RIO WINS!!! CHICAGO ELIMINATED IN FIRST ROUND!!! WOOHOO!!!Update 7:IOC Video Presentations; Lula says yes we can Brazil!

Update: Remarks from the WH after returning from Copenhagen:

Update: Victor Davis Hanson neatly encapsulates our thoughts on how hypocritical it was for TOTUS to try to take the games from Rio in light of his constant harangues on America:

1) Obama’s brand is trans-nationalism and an “America is not exceptional” multiculturalism. According to his worldview, it makes sense that a South American country — especially a powerful, ascendant country such as Brazil — should at last have its turn at hosting the Olympics. It did not seem consistent that a politician who had reached out to the Castros, Chávez, Morales, and Ortega, in parochial fashion, would lobby for his own hometown over a “yes, we can” Latin American initiative, especially one involving an exciting city such as Rio…

TalkLeft says Chicago spent 50 Million on the bid! WAY TO GO THERE MAYOR DALEY! How many JOBS could have been created with that money? unreal.

12:51pm EST: RIO WINS!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS RIO AND SOUTH AMERICA!!! Hope to see you in 2016!!

Uhm someone tell Jarret and Daley to go round up the Obots in Chicago they are still standing there LIVE on Fox holding Chicago 2016 signs up, lol and dont worry anyone who is sad America will have the games again as we have had 7 times already..(note- N America has had them 7 times, USA 5)

Okay here is the presentation speech of TOTUS and Mrs TOTUS

12:26 pm EST: 4 mins to final vote. R-IO R-IO R-IO!!!

Oh yeah, one more thing for the American media!!


Note from BBC Chicago and Tokyo had lowest internal polling in their cities of people who wanted the Olympics..

By 2016 Brazil will be the worlds 5th largest economy

Hundreds of thousands live on Copacabana Beach in RIO waiting for the decision!

Remember most of the voting members of the IOC committee are former Olympic atheletes, they have looked past the hype and payola and BS and picked the cities who have clearly demonstrated the most passion for hosting the games!!rio

Okay pixxed Obots, suddenly you are concerned about Americas reputation and our PATRIOTISM?? Are you frakking kidding me? BWAAAAAHAAFRAKKINHAAAAAAAA!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!! Ahhh man, that was good! 🙂 Were that the case you would have been more concerned with the potential loss of face for President SHAMWOW at a time when we are trying to use just his face and ‘stern’ tone apparently as a foreign policy…

RIO deserves it in every conceivable way. TOTUS and Team went and talked about themselves and the Olympics as a reflection of Chicago and Chicago as a reflection of..THEMSELVES!

Lula talked about the people of the WORLD and S America joining the WORLD more fully and FEELING more united with the WORLD by hosting their FIRST OLYMPIC GAMES, and the 148million  kids under 18 in S America and the passion and excitement, the INCREDIBLE GROWTH of the Brazilian economy, it was all about the world and people coming together…like you know..the OLYMPICS!!!!








FWIW talk was years ago now that the big push by DALEY for originally Blago and then Obama to run for POTUS in 08 was to help land the Olympics in 2016!!


Brazils President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva speaks during a news conference in Copengahen October 1, 2009. REUTERS/Pawel Kopczynski

Brazils President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva speaks during a news conference in Copengahen October 1, 2009. REUTERS/Pawel Kopczynski

Update 8: WSJ following the presentations:

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil led a strident presentation to the International Olympic Committee, heightening the tension of what is expected to be a two-city race between Rio and Chicago when the voting occurs late this afternoon

For months, Rio stressed the opportunity — unique among its rivals for the 2016 Games — that it presents to the IOC to make history by bringing the Olympics to a continent that has never hosted them before. Led by their president, representatives of the Rio bid harped on those themes once again this afternoon, daring the IOC to be bold and to open their movement to a new continent.

“You have modernized the games without ever dimming the flame of tradition,” Mr. Da Silva said, his voice rising. “The opportunity now is to expand the games to new continents. Light the cauldron in a tropical country, in the most beautiful of cities. Send a powerful message to the world that the Olympic Games belong to all people, all continents, and to all humanity.”

Mr. Da Silva’s address, the third of the day from a head of state to the IOC, was his attempt to speak for all of Latin America and touched on all of the catch-phrases Rio has been stressing. “New” and “history” and “ready” and “financial guarantees.” The words were delivered with soccer legend Pele looking on, serving as a breathing representation of how sports can bring hope to the youth of an impoverished nation and continent…

Update 7: The presentations are in!

RIO video:

Chicago (all about ‘a man with a mission’ SHOCKAH!)



Courtesy of itnnews

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Update 6: Lula today:

(…)president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said he was confident Rio would be named the first South American city to host the Summer Games when the International Olympic Committee votes in the Danish capital on Friday. “This time we look at the world and say yes we can, we can do it,” he said, adding the country’s ‘magical’ financial growth and relatively shallow recession made it the standout candidate….Rio is banking on the country’s healthy finances and improved international standing to sway voters.

“Brazil is the only country among the 10 largest economies not to have organized Olympics. We want to show that Brazil is in much better shape than other developed countries,” said Lula.

…”We do not have that complex of being second rate citizens any more,” said Lula, a former steel worker, who enjoys a healthy popularity among his countrymen deep in his second term.

“Last month in Brazil we created 240,000 new jobs. There will be one million new jobs this year. These are the conditions we have to raise and show (to IOC members),” he said.

...Lula said the Games offered important legacy for the country and the continent tapping into South America’s 180 million young people under the age of 18.

“The Games mean you have to open your country to the rest of the world. There is no price on that. It is priceless.”

“For some countries the Games are just one more sports event. For us this is a unique opportunity to create a legacy for an immense number of young people (across South America) that will remain for decades to come,” he said.

Update 5: Rush’s take on TOTUS’ Olympic Speech manyana:

Courtesy of dittopost

Update 4: Rio will get last licks over Chicago in the order of presentations – GOOD! I am pulling hard for Rio baby! (face it, the USA has had Olympics many times and will again S America has never had it! someone tell Lula a green eyed American is pulling for him, lol) Timetable for the Announcement:

The four candidates are Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo (all times GMT).

0630 Session opens

0650 Chicago presentation

0735 Chicago Q+A

0830 Tokyo presentation

0915 Tokyo Q+A

1010 Rio de Janeiro presentation

1055 Rio Q+A

1250 Madrid presentation

1335 Madrid Q+A

1400 IOC evaluation commission report

1510 Voting starts (eliminated city in each round of voting, apart from the final round, will be announced during this period.)

1630 Announcement ceremony at which IOC president Jacques Rogge names the winner

Update 3: Chicagoans for Rio 2016. heh. h/t AllahPundit at HA

Update 2: Above the post, cuz it’s so good! Copa baby! Copacabana….


Rio de Janeiro has declared a public holiday Friday to allow its people to watch the International Olympic Committee announce whether the self-proclaimed “Marvellous City” will host the 2016 Games.

Up to 100,000 people are expected on Copacabana beach, where a giant screen will broadcast the ceremony live from Copenhagen, to see if Rio can hold off competition from Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo.

The bookies make Chicago odds-on favourite but specialist sites such as believe the momentum is with Rio. Brazilian officials are confident their time has finally come.

“I think Brazil is going to win because we have the best proposal,” said President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on his weekly radio programme this week….

Update 1 – Rio complaint with IOC moved to end of post.

Here’s hoping Brazil gets the Olympics. They need the cash infusion and are trying to enter a global marketplace with the Olympics, and frankly TOTUS needs his arrogance brought down a notch or two (or thirty thousand notches if you listen to Sarkozy, lol)..besides we all KNOW Chicago does NOT have the money to fund this thing and we federal taxpayers will wind up on the hook. Why doesn’t TOTUS try to focus on ONE SINGLE THING, like uh the WAR or JOBS….you know something ALL AMERICANS ARE IMPACTED BY..

I will say yet again, Obama should have run for Governor of Illinois, he has no skills or interest beyond speechifyin in foreign affairs, and it shows.

President SHAM WOW! needs to sit his axx down in the Oval and DO SOME WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

*Muppets courtesy of scooterpiety

Video by gijess

Update: Rio pushes back:

The race to win the right to host the 2016 Olympics became increasingly bitter here on Tuesday as Rio de Janeiro went on the attack against bookmakers’ favourites Chicago.Rio bidding to become the first South American city to host the Games lodged an official complaint with the International Olympic Committee’s Ethics Commission about a remark made by Chicago Mayor Richard M Daley which they took as a criticism of their bid – something that is not allowed under IOC rules.

Daley, who has been in power since 1989 and should he serve through 2010 will surpass his late father in becoming the longest-serving mayor of the city, was reported to have said last week that hosting the World Cup, as Brazil will do in 2014, was not the same as hosting the Olympics.

Rio believes that that implied they were incapable of hosting the Olympics and with just three days remaining until the vote by the 100-plus IOC members, they considered it worthy of being reported to the Ethics Commission.

However, while 67-year-old Daley refused to comment, Chicago bid chairman Pat Ryan, a long-time friend of the Mayor’s, stepped into the breach to defend him. “It’s the first I have heard of this,” said Ryan, who founded US global insurance broker Aon. “However, I think Mayor Daley was misinterpreted and really every city has had grounds to file complaints during the campaign but we have decided not to file any and that’s the bottom line….

Ladbrokes director Mike Dillon told AFP that while Chicago was 4/5 on favourite, the informed money was going on Rio who are at 13/8.

..Rio will also be desperately hoping that charismatic Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, their biggest supporter and flagbearer through the process, is revived when he arrives here as he had to pull out of a meeting with FIFA President Sepp Blatter on Tuesday on account of fatigue.

While emotions were running high amongst the two front runners, third favourites Tokyo (8/1 with Ladbrokes) were forced into having to deny that they lacked any emotion whatsoever, as several IOC members had pointed out to them that their presentations over the past 18 months had lacked any passion……

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    thanks for the videos.


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  3. JHG replied:

    Actually Carol, I really don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t know if you realize that, but Brazil is among the 10th largest economy in the world, and as ginaswo just stated, it is in a much better position financially than Chicago. Also do you have any idea how much money the Olympics will bring to Brazil?
    And don’t worry I am pretty sure that when the time comes, the streets of Rio are going to be perfectly safe.
    As a brazilian I have to say that I cannot believe the comment you just wrote!
    YES Brazil needs this as a country with an unbelievable passion and tradition for sports, and I am deeply proud of my country!


  4. Deborah replied:

    ITs time for a developing country to host the olympics. Lets share the wealth. Go Rio!


  5. Carol replied:

    as a brazilian (and a carioca – person from rio), i can honestly tell you this: do you really think that rio has the money to foot the bill?

    if you say chicago doesn’t have the money to pay for the olympics and the taxpayer will end up paying for it, what do you think will happen to rio?

    trust me, we don’t need this. millions of dollars that could be spent on education, healthcare, transportation, safety – yes! the “lovely” lula didn’t tell anyone that rio is a VERY unsafe city…

    it is even a bit insulting for someone to write that “rio needs the money – but we can’t afford it”. which money? some investment money that won’t even cover half of the total amount?

    as you said, chicago doesn’t have the money – but you think a city from a developing country will?


    • ginaswo replied:

      actually Rio is in a far better position financially than Chicagoa nd Brazil than the US
      Brazil added 250k jobs last month, we lost 267k
      go to the linky for Lulas speecha nd you will see the excerpts on the economic comparisons m one of Rio’s big points in their presentation is exactly this, that they are a successful gorwing developing nation in a continent that has been overlooked

      Brazil is THE GREENEST economy on Earth also

      but of course I am not in Rio however fully HALF of all Chicagoans do not want the Olympics, you are the first Brazilian I have seen who does not want the recognition for their nation and continent and the boost to the growing economy that will accompany it

      in Chicago it will be a drag on the economy


  6. Kid replied:

    I hope Chicago wins the bid.


    • ginaswo replied:

      I hope you will pay for it if they do, lol!
      Daley is takingproperty taxes from other districts to make a special district just for the Olympic Village est 100million
      so Chicago schools and police and fire lose funding for this when kids are dying in the streets, unacceptable IMO


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