Happy Anniversary MiM!

Wow! A year already since we began this bloggy thing! Our first post was 11/18/08..

We are fantasy/scifi/horror fiction/film fans, we also love to talk the economy and politics, makes for an interesting mix I think 🙂

740,000 visits

2,226 posts, 2,207 comments

Quick poll, should we pay to upgrade and keep blogging? If we blog it, will you come? Fees are minimal since we do not have access to post commercial widgets, but if we want to keep at this thing we may want to create some sort of oh I dunno revenue stream, lol…like with tiny little commercial widgets and ads….but first a poll…

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  1. birdie replied:

    hi lovey! its me birdie wishing MiM a happy b-day! WOOT ❗

    how about adding an area for donations from us readers/visitors to keep your blog up to date?

    see you…bbl


    • ginaswo replied:

      hi Birdie!! what’s shakin’?? nice to ‘see’ you!!
      Thank you for the nice wishes 🙂
      I thought about a donate button but the damned Obots harangue me enough as it is lol
      you know the FTC is all after bloggers for just talking on their sites about products
      for example that Xalatan is excellent for growing eyelashes!
      I use Xalatan for my glaucoma, lol and now have long lashes too
      hey FTC I do not get paid by Xalatan and have no relationship with Xalatan, although it would be nice if I did that rx is EXPENSIVE like CRAZY without insurance which thanks to inept congress may lapse under COBRAs extortionate rates, lol
      but thank you for the idea fer shure…
      I am just looking for a way to justify the amount of time I spend on here lol!!!!!!!!!!


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