Twofer Tuesday: Aerosmith: Steve Tyler quits the band after 40 years

😦 Maybe after the fall and broken hip he wanted to retire? Joe Perry makes it sound like he abandoned the band? One of the best live concerts I ever saw was Aerosmith in the late 80s, I think it was the Permanent Vacation tour…

Aerosmith is…

Steven Tyler – Vocals
Joe Perry – Lead Guitar
Brad Whitford – Rhythm Guitar
Tom Hamilton – Bass Guitar
Joey Kramer – Drums

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Update: This NYPost writer is ecstatic they have broken up. Apparently Peter Lauria feels their post 87 career sxcked and they should have hung up their guitars after their hard rock 70s career.

The boys are at it again. Not unlike their late ’70s cocaine-fueled feuds, Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry are once again talking some serious trash about each other and threatening to break up the band. Let’s hope the threat is real — Aerosmith, to borrow one of its album titles, needs to take a “Permanent Vacation” and make it stick.

Sorry AeroForceOne fans, but the Aerosmith that re-emerged on the musical scene in 1987 has done nothing but destroy the reputation of the iconic classic rock band of the 1970s that went by the same name. Admit it.

The heights to which Aerosmith have soared commercially in the last 20-plus years has been matched only by the depths it has plummeted to creatively. “Janie’s Got a Gun” is one of the band’s biggest hits, but it’s got nothing on “Toys in the Attic.” When you listen to earlier albums like “Rocks” and “Get Your Wings” and follow it up with recent efforts like “Get a Grip” and “Just Push Play,” it makes you wish the band would start doing some serious drugs again.

Let’s face it, sonically and lyrically, Aerosmith was always much better high than sober. Just download “I Ain’t Got You” and “Mother Popcorn” (a cover of the James Brown classic) from the Aerosmith album “Live Bootleg” and mourn all the promise this once-great band squandered. Those two little-heard songs, seemingly recorded in a Boston bar half-filled with drunken patrons during its earliest days, showcase Tyler and Perry at their finest…

I beg to disagree. While you cannot compare the early hard rock career of Aerosmith to the post 87 pop hair band success you cannot deny the FINANCIAL SUCCESS the band had after 87. It completely ECLIPSES anything they did financially before that. Period. Leave my hair bands alone man.  This is not like VH after DLR all….then I would have LOTS to say lol…this is the ORIGINAL BAND …. pfft! This guy probably didnt want ELVIS to make his comeback either..

To get a great look at the backworkings of the band see The Making of PUMP documentary….


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