Update: Medium kicks axx, takes names; Dollhouse lowest ratings ever: BuddyTV – Exclusive Interview with Eliza Dushku & Tahmoh Penikett

By Schumnader

Here is Patricia accepting her EMMY for Medium in 2005. NBC has no valid reason for dropping that show, they just SUCK! And they will continue to get their axxes karmically kicked in the ratings, GOOD! frakkers.

Update 3: Here is the quote from that tool at NBC when he dropped Medium, so you can see just what a well deserved axx whoopin he got with these ratings (from our piece on that subject as linked below):

NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman had said Medium was “an aging franchise, without a single fan letter, with no passion” after the show’s cancellation.CBS TV Studios shot back in a statement: “NBC’s cancellation of Medium is inexplicable to us. The ratings don’t lie: Medium outperforms many of NBC’s renewed shows.”

Update 2: Medium kicked NBC’s axx! HA HA I SAY!! Good dumb frakkers at NBC. See our post on how those tools dropped Medium despite its great ratings here. Smallville did fine, essentially tying Dollhouse’s ratings (remember FOX is a major network and CW is a cable channel, VERRY different ratings expectations from their execs)

The season premiere of Medium on CBS won the hour with 8.78m, while Dateline NBC managed 5.82m for the Peacock. Encores of new comedies Modern Family and Cougar Town put in respective audiences of 4.28m and 4.18m for ABC, and on The CW, a rerun of America’s Next Top Model grabbed 1.17m.

The fifth season premiere of Ghost Whisperer won the 8pm hour for CBS with 8.58m, while the premiere of Law & Order delivered 6.29m for NBC. An encore of FlashForward took 4.55m for ABC, the series premiere of new Fox comedy Brothers had 2.82m, and the season premiere of Smallville appealed to just 2.5m on The CW.

(Dollhouse) The opener, which guest-starred Jamie Bamber, pulled in just 2.57m for Fox in the 9pm hour….

SciFiWire has Dollhouse on Deathwatch after the Season 2 premiere scored its lowest ratings ever:

Joss Whedon’s sci-fi Dollhouse premiered Friday, and the news isn’t good: Overnight ratings were the worst in the show’s history. Translated: If you like it, you’d better watch it while you can.

The half-hour numbers for Dollhouse among adults 18-49 and 18-34, according to TV by the Numbers (rating/share, audience):

9-9:30 p.m.: 1.0, 1.0, 2.698 million
9:30-10 p.m.: 1.0, 1.0 2.427 million

So how bad was it? Here’s a roundup of analysis:

“barely registered with live viewers” –TV Wrap

“The show’s lowest-ever audience last night” –Digital Spy

“Dollhouse went right back to where it left off: as the lowest-rated show on a major broadcast network” –The Live Feed

“The second season launch of Dollhouse actually [lost] viewers from Brothers, plummeting to its lowest ratings to date” –HitFix


Dollhouse has LOST the lead in viewers it was getting from TSCC. For the record we at MiM LOVE TSCC and raved and ranted and called and did Flickr promotions, call ins, write ins. The TSCC fans did a LOT more to keep it alive than Reilly at FOX the tool! ever acknowledged. FOX CHOSE THE WRONG SHOW!!

TSCC had INTERNATIONAL FANS! Film tie ins! AND it was CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED! Bear McCreary’s musical scoring was awesome on TSCC. Here is Josh Friedman’s goodbye to TSCC.

And Josh Friedman has KICK AXX storylines ret to go for S3. Dollhouse has none of that.

Now I was pretty pixxed when Joss commented on doing better with a better lead in than TSCC. How’s that working out for you Joss? Yeah exactly it isn’t. But I am a Joss fan so you know gotta let it go right? So we got a grip and moved forward with Joss and S2.

But now FOX will kill ANOTHER show with Summer Glau!!! Summer is joining Dollhouse later this season!

And Stargate Universe will premiere in a week opposite Dollhouse and THEN the ratings will REALLY drop, as any SciFi fan at home without a DVR will no doubt tune to SciFi.

Really bad bad bad choice by FOX. TSCC had it all goin on.

Exclusive Interview courtesy of BuddyTV:

BuddyTV’s exclusive interview with Tahmoh Penikett and Eliza Dushku of Dollhouse.


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  1. Jesse replied:

    I liked season 1 of dollhouse but I hope it fails so FOX executives feel stupid!!! I miss TSCC so much


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