Hillary on Afghanistan: “if we simply leave and allow the Taliban to return, al-Qaeda “would come right back, and we’d be worse off in Pakistan.” & Sens. Kyl & Levin on Afghanistan strategy & FOX Panel Plus…

First some much needed humor:

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In this Parade piece on 24 hours with Hillary, an important insight into her position on our role in Afghanistan and the dangers posed by the Taliban:

(…)We sit at a table away from the crowd. Clinton has a hard edge to her foreign-policy views and generally positions herself to the right of her colleagues in national security. Yet she staunchly defends President Obama and his prerogatives. While she’s “not satisfied that we’re executing as we should” in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere, she nonetheless argues for continuing “present directions” in most areas.

When I question whether the U.S. really has vital interests in Afghanistan, she shoots back that if we simply leave and allow the Taliban to return, al-Qaeda “would come right back, and we’d be worse off in Pakistan. She continues: “Despite how hard Afghanistan is, we have to make progress. And what we do and what happens in Afghanistan will affect Pakistan…

As we have noted here before, the British press has reported that Hillary and Gates while keeping their positions close to the vest, want increased troop levels in Afghanistan, it is essential. The mumbling of Juan Williams on the FOX Panel Plus (clip below) wondering why we should stay in Afghanistan is just ridiculous.

When Dana Perrino, former GWB press secretary points out the important progress we have made in security that allows women to participate in the Afghan society and educate themselves (which will lead to their economic freedom and an amazing economic renaissance for Afghanistan, we see this all over the world when women are able to educate themselves and enter the economy-and Hillary Clinton is very focused on this as well) Juan Williams actually says ‘it is nice for women to rule the world but that’s no reason to be in Afghanistan” He thinks this is funny. Incredible.




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I am disgusted with Carl Levin’s rationalizations in the appearance he made today. Pathetic. IMO TOTUS is waiting to make a call on troop levels so he can go pick up his Peace Prize with no hassle over the increased troop levels while he is in Oslo. He wants it all nice and shiny for his big green energy speech (but it is not important enough for him to go to Copenhagen for the actual climate conference).

He is placating his hard left with FOX attacks IMO, and is apparently simultaneously selling them out by pushing for a trigger instead of a public option behind closed doors per HuffPo as quoted in TalkLeft. Now he wants the Peace Prize and he will increase troop levels, but I fear he will not increase them enough in his effort to be what he calls ‘pragmatic’ and I call, ‘gutless’. This does not seem to be a person of conviction to put it mildly.

And based on what we are hearing about Biden’s team writing their OWN security assessment when NO ONE in the Pentagon would agree with his strategy, well, the idea that TOTUS is carefully taking his advice and pitting him against Gates and Hillary while Kerry is roaming around like some Personal Lefty Ambassador to AfPak, well, shiver me timbers!!!!

If the President felt the responsibility and weight as Commander in Chief, that he says he does, he would have the Jeopardy clock ticking in his head and for sure IMO would not be able to do these endless fundraisers much less 2.5 hours with lefty media outlets while Gen McChrystal is waiting for an answer and winter draws closer in Afghanistan. How can we ensure safe fair elections if the Taliban are threatening women and villagers not to vote? We Need the Troops FOR the elections. God bless the troops and people of Afghanistan.

God help me, I want a decider.

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