Update: I really wanted an excuse to play this song…Obama gave me one….

Update: h/t HotAir. A video comparing Obama’s subservient bow to Akihito to MANY MANY other leaders NOT bowing to the Emperor, because of course it is NOT DONE, because it is a sign of subservience he needs to stop folding like a puppet with his strings cut every time he sees a ruler he thinks we ‘wronged’  somehow or that he looks up to in his ‘multicultured’ mind (he didn’t bow his head down for QEII) unless he wants to resign and then he can acknowledge fealty to whatever overlord he so desires!

I think most of us remember when the NYT blasted Big Dawg for TIPPING HIS FRAKKIN HEAD to the Emperor of Japan.

bigdawg akihitp

Lookee here Big Dawg can be in the presence of a foreign leader and STILL salute America!!! all at once!!!

…But the “thou need not bow” commandment from the State Department’s protocol office maintained a constancy of more than 200 years. Administration officials scurried to insist that the eager-to-please President had not really done the unthinkable.

Now it is ‘protocol’ according to Team Obama to LOOK AT YOUR FRAKKIN SHOES WHILE GREETING A HEAD OF STATE?

A senior administration official said President Barack Obama was simply observing protocol when he bowed to Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko upon arriving at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on Saturday.“I think that those who try to politicize those things are just way, way, way off base,” the official said. “He observes protocol. But I don’t think anybody who was in Japan – who saw his speech and the reaction to it, certainly those who witnesses his bilateral meetings there – would say anything other than that he enhanced both the position and the status of the U.S., relative to Japan. It was a good, positive visit at an important time, because there’s a lot going on in Japan.”

Uhmmm you do not ELEVATE yourself in Asian culture by assuming a position of SUBSERVIENCE! Gawd! Was this Obama apologizing for the bombings Rev Wright rantes about, the ones that stopped the war, without words or is he just really enamored of any sort of ‘royalty’ OR is he just ‘lowering’ America whenever he possibly can? Only 3 years to go.

Uhm no this is not respect this is subservience. This is a RIGHT ANGLE FOLKS! He cannot even meet his eyes from this low of a bow! So every word HRC and SP says are parsed ad nauseum and this guy lowers his eyes and loses face before all of Asia and they call it ‘protocol’. Just hang a shingle in front of the media that says Obamedia and be done with it.



Somehow the Big Dawg managed NOT to lower his eyes and our honor before Akihito in 94


“It was not a bow-bow, if you know what I mean,” said Ambassador Molly Raiser, the chief of protocol.

White House officials described Mr. Clinton’s tilt as something of an improvisation. Because Emperor Akihito broke with tradition in turn to raise his glass at the state dinner, some even said Mr. Clinton had managed something of a breakthrough.

“Presidents don’t bow, and Emperors don’t toast,” one official said. “So this was a little bit like the cultures meeting each other halfway.”


I loved having Hill represent us in the 90s, I also really dig that Akihito married a 'commoner' The WORKING Class rawks!

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