Yankees win 7-4!!! Ahead 3 games to 1!!World Series Game 4 – NYY @ Phillies

3 games ahead baby! 1 to go for the win!! Booyah!!!

Alex Rodriguez had the go-ahead ninth-inning RBI double to give the New York Yankees a 7-4 win over the Phillies and a 3-1 World Series lead. Johnny Damon set up the winning hit by stealing second and third on the same play. (Nov. 2)

Yanks are up 2 Games to 1 as we wait for first pitch in Game 4 at Philly

WSJ live blogging the game here:

7:52: What a difference 24 hours can make. An absolutely perfect fall night for baseball here in Philadelphia. There’s a crispness in the air that says it’s the middle of the World Series.

No apparent panic from the Phillies, who aren’t sending Cliff Lee to the mound on three days rest in favor of Joe Blanton. In the pregame interview, Lee said he told manager Charlie Manuel he was fine to try, but he’s never done it in his career and Manuel is going with Blanton with no regrets, at least not yet. As Manuel goes, so go the Phillies, who were their usual loose selves during warmups, chatting with the press, and joking around with one another.

The Yankees, meanwhile, are maintaining their own sort corporate distance. Always interesting to see CC Sabathia taking batting practice. The big boy can give the ball a ride, though he’s more likely to play small ball of course and was doing plenty of bunting during batting practice. On the other hand, Derek Jeter either isn’t planning on bunting with two strikes again or figures the other night’s failures were a fluke. No bunting practice for Derek this evening. No surprise here, but Mark Teixeira wowed the crowd with a shot into the second deck near centerfield in warmups, no small feat, as Nick Swisher pointed out to him when he left the cage.

At the risk of generalizing about 45,000 people, fans here don’t seem too optimistic at the moment, but there was mayhem in the parking lot after the Eagles pasted the Giants a few hours ago. Maybe Philly has one more party in store. – Futterman

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