Jane Hamsher of FDL agrees with Michelle Bachmann: Kill the health care bill

Update: More consensus, FDL commenter acknowledges we dreaded Tea People were correct:

This bill is worse than the status quo; it is an abomination. (Again I cannot easily express my disgust that the teabagger crackpots who called it an “Obamanation” apparently knew something that we did not.) $1000000000s to insurance companies courtesy of this smooth talking empty suited liar from Chicago.


Obama has finally achieved the Post Partisan Unity Schtick: Jane Hamsher FDL Progressives, Howard Dean, Michelle Bachmann R-MN, Laura Ingraham are all united in their desire to KILL THE BILL.

Sadly Obama will take the ‘no one is happy, everyone is pixxed’ as a good sign. He calls it being pragmatic. I call it having NO BALLS.

Some Dems and ‘progressives’ are still debating whether to ‘fight the bill’. They are fish food. The entire point of this exercise was to TRIANGULATE the progressives and the moderates, and in the end give exactly what they always intended to, a BS bill that is a gift to insurers and a world of hurt to consumers and the dream of UHC.

The playing out the poor progressives who still ‘wait’ to decide is classic THE LONG CON. By the time these guys ‘decide’ the ink will be dry on Obama’s commemorative signature.

Obama is a man of NO CONVICTIONS. The Obots who called HRC Lady Macbeth need to acknowledge that Lady Macbeth had a frakking plan and a list and she did what she set out to do, she didn’t cave to Macduff at the first sign of pushback now did she? I WANT A POTUS WITH COJONES!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Has it ocurred to the genius progressives that Obama doesn’t care if he loses seats in the House? It will make it easier to TRIANGULATE.

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