9/11 KSM Trial Protest in Foley Square


Several hundred people rallied in the rain near Manhattan’s federal courthouse complex Saturday to protest the plan to put major terrorism suspects on trial in New York City.Opponents of the plan say that a New York trial could again make the city a terrorism target, and that the five suspects should instead face a military tribunal.

Anger at the Obama administration ran hot in the crowd. One person held up a sign calling Attorney General Eric Holder “disgraceful and despicable.”

Demonstrators at the Saturday event included the actor Brian Dennehy and a number of people who lost friends and relatives in the 9/11 attacks. Addressing the crowd, Mr. Dennehy passed along a message from Judea Pearl, the father of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who is opposed to a public trial for reputed terror mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

The actor said he also believed the trial would be “an uncalled-for ordeal that could be used for political purposes.” “This will provide the radicals with a huge forum,” said Mr. Dennehy, a Marine Corps veteran. “Why should they have the normal constitutional protections?”

Lee Ielpi, a retired firefighter whose son, also a firefighter, died on 9/11, said he believed the U.S. has been in a state of war since the attacks, and that a military tribunal was therefore the appropriate venue for justice. “They deserve a fair trial in a military tribunal, not on our soil,” he said. “Guantanamo is where it should be.”…


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Dr Who The End of Time Promo 2 – Airs Dec 26th (Pt 1) & Jan 2 (Pt 2)

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…BBC AMERICA today announced the U.S. premiere of David Tennant’s final special as the Tenth Doctor. Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part Two, premieres January 2, one week after Part One, on BBC AMERICA. The finale to the era of David Tennant is one of the most eagerly anticipated adventures in the history of Doctor Who.Guest stars include John Simm (Life on Mars) as the Master, Timothy Dalton, Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins.

This schedule means that Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars will air on Saturday, December 19th (9PM ET/PT), Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part One will air on December 26th (9PM ET/PT), and Part Two will air on January 2 (8PM ET/PT).

Not much has been released about the finale, except for the announcement of John Simm returning as The Master and Timothy Dalton guest starring. IMDb gives credit to Billie Piper as guest star, as well as John Barrowman, which means we could see Rose and Captain Jack make a return.This episode not only marks the final work of David Tennant on the series, but show runner Russel T Davies will be passing his baton over to writer Stephen Moffat, who will now take the helm. Be sure to keep it here for any and all upcoming news on the finale.

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Blackadder’s Christmas Carol

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Written by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton Starring: Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Miranda Richardson, Robbie Coltrane, Jim Broadbent, and Miriam Margolyes

Unsurprisingly my favorite Blackadder is the Elizabethan kewtie. Rowan looking pretty fetching in tight pirate pants and blousy white shirts ha! Given my addiction to British History classes centred on Tudor England it was unavoidable, lol..but the best series is probably Georgian. Have to adore Hugh Laurie as the hapless Regent. See PT 3 for Elizabethan, and PT 4 for Georgian. The whole Blackadder series, all of them, are wonderful. Available in a great DVD boxed set on A&E and Amazon.

Parts 3-5 after the break:


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