‘V’ : NYC don’t be worried by the giant red V appearing in the sky Friday…

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a giant frakkin ‘V’! It is a promo for the new ABC series!! And ABC was nice enough to notify New Yorkers (unlike Nobel prize winning TOTUS and the AirForceOne flyby incident).


To promote its new alien-invasion series, ABC is recreating the shock of something inexplicable appearing in the skies over New York.

Starting Friday, the giant red letter V — written by skywriting planes — will begin to appear over New York landmarks like the Statute of Liberty, the network says, to promote “V,” a remake of the 1980s miniseries, that begins next month.

…ABC won’t specify which landmarks will be getting the giant V treatment, but it will go on for several days, it says. New Yorkers can expect to see the sky graffiti overhead early Sunday and again on Halloween.

Using skywriting is a natural fit for the series, which is about spaceships simultaneously appearing over 29 US cities, marking the world’s first encounter with an alien race. The V stands for the series’ alien Visitors, who are promoting a message of peace through sharing advanced technology.

But some people begin to suspect that the Vs are hiding a malevolent agenda including an FBI agent (played by Elizabeth Mitchell from “Lost“) and a news anchor (Scott Wolf, “The Nine“).

Oh noes!! They are only going to air 4 episodes before going on hiatus?? Are they TRYING to kill the show? Sigh.

..Four episodes of “V” will air this year before it goes on hiatus, returning early next year…

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  1. matt replied:

    This ad campaign is ridiculus. Won’t the V blend in with the Xs, As, and other Vs that are painted in the sky by “normal” air traffic? I think that most people who are aware of their surroundings will be apalled, as will I, of this extra spraying. As it is, when I look up and see what’s going on, I get very angry.


    • ginaswo replied:

      you nailed it! scifi wire reported ABC backed down on the V in the sky after complaints 🙂


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