Update: McChrystal troop request to go to the WH this week – Tick Tock Barack; Memo to TOTUS: The CiC cannot vote ‘present’

Update: 9/23- Reports that the McChrystal troop request WILL be sent to the WH Gates no later than the end of this week. (where it will sit til TOTUS  ‘is ready’ to receive it- no word on why our troops should have to wait that long).  Double whammy – Gen Petraeus today states he fully supports and concurs with McChrystal’s assessment and troop request.  Also chiming in with agreement Admiral Mullen Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Back to you Barack...TICK TOCK TICK TOCK….

Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Gen. David Petraeus, commander of Central Command, have sent letters to Defense Secretary Robert Gates endorsing Gen. Stan McChrystal, NPR’s Tom Bowman has learned from someone familiar with the letters…

At least one key Democrat supports McChrystal:

In a letter to the president Tuesday, Rep. Ike Skelton (D-Mo.), the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, threw his support behind McChrystal.

“The final approach would be a real counter-insurgency plan that is properly resourced—including both U.S. and allied military forces and civilian experts—to carry out the strategy you announced in March,” Skelton wrote. “The elements of such a plan are well known, although the implementation will be challenging. I believe that General McChrystal’s recent assessment outlines a way to do this with the best chance of success.’…

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Original post after the break:

Why is the WH refusing to allow Gen McChrystal to send in the troop request?

Why hasn’t TOTUS met with the Generals or made any reply to McChrystal’s 66 page report, submitted months ago?

Is he too busy creating JOBS? Uhm no.

Is ramming unpopular, fiscally irresponsible legislation through Congress in the first year of his term more important than the lives of our men and women in uniform? Of course not.

Is he too busy being the Billy Mays of the journOlist circuit?

There is nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide Mr President. Give the General an answer.

Memo to TOTUS: You cannot vote ‘Present’ any longer. You wanted the Big Chair, now sit your axx in it and do the job.

Dan McLaughlin:

(…) So, is the Obama Administration keeping its promise to listen to the brass? Word came down yesterday that the White House has indeed had the predicted “WTF” moment, and the Administration is pushing McChrystal to shut up and back off:

The Pentagon has told its top commander in Afghanistan to delay submitting his request for additional troops, defense officials say, amid signs that the Obama administration is rethinking its strategy for combating a resurgent Taliban

(…)But in Barack Obama we have not only a president who came to office pledging to pay more attention to his military leaders, and not only one who keeps insisting that the mission in Afghanistan is one of urgent importance to U.S. national security, but also a man with absolutely zero prior experience as an executive, no military service record, and zero experience with national security issues. One might reasonably expect him to permit an open exchange of views by his commanders and to give very, very serious weight to their opinions, rather than telling people to withdraw recommendations and running through generals like George Steinbrenner through managers. Instead, it looks as if the only reaction a serious person can have to watching Obama’s management of the military is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

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