The Vampire Diaries 1.4 Family Ties Clip 2

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House M.D. 6.2 ‘Epic Fail’ Sneak Peeks & Lisa Edelstein interview..

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Smallville Webclip – Metallo

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FINALLY! A Nightmare on Elm St (2010) Trailer

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More trouble for ‘V’: only 4 episodes to be shown this year…

Oh noes!!! It looked fabulous! WTH are they doing with it?! Maybe they are trying to make it less like the Obamification of the world, lol. You can’t it IS like the Obamification of the world! Everyone I talk to is psyched to see it!! What are they doing?! (Second thought- is there some sort of Joss Whedon/Rebel without a Cause ‘curse’ on the actors and such?! lol ie baccarin, glau, fillion, we cannot catch a break for these guys! our shows get cancelled.. )

SciFiWire has the scoop courtesy of Variety:

ABC is only going to show four episodes of its V remake this year before taking the show off the air until spring, following a complete halt in production earlier this year. ABC says the other nine episodes will eventually be shown, but TV insiders are apparently telling Variety the series’ 13 episode order might get cut down:

Decision to launch the show with a four-episode sampler led to rumblings Thursday night and Friday morning that the show’s episodic order had been reduced – something both ABC and producer Warner Bros. TV vehemently denied. Show will still produce 13 episodes this year, they stressed.

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