Legend of the Seeker: Season 2 – Interview with Tabrett Bethell (Cara!)

Courtesy of Cadinos:

Interview with Tabrett Bethell – Cara (Mord’Sith) – For more News visit http://www.sword-of-truth.com

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  1. EVC from Nigeria replied:

    I love Cara


  2. Legend of the Seeker « Lil' Bytes replied:

    […] I’m talking about all the characters, I guess I may as well mention Tabrett Bethell, who plays the sexy, sultry Cara, Mord’Sith.  I can’t help but keep hope alive for her character to find someone she can fall in love […]


  3. Bri replied:

    Cara kinda reminds me of Borg 7of9 on Next Generation. She’s smokin’ hot and ice cold. She adds a lot to the show.


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