‘Eastwick’ cancelled…(not picked up for another season)

Update: ABC will air all 13 episodes, which would mean it was not picked up for S2, NOT that it was exactly cancelled as SciFiWire reported it, cancelled means they yank off the filmed episodes:

…ABC has nevertheless said it will air all 13 episodes of the witchy show’s original order, and Eastwick remains on the schedule through November…

A guilty pleasure on Wednesdays , Eastwick has been cancelled. I think they didn’t get to the Johnny Depp looking guy storyline quickly enough….

Variety has it:

“Eastwick” is getting the ax.

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  1. sean replied:

    i cannot believe they cancelled this show halfway through a mayjor storyline… will a network pleaseeee pick this show up!!! its so good, it just needs the right network to make it work!!


  2. Nick replied:

    This show is good. Bad advertising and not at a great time. mainly no ads. good story line, hot cast, and good idea. ABC sucks for dropping it!


  3. Jackie Boo replied:

    I am totally shocked that ABC, would cancel this show, what a bunch of morons,
    I was always BUMMED when they cancilled Kyle XY, however I think the casting of him as Roxie boyfriend was horrible,
    but he was killed so I got over it.
    and if you think it will be more popular , your wrong.


  4. Stacey replied:

    I am soooooooooooooo pissed that this was cancelled.. It is because of the time it is aired on the East Coast..10 pm is late for us parents. I always tivo’d the show and watched it the next day. There are so many sorry shows out there.. I’m hoping that another station will pick it up! It’s a great show!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Jenna replied:

    Omigosh NO!! Not another good show~! I just love Eastwick… Why!? Curse it all I finally find a good show and they cancel the damn thing Goddess, ABC really doesn’t care about us…


  6. lauren replied:

    this really sucks i really love this show im so tired of good shows getting cancelled.great story line,sexy cast,they all work so well together omg uuuuggggggggg!!! ok so i never got my converter box right ive been watching all my shows on line then i saw that eastwick was only airing a few online for promotional crap so i ran out got my box so i didnt miss it and now its gone wtf.so please tell me that ashton kutcher is going to jump out of my closet and tell me ive been puck that the show isnt really cancelled hahahahahah PLEASE!!!! anyone anyone aaawww crap why why why abc why ??????????????


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