LOST Season 6 Promo (CUATRO)

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Song – Everything in its right place by Radiohead off the Kid A album


In a new ad for ABC’s “Lost,” Ben, Locke, Sawyer and Kate are used as pawns on a giant chessboard as a disembodied voice recites a poem.

“The wise man said/Life is a chessboard/of nights and days/where men are pawns of God/moved here and there/God allows them to kill/and kills/and piece by piece/he puts them back in the box/because there’s a destiny for every piece/for every player/and for God.”

The promo is currently airing on “Lost’s” Spanish carrier, Cuatro, and serves as their creative solution to a dilemma all of the show’s network partners will face as “Lost” gears up for its final season, premiering Feb. 2.The series’ producers have said they’d rather not include any footage from the unseen episodes to use in promos and advertising, according to EW.com.

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