YANKEES WIN!!! ALDS SWEEP!! NYY take MINN Game 3, 4-1…Angels sweep Red Sox!

BOOYAH!!!! Next stop ALCS!! NY Yankees v Anaheim Angels next Friday in Yankee Stadium

NYY advance to 13th ALCS (1st time since 2004)

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Newsday ALDS Live Blog:

Top of ninth inning

Yanks score two runs against 14 Twins relievers. RBI hits for Posada and Cano.

Yankees 4, Twins 1

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Newsday ALDS Live Blog:

Bottom of eighth inning

Wow, did the Twins just mess up.

Gritty Nick Punto led off against Hughes with a double. Span followed with a high chopper behind second that Jeter gloved and held onto.

But Punto never stopped rounding third. I had a great view of it from the rightfield press box and can tell you Punto 1) either thought the ball went through or 2) assumed Jeter was going to throw to first.

But we all know that it Jeter you never assume. If you do, it makes an A** out of U and NICKPUNTO.

Because Jeter threw home, Punto skidded to a halt, Posada fired to A-Rod, and Punto was the first out.


Top of 9:
Yankees ninth. Mahay pitching. Damon struck out. Teixeira walked on a full count. Rauch pitching. A.Rodriguez walked on a full count, Teixeira to second. J.Mijares pitching. H.Matsui walked on a full count, Teixeira to third, A.Rodriguez to second. Nathan pitching. Posada singled to right, Teixeira scored, A.Rodriguez to third, H.Matsui to second. R.Cano singled to right, A.Rodriguez scored, H.Matsui to third, Posada to second. Hairston Jr. pinch-running for H.Matsui. Swisher struck out.
Runs: 2, Hits: 2

Bottom of 8:
Twins eighth. P.Hughes pitching. Punto doubled to left. D.Span singled to center, Punto to third. Punto was out advancing, shortstop Jeter to catcher Posada to third baseman A.Rodriguez, Punto out. O.Cabrera flied out to center fielder Me.Cabrera. Ma.Rivera pitching. Mauer grounded out to first baseman Teixeira unassisted.
Runs: 0, Hits: 2

KCAL 9:...The Angels open the AL championship series on Friday against either the New York Yankees or Minnesota. The Yankees led that series 2-0 going into Game 3 Sunday night.

Vladimir Guerrero and the Los Angeles Angels shrugged off their postseason failures and swept the Boston Red Sox out of the playoffs.

Guerrero hit a two-out, two-run single off Jonathan Papelbon in the ninth inning and the Angels rallied past Boston 7-6 in Game 3 Sunday, advancing to the AL championship series for the first time since 2005.

Guerrero delivered the biggest hit of his stellar, capping a three-run comeback in the ninth and giving the Angels their first postseason sweep in franchise history.

The AL West champion Angels came streaming out of the dugout. Jered Weaver joined his teammates on-field waving the jersey of Nick Adenhart, who was killed in an April car crash with a man who has been charged with drunken driving…

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