen their funds. Woohoo!

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Update: 6:05pmEST: Yes indeedy it seem the loony ACORN worker really DOES lobby State and Federal CA Congresspeople IN PERSON, as recently as this JULY. To wit this entry from the ACORN Blog, courtesy of HotAir commenter tdavisjr with an assist from joshlbetts on September 15, 2009 at 5:35 PM :

Friday  July 10,  2009

Members Michael and Dennis of the San Bernardino ACORN along with Tresa Kaelke (San Bernardino ACORN Community Organizer) and Christina Spach (California Field Corrdinator); attended the schedule meeting with California State Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod of District 32.

The topics of discussion:

AB377 (prevent pay day loan increases).  Currently pay day loan companies are trying to increase the lending rate in the state of California from $300.00 to $500.00 per pay day loan.  At this time the interest rate paid is $15.00 per $100.00 borrowed.  Michael discussed the dangers of such increases.  The Senator believes the bill would die before it even gets to get desk for consideration.

AB260 (prevent predatory mortgage lending).  This bill is designed to add stiffer consequences to bad mortgage lending.  Dennis discussed this bill with the Senator.  The Senator was moved by the personal story that Dennis shared.  The Senator requested more information on this bill.

Michael brought to the discussion floor SB 1137 which has been in law for almost 1 year.   SB 1137 requires the lenders/bank to carry out certain procedures before a foreclosure could move forward.  Michael informed the Senator that one major problem with this bill is that the mediation is not being carried out in the benefit of the homeowner.  Michael shared experiences from attorney’s who could not receive a ruling in court from SB 1137.  The problem is that the judges have stated that mediation is not defined clearly and thus the steps the lender/banks are taking are sufficient and that SB 1137 lacks teeth to enforce steeper mediation requirements.  The Senator asked the ACORN attendees to help her focus on that issue brought up by Michael and move quickly to draft a bill to for mediation and the mandated steps that should be taken to give SB 1137 teeth.

In conclusion, the meeting was success and we are looking forward in working with Senator McLeod in enhancing SB 1137.  Thanks to Dennis, Michael, Tresa and Christina we are making steps in protecting homeowners. (and Pimps and their houses of child prostitution Okay I added it, Ace is a bad influence on me lol)

Update: 5:45pm EST: Glenn just played additional tape in which the ACORN worker offers to help instruct Hannah how to manage the 12-15 y/o El Salvadoran children she plans to use as prostitutes. Glenn is appealing to the good Dems. I hear you Glenn!

Update: 455pm, ITS UP! Here:

Update: 4:54pm EST: Looks as though BG is letting Glenn get the scoop, Is this how Tweety feels when Teh One is going to speak? lol

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Allegedly ACORN has gifted us with the most explosive tape yet. Well I for one am all atwitter and wee weed up in excitement! AceHQ has the full scoop!

Glenn Beck is at 5pm, BigGovernment.com will post first at 4 pm. (Eastern.)(…)

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  3. RM3 Frisker FTN replied:

    So did this ACORN MILF (Meth addict I’d Like to …) actually kill some one as she claims? Self-defense or otherwise?

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    Video: latest ACORN sting in San Bernardino…

    For your viewing disgust, courtesy of Big Government, here’s part one: –> Remember … ACORN is using your tax dollars to conduct these activities. Are you tired of this scummy group yet? — 9:15 PM……


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  7. joshlbetts replied:

    Thank you, but “tdavisjr on September 15, 2009 at 5:33 PM”
    posted the link. I just read it. 🙂

    Worst thing? She’s writing legislation.


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