Poll: 6 in 10 Americans don’t like the lying, two faced, dirtbag John Edwards…

Shockah! Americans  do not like the two-faced rat frakker who ran for President and drew votes from Hillary to help TOTUS win while knowing he had impregnated his mistress while cheating on his cancer stricken wife.

Dirtbag, don’t go away mad, just go away. Go away John Edwards. Far away. Far, far away.


(…)it’s worse for former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. The poll shows for the first time that more Americans view the North Carolina senator negatively rather than positively.Nearly six in 10, 59%, have an unfavorable view of Edwards while 21% have a favorable one—a 27-point drop in his favorability since Gallup’s last poll on the question in January 2008.

Revelations of an extramarital affair and lingering questions over his paternity of a child born to the woman have significantly damaged Edwards’s image with the American public, resulting in the steepest drop ever reported in consecutive favorability measurements of a prominent figure by Gallup.

*Crue sounds damn good don’t they? I’m gonna have to go see them! courtesy of lauraearley:

Motley Crue performs live in Denver at CrueFest2 on 8/4/09 (Fiddler’s Green)

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Halloween Classic Horror – ‘The Haunting’ (1963)

Bumped for Halloween :0)

One of my all time faves.  ‘The Haunting’ :

Hill House has an evil history with tragic accidents, suicide, and human misjudgement. Dr. Markway (Richard Johnson) is a psychic researcher who assembles a group with histories linked to the paranormal. Eleanor (Julie Harris) was the subject of unexplained poltergeist activities as a child. She also is riddled with guilt over her mother’s death. Theadora (Claire Bloom) is a clairvoyant who befriends Eleanor at Hill House. Russ Tamblyn plays the cynical scion of the owners sent to make sure that the property is not affected by the researchers. Together the group explore Hill House, and their own insecurities. Director Robert Wise created a taut drama where the real question is who is haunted and who may be unstable.

Shirley Jackson’s writing has it all. The book, The Haunting of Hill House, is awesome (as were We Have Always Lived in the Castle, and The Lottery, which in my day we all read in public school). Also if you are a Jackson fan check out Come Along with Me which contains some of Jackson’s lectures as well as her last unfinished work and several short stories.

This is psychological fear, IMO the most powerful and if Hollywood would give it a chance it can be successful in the box office, ie Paranormal Activity’s recent success (and you know, Hitchcock, wake up Hollywood!), and a nice change from the gore that is fun as a teen but boring as hexx as an adult fan of Horror.

For entertainment only, buy yourself a copy if you can find it. A far cry from his West Side Story, Robert Wise is an incredible talent to cover such diverse genres so well, often overlooked in all those Top 10 lists is Wise. Julie Harris’ performance is fabulous. This film has it all.

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Legend of the Seeker – ‘Words of Truth’ An Interview with Terry Goodkind

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Part II after the break:


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TGIF!!! Firefly gag reel

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Update: Yankees win Game 1, 4-1; ALCS Game 1 NYY v Anaheim Angels Tonight…

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Updated: The Vampire Diaries 1.7 ‘Haunted’ extended promo

Let’s hope we get a FULL SEASON PICKUP FROM CW SOON!!!

Haunted longer promo:

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