Phillies win 8-6; now behind Yanks 2 games to 3; World Series Game 5: NY Yankees @ Phillies: NYY up 3 games to 1

WSJ live blogging the game here


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Paranormal Profits: Interview with producer of ‘Paranormal Activity’ plus ‘The House of the Devil’ now available on video on demand

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hollywood has learned NOTHING from the incredible success of “Paranormal Activity” and the buzz for “Trick r Treat” on DVD (they would’ve made a bundle had they released that film theatrically). Reminder to Hollywood: Paranormal Activity $16,387,327 (10/20-11/1)  $84.63 (million to date)


I say this because despite the 60 million 80 MILLION plus profit made on the national release of the 15k film Paranormal Activity, (something ORIGINAL SHOCKAH!)!, they are STILL refusing to put ORIGINAL SUSPENSEFUL HORROR into release, witness ‘The House of the Devil which is currently available on Amazon Video on Demand Theatrical Rental here (48 hours $6.99), and which now looks like it may be dropped from national release.It got a great review from Todd Gilchrist:

In an era where horror movies are mostly comprised of telegraphed scares and severed body parts, atmosphere is often one of the first casualties in their cacophony of violence. Filmmakers have been increasingly (if not always uniquely) successful in recent years creating scenarios where victims are decapitated, dismembered and generally dispatched, but that momentary shock or surprise seldom gives way to (or even pays off) prolonged suspense, and almost never leaves audiences with a feeling of fear lingering for more than seconds after the film is finished.

Writer-director Ti West, it seems, is singlehandedly waging a war against such reductive satisfaction: His movies languish in mundane details, deliberate pacing and producing expectations that something—anything—could happen at any time, creating a sense that it will, even after they’re over, the lights have been turned back on and you’ve returned to normalcy.

And his latest, The House of the Devil, is a masterwork of suspense, a virtual refutation of all of the conventions of contemporary horror that manages to be terrifying precisely because it refuses to give you that gratification until you’ve almost given up wanting it….

Our previous post on ‘House of the Devil’  here and our numerous posts on’ Paranormal Activity’ here

Why isn’t “House of the Devil” getting theatrical release? So there is room for more YARM? For a stoopid SAW 27??! WAKE UP HOLLYWOOD! Gen X grew up on weird 70s suspense horror flicks on the movie of the week,. WE LOVE SUSPENSEFUL HORROR and guess what? WE BUY MOVIE TIX!!!  Want to make a profit? Stop the endless YARM and gore and release ORIGINAL horror films! If you make it we will come! Hell if you would release those ‘Movie of the Week’ movies in a boxed set we would buy them all too!

To date, limited theatrical showings listed as follows:

On ScreenAustin, TX: Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar
West Hollywood, CA: Sunset 5
New York, NY: Angelika Film Center (6)
San Francisco, CA: Lumiere Theatre 3
Chicago, IL: Music Box
Providence, RI: Cable Car Cinema
Seattle, WA: Varsity Theatre

Denver, CO: Starz Filmcenter

Albuquerque, NM: Guild

more about “Paranormal Profits: Interview with pr…“, posted with vodpod

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Hillary supports Israel – Media breaks out tomtoms against her (again)

So Hillary tried to get the Palestinian government to agree to come back to the table and allow Israel to continue organic growth. Palestinians said no. Then  she went to Israel and praised the Israelis for their cooperation and willingness to come to the table.

So the Palestinians ran crying to all their outlets and connections and lo and behold the media reported Hillary Stopping Peace Talks!! This despite the fact that Hillary said nothing Obama has not said himself! Clearly Team TOTUS backed down when the Palestinians whined at him, but don’t blame the SoS people, come on!

On a one-day Middle East visit on Saturday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton endorsed Israel’s view that settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank should not be a bar to resuming negotiations — contradicting the Palestinian position.

Netanyahu has proposed limiting building for now to some 3,000 settler homes already approved by Israel in the West Bank. He does not regard building in occupied East Jerusalem, annexed in defiance of international opposition, as settlement.

U.S. President Barack Obama himself, after persuading Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in September to meet Netanyahu in New York, called only for “restraint” in settlement, not the “freeze” he had previously proposed.

Then the neocons and CDS afflicted along with TOTUS cheerleaders who are the anti-Clintons at any given opportunity ran with Obama lede ‘Hillary Incompetent!”. Were I the conservatives,  I would question why I was on the same side as the media in this one when Hillary is the best ally Israel has in this Administration

As a Dem and a Catholic and an American, one of my big problems with Obama was his wishy-washy support of Israel, thus my joy when Hillary said as plain as anyone could possibly be during the primary debates, that if Iran attacked Israel we would ‘wipe them off the map.”. I like that kind of clarity and leadership in, you know, a LEADER.

Sadly some of the GOP and conservative outlets are jumping on board with a ‘Hillary is incompetent’ meme, which does absolutely nothing to further their agenda and in fact alienates moderates such as myself.

I call bullshxt.

Hillary knows EXACTLY where America should stand on Israel. She knows exactly where our military stands on Israel, She knows exactly where she stands on Israel. The thing no one knows day to day is where OBAMA stands. Don’t blame the messenger.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki, speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Marrakesh conference, said while they were surprised to see Clinton’s statement in Jerusalem, and thought it was inconsistent with what Clinton told them in Abu Dhabi earlier Saturday, they are happy the position has been clarified and brought back into line with their understanding. He also said that the Palestinian Authority is happy that Obama has made the Israeli Palestinian issue and the creation of a Palestinian state a priority and they believe in him and his sincerity.

Look, clearly Hillary is not as good as Obama at being everything to everyone and appearing to agree with everyone, and everyone leaving him believing he is in complete agreement with them on everything. That is a good thing IMO, and for Hillary it is again IMO because she actually COMMITS to things, her husband, her party, her positions. She isn’t the tabula rasa Obama is, glad handing everyone and letting everyone see what they want.  So in that sense people like the Palestinian leadership and the Russians are simply not going to get what they want from her, or what they got from TOTUS,. And no doubt that is one large reason the cabal of dunces in the DEM leadership like Pelosi and Dean SELECTED Barack as the nominee over Hillary, she is tough, he rolls over.

Anyone who doubts that Hillary supports Israel, and that she is quite competent and decisive simply has not been paying attention.

I hope the conservatives and GOP do not allow CDS to sweep them into banging tomtoms and doing the mowmow on Hillary.




Obama and Kerry could never handle this aggressive questioning in Pakistan. Hillary’s mission there was to speak to all the Pakistani people and press and government and try to assure them our presence, and drone attacks, and military buildup and our bill (Kerry Lugar) are well intentioned. We NEED Pakistan to trust us to stay (something hard to convince them of under the guidance of our dear leader who is himself MIA on the troop buildup) and to give us the intelligence we need to work against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

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Update: Another Senate cloture vote required?!?! House to delay UE vote until AFTER Healthcare?!?! Cloture passes Senate 85-2:next the ‘final’ Senate vote in 30 hours

Update 11/3: New UE thread here

Update: 11/3: OMG, ANOTHER cloture vote required BEFORE the final Senate vote?? WTH? THEN to the House? Could HARRY REID BE ANY MORE INCOMPETENT IF HE TRIED??? And now it will have to compete in the House against their dopey Healthcare bill!??! Oh Gawd help us.

They AMENDED the bill which means there must be a THIRD Cloture vote..


Last night, the Senate voted by an 85-2 margin for cloture on H.R. 3548. Most reporters (myself included) thought that motion limited debate for good, ensuring that a final vote on the bill could be held as early as tomorrow morning. But Republicans, who are bent on thwarting the measure, still have more one arrow in their quiver, according to Congress Daily’s Peter Cohn (subscription required):

Monday’s vote cut off debate on the substitute amendment from Majority Leader Reid and Finance Chairman Max Baucus adding the tax breaks to the underlying unemployment insurance bill. Another cloture vote, this time on the amended bill, could occur as late as 11:40 tonight unless Republicans yield back time or agree to vitiate cloture. Even if cloture is invoked, Republicans would have up to another 30 hours to debate, pushing final passage off until Thursday.

What’s worse, the House was ready to vote on the more generous Senate version as soon passed. But the delay means that the unemployment bill must now compete for floor space with health care legislation. It’s not yet clear when they will squeeze it in.

Update: It passes the second cloture vote in the Senate. Yay! Now after 30 hours they can hold the ‘final’ Senate vote, THEN it will go to House, who only has 1 vote, then it goes for Obama to sign.

ProgressIllinois update: Adam Doster on November 02, 2009 – 4:41pm

Moments ago, the Senate voted by an overwhelming majority for cloture on H.R. 3548, a federal unemployment benefit extension. While 85 lawmakers supported the procedural motion, only two Republicans — Missouri Sen. Kit Bond and South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint — voted against it. (The latter, who Rep. Peter Roskam has called “grounded” and “wise,” represents a state with an unemployment rate of 11.6 percent)….


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Update: Interview with Bridget Regan, Legend of the Seeker Season 2 Premiere Sneak Peek 2

Courtesy of LeSeigneurRahl

Courtesy of cadinos

Richard and Kahlan find Cara

Season 2 Premieres Nov 7/8

For more News visit

Kahlan Intro and First 2 mins of the Season 2 prmiere clip after the break:


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Obama Zombies @ The Village Halloween Parade in NYC..


Courtesy of ProjectShiningCity:
Credits.. Reynolds Butler, Director & Producer. Paul Klenk, Publicity. Jeff Bruzzo, Film Director & Videographer.

Drink the Kool-aid! Join us as we go among the Zombies to find out why America is blindly following our “Dear Leader”. The Village Halloween Parade shows its anti Obama side. Live from Greenwhich Village… Halloween, 2009!

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