Rock the Vote: Second D.C. Housecall Saturday 11/7 @ 1:00pm …

Update: Footage of Housecall 1 courtesy of ProjectShiningCity:


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Legend of the Seeker Season 2 premiere Saturday and Sunday!


Since the show airs in syndication, it is showing in different cities at different times.

Find your premiere date/time/station by zip code here

The Season 1 finale airs first, followed by the Season 2 premiere

N.Y. WPIX Saturday 4-6 PM

L.A. KTLA Sunday 3-5 pm

Chicago WGN Saturday 3-5 pm

Philadelphia Sunday 8-10 pm

Dallas Saturday 7-9pm

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The Vampire Diaries – Candice Accola on Caroline & Damon plus 1.9 ‘History Repeating’ sneak peeks

Candice Accola talks about the future between Caroline and Damon, the necklace, and her own vampire knowledge.

Produced and Edited by Catalina Walsh – Camera by Eduardo Almonte – Production Assistant: Zenaida Gorbea – A Tribune Interactive Production

Courtesy of CW

Second clip after the break:


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Update: TGIF!! Supernatural style

Update:  A nice long video of clips from last night’s episode! enjoy while up

Courtesy of LexanaEverAfter

Last night’s episode was Teh Funny!, an homage to all the cheesiness we love about the tube, I enjoy the show in large part because Eric Kripke and the writers are so in synch with Gen X, wonder if they all ARE Gen Xers?


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Market Mover Friday: October jobs number 10.2% -190k jobs MUCH WORSE THAN EXPECTED


10.2% UE RATE !

-190,000 JOBS

Zandi is accepting the reality, this is a bad, very bad number, we will not get to flat, zero job losses by the end of the year as expected, he is the only one on the panel doing so, so kudos where it’s due.


15 mins to the data

Mark Zandi of Moodys is on CNBC as part of the Squawk Box jobs panel. I have to say Zandi has ZERO credibility IMO on anything after he campaigned for stimulus, he is HEAVILY invested in the stimulus having worked since he is so closely associated with it and it is an utter failure…since he advised MAC and TOTUS he is always raised as a voice supporting the ‘success of stimulus’ and it makes me gag a little every time…I mean Zandi helped make the chart that said we would never get over 8.5 on UE..go home Mark. The arrogance of the people on the panel is IMO unreal, like they are examining insects under a microscope (hmm like Obama, the anthropologist examining American culture?!), real people are hurting folks. Ugh…it’s Robert Barbera on the panel who is arrogant beyond belief…

CNBC on the consensus:

Markets have been hanging on the October employment report, expected to show a drop of 175,000 nonfarm payrolls when it is released at 8:30 a.m. Friday.

Our number is -140,000, which is a little stronger than consensus,” said J.P. Morgan economist Bob Mellman. Mellman said he expects to see an unemployment rate of 10 percent, a bit higher than the street’s expectation of  9.9 percent.

“We have a peak of unemployment at 10.2 percent. I don’t think we’re quite there yet. We have to get where we have rising job growth of about 100,000 a month before the unemployment rate levels off, and we think that would be in the the first quarter,” he said…

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