NJ: Christie – Corzine Debate (plus the independent – Daggett)

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Title changed to reflect the independent status of Daggett and the possibility the polls are missing a real surge of discontent with both parties in NJ -Gawd knows they messed with the polls during the Dem primaries enough and anyone looking at that ABC WaPo poll that polled just 20% GOP voters to 33% Dems to get a positive read for the Obamacare plan also knows that the polls often lie, I should know better, my apologies. MiM

FOX NJ: New Jersey’s three major gubernatorial candidates debated for the second time Friday.Gov. Jon Corzine, Republican Chris Christie and Independent Chris Daggett met on the campus of William Paterson University.Recent polls show the race is a dead heat between Corzine and Christie, with Daggett polling in the teens.The election is Nov. 3.

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  1. alexhiggins732 replied:

    The idea that Daggett is pulling from Christie is nonsense. Most Daggett voters are those who would vote Democrat but are to disenfranchised with Corzine to vote for him.

    The republicans are just mad because they finally had a chance to put an candidate in office and they screwed up by picking Christie a candidate that no one who really does research on will vote for.

    That’s why Christie his last election by a landslide. His political career was over then. Why do the republicans think that an incumbent, Christie at the time, that gets voted out in a landslide election for county freeholder has a chance to win a Governor’s election. The people of his own county didn’t even want him in office.

    They knew about his skeletons. The ties to the mafia, his multiple multi-million dollar extortion scandals, excesses as Attorney General (increased the size of both his branches by 25% while he was in charge), using his political power to get off scott free for crimes he committed and using his political power to strategically eliminate and defame potential political opponents.

    We don’t need a mob connected Tony Soprano in office. And Corzine is a no-no as well.

    The only right thing to do is to stand up against the fear mongering and Vote Daggett!!


  2. Justin replied:

    Have any idea how many people would vote for daggett if they thought he had a chance? atleast 50% of the people i’ve talked to out on the street. It’s just the media and brainwashed mentality that has people thinking an independent can’t win… think about it… Daggett represents the best of both worlds, well middle america, Socially Liberal, yet fiscally conservative, and no ties to any major corporations or owe anyone any favors…

    And the whole, he’s only pulling from Christie… there’s been a lot of people who jumped ship from Corzine… and even more, once they are educated on Daggett and his policies…


  3. alexhiggins732 replied:

    I totally agree that Corzine is a disaster. The New Jersey economy is broken and the exodus of business, income, and residents from this state because of the out of control cost of living and widespread corruption has gone way to far. That’s why I am not voting for Corzine.

    First alternative Christie

    I say no to Chris Christie because

    The Chris Christie mafia connections.
    Christie’s multiple multi-million dollar bribe scandals.
    Illegal campaign finance by Christie and Corzine.
    Voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.
    The Chris Christie style of justice..

    I can go on and on about both Chris Christie and Jon Corzine. The skyrocketing cost of living, the Exodus of jobs, residents, business and income from the state, corrupt politicians from my local municipality, to the county court house, to Trenton all the way to Washington.

    That’s why I refuse to vote Corzine or Christie. I am Voting Chris Daggett and so should you

    So our choices are Corzine He needs to go, Christie a @#$ man with no plan and Daggett.

    I choose Daggett, whether it is likely he will win or not. I can not continue to endorse the cycle of politics as usual. We can not free ourselves from the system if we are afraid to stand up to it.


  4. alexhiggins732 replied:

    Did you read the post “read this to find out why your wrong”

    Jesse Ventura was polling in the low teens less than 3 weeks out. Daggett needs to only capture 7.5% of Christie’s voters and 7.5% of Corzines voters and he’s in there.

    The climate in NJ is ripe for such an upset, especially if a lot of media outlets and big name people like Bloomberg say no to the non-sense and step up and endorse daggett.


    • ginaswo replied:

      no but I will
      I am just exahausted by the Obama economy and want my friends and family in NJ to have jobs and lower property taxes
      Corzine is a disaster

      and I am an actual moderate, for a former lib Dem to support the GOP Christie is incredibly moderate lol

      and as a Dem I have verrah unpleasant memories of Nader spoiling


  5. ginaswo replied:

    i mean alex did you read this:
    Recent polls show the race is a dead heat between Corzine and Christie, with Daggett polling in the teens..

    he is polling IN THE TEENS HE CANNOT WIN


  6. ginaswo replied:


    you know daggett cannot win yes? that being true, you also know he is drawing is one votes from Christie yes? okay these 2 facts being true he is the definition of a spoiler, it is one thing to run a primary against someone and ty to force them to positions you believe in, ie Scozzafazza sp? in NY23 vs the conservative there, but it is quite different to make SURE that CORZINE WINS AGAIN which is what Daggetts refusal to drop out guarantees frankly I do not know how ANYONE suffering in NJ can take the chance corzine wins due to their vote for daggett
    I saw this happen with Edwards in our primaries too, of course he had the right to run in the primary as Hill did, except for the fact he knew he had a pregnant mistress and a dying wife he cheated on..


  7. alexhiggins732 replied:

    Moderate in the middle, yet you call Daggett a spoiler. Classic right wind talk if you ask me.

    The Star Ledger’s endorsement of Chris Daggett is great news. I wish the republicans would stop the Bush/Rove Fear mongering. There is obviously a consensus that a vote for Daggett is not a vote for Corzine, except among those who use mass psychological terror to promote their own agendas.

    Daggett is the only viable candidate and there are many of this who are voting for him because we know he can win and is the only candidate who can change this state. The Star Ledger’s endorsement echoes and re-affirms that Daggett is a viable candidate and can win.

    Furthermore, Daggett is now polling at 18% and there even rumors on that NYC Mayor Micheal Bloomberg will endorse Daggett. If Still think Daggett Can’t win then read this to find out why your wrong. 11 Years ago Jesse Ventura was polling in the low teens, much lower than Daggett just three weeks before the election and he won.

    We need people to get involved and spread the word about Chris Daggett because to vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.

    Learn 15 ways to help and get started now.

    Even if your not from NJ you can still cyber volunteer. Go here to get Html and Text code to post on the web or in an email.

    Only voter’s have the power to change the government. We must refuse to be held captive to the broken two-party system that has brought a plaque of scandal and corruption into our government by fear of voting for a third party. Its time to send a message to politicians in NJ and all across the country. Its time to end politics as usual.


    • ginaswo replied:

      dude Im a Dem!! it would be EPIC if the GOP took NJ!!

      I would love if a true Indy won but face it he will not win, but he WILL cauze the GOP to lose

      like Nader man


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