LOST ‘Grace’ promo – Season Premiere Tues Feb 2nd

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Report: Elin moves out

NYDailyNews has it up. My guess is she has to get away from him before she goes medieval on his axx over one of these cocktail waitresses. The thing with the woman at the local diner who kindly waited on Elin and then Tiger would leave with his family, then call her to follow him and hook up has to make a person see red. God Bless the family.

*Billy Joel courtesy of mission2marsden

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Waiting to Exhale – EPA names CO2 a public threat

I hear the plant kingdom is pretty pixxed about this decision since the trees and green things live off our pesky CO2 emissions…..


The Environmental Protection Agency said greenhouse gases are a danger to public health and welfare in a decision that could eventually lead to new emissions regulations.

The so-called “endangerment finding” announced Monday by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson is necessary to move ahead on new emission standards for cars, while potentially opening up large emitters such as power plants, crude-oil refineries and chemical plants to limits on their output of carbon dioxide and other gases.

“These long overdue findings cement 2009’s place in history as the year when the U.S. government began addressing the challenge of greenhouse-gas pollution and seizing the opportunity of clean-energy reform,” Ms. Jackson said in a statement….

All about ‘seizing opportunity’ eh? Poor poor trees. Poor poor humans. Poor poor economy. These folks will not stop until we are all living at a 1970s standard of living. And for GEN Y, lemme tell ya, IT SUCKED!

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