Update 2: Rush on being dropped from bid; Rush Limbaugh fires back….

Update 2: More clips, callers today:

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More clips from today’s and yesterday’s shows after the break:

Update: 10/15 Rush today on being dropped from bidding consortium. IMO he must sue, to protect the rest of us who will be the next victims he must sue. IMO Perrella Weinberg should’ve sued when Rattner and TOTUS wiped out their senior debtholder positions in Chrysler. If people with standing and power and money will not fight, what chance have the rest of us when we are rolled over by the machine?

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El Rushbo has been under attack with made up Wiki quotes that CNN MSNBC keep airing without verifying in a bid to prevent him from owning an NFL team. ..

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Rush on Sen Snowe’s vote

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