Did HUD give ACORN millions to rehab/sell foreclosed houses (since August)?

Inquiring taxpayers want to know. We will see if HUD can tell us. Sounds like it is right up their alley. 



(…)With the new financing, which falls under an existing program called the Neighborhood Stabilization Program,

HUD will grant $44.5 million to nine national organizations and $5.5 million to local communities to buy, rehab and sell foreclosed properties in some of the country’s worst-hit residential neighborhoods.

Grantees also are permitted to create “land banks” for vacant properties, or to offer down-payment and closing-cost aid to low- and moderate-income homebuyers….

Update 1: From HUD’s website:

The Recovery Act also authorized HUD to establish NSP-TA, a $50 million allocation made available to national and local technical assistance providers to support NSP grantees.


Under NSP2, HUD allocated $1.93 billion on a competitive basis to states, local governments, and non profit organizations. The program objectives and eligible uses did not change under the Recovery Act, but the allocation process and some regulations on the funds have changed. The deadline to apply for NSP2 funding is July 17, 2009. See NSP2 NOFA for details.

NSP-TAUnder NSP-TA, HUD allocated $50 million on a competitive basis to TA providers supporting HUD’s community development program grantees and subrecipients. The NSP-TA program is open to both national and local TA providers. Applications are currently being reviewed, but new applications are no longer being accepted.

And they have pretty free reign on how to use the money:

NSP grantees develop their own programs and funding priorities. However, NSP grantees must use at least 25 percent of the funds appropriated for the purchase and redevelopment of abandoned or foreclosed homes or residential properties that will be used to house individuals or families whose incomes do not exceed 50 percent of the area median income. In addition, all activities funded by NSP must benefit low- and moderate-income persons whose income does not exceed 120 percent of area median income. Activities may not qualify under NSP using the “prevent or eliminate slums and blight” or “address urgent community development needs” objectives.

Eligible Uses

NSP funds may be used for activities which include, but are not limited to:

  • Establish financing mechanisms for purchase and redevelopment of foreclosed homes and residential properties;
  • Purchase and rehabilitate homes and residential properties abandoned or foreclosed;
  • Establish land banks for foreclosed homes;
  • Demolish blighted structures;
  • Redevelop demolished or vacant properties

It strikes me that A GROUP could theoretically kill several birds with one big grant. Write bad loan docs to a pimp or prostitute give them a foreclosed home and bill the taxpayer to do it all. And of course membership/shakedown. An interesting theory.

The NY Post put up a piece today indicating ACORN has 50 million in NYC low income housing properties:

ACORN has quietly become one of the Big Apple’s biggest owners of low- and moderate-income housing, amassing a real-estate empire worth at least $50 million, The Post has learned.

New York ACORN and a tangled web of affiliates own or manage nearly 1,500 housing units across three boroughs and draw in an estimated $5.7 million in rents, fees and profits from sales.

The properties are controlled by an opaque collection of nonprofits, holding companies and development funds. Many have generic names, like the 385 Palmetto Street Housing Development Fund or the Mutual Housing Association of New York, leaving no clue of their ties to the national ACORN conglomerate.

Hannah and O’Keefe hit one of these NYC ACORN Housing offices so we are hopeful Breitbart/Big Government will reveal some ACORN Housing tapes soon:

Among them is New York ACORN Housing Company, which was thrust into a political firestorm last week after two of its employees were caught in a national hidden-camera sting giving shady financial advice to two conservative activists posing as a pimp and prostitute….

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House M.D. Season 6 Premiere tonight: Sneak Peeks & Interview w/ Hugh Laurie and cast…

Courtesy of lilou0803

Courtesy of lilylulay:

On Thursday, September 17th the cast of House took to the Red Carpet (that was blue) for the sixth season premiere of House MD at the Arclight theater in Hollywood.
Ford Fiesta Agents Bridget O’Neill and Meghan Mathes talk to the cast about the show, what we can expect for season six, and who in the cast is a “twitterhead”

On September 21, 2009, tune into FOX at 8.7c for the two hour premiere of House. It’s SO GOOD!

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NYDailyNews gives the 2 hour season 6 premiere rave reviews. I am glad to hear it, b/c last season bored me to tears and I am a Hugh Laurie fan..

House” launches its sixth season Monday night with its title doctor character now a patient, having checked himself into Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital…it’s just House and the residents of Mayfield, notably Dr. Darryl Nolan (Andre Braugher), who will decide after treatment whether to recommend that House get his medical license back.

…Dr. Nolan is a worthy adversary, one of the first dueling partners who often seems able to match House in strategic planning.

Like House, he thinks three moves ahead, and when House deduces some potentially humiliating personal information designed to send the doctor slinking back to his office, Nolan shrugs and says he’s not the issue here….In any case, he finds plenty of new peeps to play off in his new place. Besides Dr. Nolan, his main sparring partner becomes his roommate, Alvie (Lin-Manuel Miranda).

..Other complications arise as well, and Laurie is superb in this episode, carrying scenes so strongly that for long stretches the viewer will forget the absence of his regular colleagues entirely.

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The Czar Song

LOL. We had this idea in June, and in the tradition of great minds thinking alike (betcha they are TESLA fans too, lol) someone with the technology and talent finally produced it! Coolio.

Courtesy of Gateway Pundit:

The Nose On Your Face released this number in honor of the czars and czarinas running ops from the White House.

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Update: House passes bill: Unemployment: House to consider McDermott UE Extension Bill this week…

Update: 10/5: Schumer says Senate will extend UE this week see here for update

Update: 9/22/09 7:43 pm EST: The bill, HR 3548 passes the House:

Jobless workers in imminent danger of losing their unemployment benefits would get a 13-week reprieve under legislation approved by the House on Tuesday.

The House bill, which applies to 27 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico with unemployment rates of 8.5 percent or higher, would add to the already-record levels of benefits that have been available to the jobless as the country struggles to recover from its prolonged economic malaise.

It would not, however, give any extra benefits to the longtime unemployed in states that have lower levels of joblessness, including Nebraska, North Dakota and Utah.

The bill passed easily, 331-83, although the two parties cast the measure in different lights. Democrats said the relief was still needed despite positive signs that their policies were reviving the economy. Republicans said the high jobless rate proved that the Obama administration’s economic strategies weren’t working.

Now the Senate has to pass ITS bill:  ‘Similar legislation is pending in the Senate.’

Our previous post on the bill here

A scaled down McDermott (D-WA) sponsored UE extension bill to be considered by the House this week.


The measure sponsored by Rep. Jim McDermott , D-Wash., would allow 13 extra weeks of benefits for workers in states where the unemployment rate has surpassed 8.5 percent. That would come on top of the emergency extensions approved in last year’s supplemental spending bill and this year’s stimulus.

What it covers: (continues after the break):


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