Sanctuary Season 2: Trailer and Panel SDCC ’09; Premieres this Friday 10/9 C


Sanctuary Season 2 this Friday 10/9 C. Catch up with episode summaries of Season 1 here

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SDCC 09 Panel broken into short segments:

The cast and crew talk about the differences between season 1 & season 2 and a new step set in the future (“Padua Nocturnis”). Also talk of the new “cool cowboy” female character joining the cast in the coming season. Visit

More clips of the panel after the break:

Robin Dunne talks about the difference between the characters and storylines in the first season and the upcoming second season of Sanctuary. And director Martin Wood mocks him (of course!).

Lots of talk about relationships in the show. At the very start, Amanda is laughing in horror b/c Martin pointed out to the Helen/Will shippers that Helen had Will on her knee when he was 8 to which Robin replied, “That’s HOT.”

The fate of Helen’s daughter “is incredibly pivotal” to the first 3 eps of season 2.

Audience questions. Will the Sanctuary guest stars keep getting killed off at such a high rate? Lots of news on Michael Shanks’ guest starring spot in season 2 and other folks who will be making appearances

Audience question: do you have any cool stories about any scars or injuries you might have from the show? And Robin denies any shrinkage from the 5 days they spent filming in the water and offers to drop trou to prove it!

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