Update: FOX Exec Preston Beckman agrees he is an a**hole; TSCC – the machine aspires to be human; Dollhouse – the human is reduced to a machine


Update: 10/16 SciFiWire picked up one of the THR Beckman quotes around the Dollhouse 13 episode pickup I had not seen before.

So word from Joss is that prxck Reilly (who hated TSCC and made nasty comments about we TSCC fans at the announcement it wasnt being picked up) called Joss with the AWFUL rating of S2 premiere and the first thing he told Joss was Dont worry we are airing all 13. Yeah cuz Reilly clearly has a hard on for Dollhouse and hated TSCC.

Could not be more crystal clear. But in case it wasnt Preston admits he is an axxhole and whines about Joss fans giing him shxt. Frak the studio execs, they suck.

(…)”If you cancel it, you’re an asshole; if you renew it and then don’t put it back on, you’re an asshole,” he said. “I’m still paying for ‘Terminator.’ ‘Dollhouse’ has a small rabid fan base that in the world of social media seems bigger than it is. We gave them another season knowing full well we were going to burn in hell if we pulled it.”

Great comment on SciFiWire from a fan:

By ants97 at 1:48 PM ON 10/16/09

you see that excuse would actually hold some credence if they hadn’t cancelled tscc which gained better live numbers, better dvr numbers, better dvd sales and has a much larger and more rabid fan base than the 5 dolhhouse guys over at whedonesque. I mean would the dollhouse fans hire a mobile billboard or cinema screen time to get their show back on the air, no they’ll go and re watch tru calling. No it’s all down to the fact that dollhouse is now dirt cheap to make and fox had no other shows to air on a friday as seen by the 2 comedy shows dollhouse has been paired with. The fans excuse is just a pathetic attempt to garner favour with the sci fi community after it lost them after cancelling firefly and tscc amongst others. When they cancel fringe this season let them see what pathetic excuse them come up with for that one.

I want my TSCC.


Yep. TSCC all the way baby. As the Cameron/John storyline became more romantic, FOX seemed wigged by it, but they clearly have no problem dressing a grown woman as a Barbie and making her a personal robot. Huh.

Cameron makes us think about ourselves and what makes us human, Echo makes us think about humanity as interchangeable automatons, her ‘soul’ is gone with a mind wipe, there is no ‘there’ there. Cameron, even at her most blank has a definite ‘self’. TSCC is about avoiding the apocalypse with the thing that creates it, the smart machines. While Dollhouse’s best episode EPITAPH (the unaired 13th of S1) was about the post apocalypse brought on by the mind wipe Dollhouse tech, humans had made other humans into an army of machines.

Scruples question!! Truth or Dare!  I would feel more comfortable sleeping with a robot who is finding a ‘humanity’ a spark of life of its own than I would with a human mind wiped and programmed like a machine like Echo, for sure. I say Cameron had far more ‘freedom’ of will then Echo, Echo is a slave.  She is soul-less I say!! Yeah vampires are kewt, mkay guess I have no room to judge but still.

I still miss TSCC dammit, and every week of sucking Dollhouse makes me miss it more. Joss isnt going anywhere interesting, Alpha is gone, Amy Acker is going, Summer isn’t here yet, breastfeeding machine on hormone rampage Joss really? Ugh. Last week Echo was playing dumb college student who needs an A for a dirtbag professor who paid for her to be programmed as stupid and read the Wife of Bath to him. Ugh again.

The next Dollhouse episode looks to focus on Sierra whose background was revealed last season in which she and Victor confronted her maker, to find resolution. Let’s hope Joss focuses more on that line between humanity and machine and away from the endless sex robot themes.

By SchmackProductions:

As much as I love killer cyborgs what has always attracted me to the Terminator story was the human characters and their reaction to said killer cyborgs. It’s one of the most tragic stories in science fiction. If these characters ever succeed in their mission, nobody will ever know of their sacrifice. And not only that, but they’ll all be considered criminals. If they don’t succeed, billions of lives are lost and the remaining still won’t know of their sacrifices to keep it from happening.

Derek, John, and Sarah really pull on my heartstrings because their lives are just… tragic. And even though each of them have come to very low points in their life they’ve never given up.

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