YANKEES WIN!!! ALDS SWEEP!! NYY take MINN Game 3, 4-1…Angels sweep Red Sox!

BOOYAH!!!! Next stop ALCS!! NY Yankees v Anaheim Angels next Friday in Yankee Stadium

NYY advance to 13th ALCS (1st time since 2004)

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House, M.D. 6.5 ‘Instant Karma’ Sneak Peeks

Oh noes I think we are approaching the end of Jennifer Morrison on the show! 😦

Clips courtesy of MsHouseFan

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ALDS Game 3 Tonight: NYY look to sweep Twins

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Legend of the Seeker: S1 DVD extra and European promos…

Season 1 DVD extras (in English)

Clips courtesy of LeSeigneurRahl

Un extrait du Dvd de la saison 1 de Legend of the Seeker. La qualité laisse à désirer, aussi, veuillez nous en excuser.
Plus d’infos sur : http://www.lesourcierdeveri…

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Update: 7000! video of the crowd;Tucson Tea Party – Tucson’s Last Stand: Judge Andrew Napolitano

Update 2: Video of James T Harris’ speech added at end of post

Courtesy of Bringit2theMax:

Tucson Tea Party – Tucson’s Last Stand Event
7000+ people can out to see Judge Andrew Napolitano, Barry Goldwater, J.D. Hayworth, James T. Harris and others. It was AWESOME!


Amazing turnout! Tucson is ready for 2010! Begin planning your post Congressional career now Gaby! Don’t think Joe Biden can raise enough dough out of state to save this seat, na na na na, hey hey goodbye!!

Courtesy of CreosoteProductions

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Update: BTS Bonnie sets car on fire; CW orders 9 more episodes of The Vampire Diaries…

Update: BehindTheScenes how TVD lit the car on fire without Bonnie’s help

Produced and Edited by Catalina Walsh – Camera by Porter Versfelt III – Production Assistant: Zenaida Gorbea – A Tribune Interactive Production

We should get a full pickup if the online buzz is any indication of the popularity of the show. I know I love it, more Damon, lol!!

James Hibberd’s TheLiveFeed:

The CW’s freshman breakout “The Vampire Diaries” is edging closer to a full-season pickup.

The network ordered nine additional scripts for the show, which is the closest step executives can take without committing to a full pickup….

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