Unemployment Update: Action stalled in Senate where parties bicker over funding mechanism…

10/23 See Update https://moderateinthemiddle.wordpress.com/2009/10/23/unemployment-update-senate-cloture-vote-on-unemployment-extension-next-tuesday/

Update 10/16 : Where is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid while Americans are waiting for a vote on the UE Extension??! Is he working hard behind the scenes to force a vote? Nah.

He is FUNDRAISING AND CAMPAIGNING IN NV WITH JOE BIDEN! unreal. The state of NV is among the highest in UE and foreclosures and this yahoo is doing PRIVATE HIGH DOLLAR FUNDRAISING appearances with Biden while we twist? NV please vote this guy out in 2010, pretty please? If you are waiting on this vote, please call your Senators.


Vice President Joe Biden is back in Reno for the first time since last year’s presidential election. The former U.S. senator from Delaware is in town to tout the progress of the federal stimulus package as well as help raise money for Democratic Sen. Harry Reid’s re-election campaign.

After a private fundraising breakfast, the two are scheduled to speak at an invitation-only event at 11 a.m. Friday at the Lawlor Events Center on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno.

The visit comes at a time Nevada continues to suffer more than other states from the recession. The unemployment rate continues to increase. Taxable sales are down, and gaming revenue continues to drop.


Update:  HR 3548 made it to the Senate and through the haggling with Sen. Shaheen D-NH who wanted ALL the states to get an extension not just those over 8.5% UE.

Okay but then when Reid tried to bring it to the floor last week and now this week, the GOP is trying to get the funding drawn from the unspent stimulus instead of extending a federal tax. Sounds like a good idea, but the Dems wont do that. And the cost is even higher because of a bipartisan amendment to extend the home buyers tax credit which will cost 20 billion more.

GatherNews – Mike R.:

Senate Republicans continue to prevent Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) from bringing House bill H.R. 3548 – which would give a federal extension to unemployment benefits – to the floor of the Senate for a debate and vote, as Reid tried to do late last week and this Tuesday. GOP members object to the funding mechanism for the bill, which would require an extension of the federal unemployment surtax for an additional 18 months. Instead they apparently want to use unspent stimulus funds.

While I am all for spending stimulus cash on people who need and deserve it (the unemployed) rather than those who do not (banks, auto companies, and other corporations), this is the sort of ideological delay that we simply cannot have right now. It’s been three weeks since the House passed their version of the unemployment benefits extension bill. This delay, coupled with the likely amendments to the bill necessary to have it cover all 50 states, means that this legislation might not pass for weeks. It will be even longer for it to effectively reach people, I assume, given the red tape involved….

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  1. Michael French replied:

    I think that the worst hit states should get more than 17 weeks. It was at 20 weeks until this latest amendment. The hardest hit states require a bit more help.


  2. Gary replied:

    The Senate Republicans are out of touch, delusional and not serving the people. Truly failure of government at a time of its citizens’ highest need.

    The two clueless Republicans holding up the unemployment extension bill H.R.3548 are Jon Kyle from Arizona (202) 224-4521 and Orrin Hatch from Utah (202) 224-5251.

    Everyone give them a wakeup call for the unemployed who are now without benefits, and each week more join the list. Six million unemployed = Depression! Nationally, employers have dumped over 260,000 jobs, meaning that these are jobs that no longer exist.

    Sign the petition to Stop the Senate from denying extended unemployment at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/pass-the-unemployment-bill


  3. Brian K. Reed replied:

    I do not think that the us government (who we elected) have their priorities straight. I have been out of work for almost a year now, and believe me I have been searching. Ther is something inherently wrong with the system, when party politics interfere with someones dinner. Get off your duffs and pass this extension please. Respectably,…….Brian K. Reed


  4. Mike replied:

    the unemployed are seeing who the repubs really represent
    the elite bank corporate class and it could be a long time till i vote republican as they do not seem to get it.
    remember the fdr days and you may understand. I do not see the R”s stepping up to the plate.


  5. ginaswo replied:

    This ball is in Harry Reids court, as Senate Majority Leader he needs to bring it to the floor:

    Current Elected Office Contact Information

    Contact Sen. Harry Reid via Web Form.

    Website: reid.senate.gov

    Washington, D.C. Office:
    522 Hart Senate Office Building,
    District of Columbia 20510-2803
    Phone: (202) 224-3542
    Fax: (202) 224-7327

    Las Vegas Office: (more district offices) 333 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite 8016
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
    Phone: (702) 388-5020
    Fax: (702) 388-5030


  6. ginaswo replied:

    I have calls in to the Senators asking when oh when this will be brought to the floor, no word back unsurprisingly

    call your Senators everyone so they know we are all watching for this bill!



  7. clark036 replied:

    I just started coming to this website about 2 weeks ago trying to find information on the extention. My husbands benefits ran out then and we have 4 kids. He lost his job after 12 years there. I will be lucky to pay Novembers rent. Does anyone at all know when this will be brought back to the floor?? I seen that it was put on the calendar…Does anyone have any specifics?? I am really scared that in the next month we will be homeless???


  8. trigger51 replied:

    my unemployment ran out in september and i am part of the “no worker left behind” program. I now have an associates degree in HVAC. I asked to be retrained in a job that would be demanding in this area. But at the moment here in northern Michigan the only thing available is a dishwashing job possibly. I played by the rules and I stayed optomistic about the situation, but I have now ran out of patience. It is very cold here and my family is hungry. It is starting to get personal. My loved ones are being harmed and as it would be assumed “DON’T MESS WITH MY FAMILY” comes into play. Please pass the bill and sort this situation out quickly. Being on the edge is not a good thing it leads to desperation and that leads to very bad things. thank you. P.S. I voted for Ron Paul!


  9. whocares replied:

    I agree with the previous poster; they are throwing money at everything and now they stop at the unemployed.
    What a joke. Well, it will be unfortunate when I stop paying my credit cards (35% interest), health benefits, and etc.

    I am happy these small minded petty psuedo intellectuals are unable to do anything.
    I believe 2 million people on the streets is exactly the wake up call we need to NEVER EVER VOTE AN INCUMBANT IN AGAIN.

    Which is why I am starting a new political party called “The Opposite Party”

    Just vote for the new guy, no matter how disconnected, unsympathetic, self centered and filled with undeserved expectations that person is.

    BTW, I don’t care about right vs.left, republicand vs. democrats; an incumbent politician is un-American; our founding fathers didn’t have lifetime politicians.

    Many of our problems stems from the fact we have taxation without representation thanks to a lobby system that would dazzle anyone. So you can’t really blame them. You must blame yourself for voting an incumbent in or worse yet, for not voting at all.

    Regardless of your economic situation and political view, I urge you to join my cause and never ever vote in an incumbent again.

    That’s right. Just keep saying to yourself “I will vote for the NEW guy”.

    On second thought I think we need a new name for our party. Something that makes us think to never ever vote an incumbent in again.

    So for all you unemployed people, who ever gives me the best name wins a $5 star bucks card. Which is more than your country gave you over the last several weeks if you are one of the 400k people whose benefits ran out in September.

    God Bless America!


  10. victor muro replied:

    Lets go Democrats. As i see the Stimulus package(Recovery and Reinvestment Act), it includes expansion(extending)unemployment compensation(Recovery). What is the expression,”you can’t have your cake and eat it too”. To you Democrats, It’ll cost between 60 to 70 billion(between 7-9% of the package) for 20 weeks(about 5 months, into early part of next year)at max. By then we’ll see how the economy is. Sure you can extend the Federal unemployment Surtax, but lets worry about that next year when the stimulus will be coming to an end(middle of next year). If you need another stimulus, then talk about that one towards the end of the fiscal year. Lets take this one day at a time. Sure we’re in a deep recession since WW2, but don’t make it worse. I’ve paid my taxes for 25 years, as i was employed since my junior year in High School(like some of the american middle aged workforce). Been through the recessions of 1982,1991,2001 but now i am in a struggle. Like i said Democrats, lets use this package as it was tend to be. With the deep recession we are in, there will more than likely be another package during the latter part of next year. “Reach across the aisle” otherwise come next year when it’s time to vote, not only will you be up against the Republicans, but the American people who are suffering. You make the choice. By the way, this is coming from a Independant voter.


  11. nothappy replied:

    My unemployment is running out this month and believe me, these fat cats have no IDEA how hard it is to find a legitimate job in NEVADA now. This is atrocious!! They have these half baked crap jobs on Craigslist and the jobs they have in the Sunday paper are all a bunch of crooks advertising jobs that make you have to pay them to so-called “get you started.” They speak to you in such a patronizing way it makes you want to punch them in the face! They have ZERO compassion knowing the desperate situation people are in and the crummy jobs they are offering. Oh yes, I want to sell perfume in the back trunk of my car!! You’ve gotta be kidding. They hire 12 year old idiots because they know they don’t have to pay them jack!! I AM GOING TO NEED THE EXTRA TIME. I have been on so many interviews it’s countless. I have sent out no less than probably 3,000 resumes on line!!! It really angers me. JUST JUMP ON THE BAND WAGON! SIGN THE BILL ALREADY BECAUSE DO YOU REALLY WANT PEOPLE HERE THAT ARE HOMELESS, PENNILESS, SO DISGUSTINGLY POOR THAT NOONE WILL EVER WANT TO VISIT CRUMMY VEGAS AGAIN! I am tired of waiting for calls and never receiving them. I am tired of a$$h&^%s who act as if you’re perfect for the job and then you NEVER get the call back they promise!!! This is the reality for everyone I know who has been laid off. I’ve been to college, I’m smart, dress well, keep up on my appearance, you name it!! all the things they give you advice on on that crummy Review Journal. Same old junk! Has it made one bit of difference? You must be kidding me and YOU must look at the dire straights the people are experiencing here!! It’s great to know I’m probably going to lose my car, my home, my credit, you name it! All because you losers won’t get off your butts and sign it already! We need the time. If I have to work 10 jobs I would, but there aren’t any!!! SIGN IT ALREADY. YOU POLITICIANS DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT ANYONE BUT YOURSELVES!!!


  12. ginaswo replied:

    totally agree it is disgraceful to bicker over emergency bens when they are literally throwing money at everything that moves, suddenly to extend UE they worry about funding


  13. UCB Running out replied:

    I wish these over paid,underworked law makers had to live in my shoes for a week. My UC is running out this week and I have been looking for work for over a year. They bailed out banks and CEO’s ,how about bailing me and all rest of the unemployed out. Where are all these jobs that were supposed to be created?Take it out of the Stimulas money and let the banks and CEO’s go without that extra golf trip. Most of us would be happy with a decent trip to the grocery store!


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