The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural win People’s Choice Awards

well-deserved recognition of two great shows…TVD won Best New Show and Supernatural took Best SciFi/Fantasy show

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MASS Senate Race: Scott Brown GOP candidate

Martha is not giving interviews or debating….we will post the CT Senate candidates interviews that Kudlow did this week on Saturday…

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Courtesy of mghoft:

Republican Scott Brown was on with Sean Hannity tonight to discuss the Massachusetts Senate Race on January 19th. Brown said he would be the 41st vote against Obamacare. He says he would stop it.

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Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 12 Promo

Whoa!!!! Joss does this to torture us, he gives us the good ‘espionage’ stuff he said in that interview he wasnt interested in, now at the end! looks awesome-

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Update: LOST – The ‘Last Supper’ pic and ‘Story’ Promo 2

Update: Great interview with Damon (Lindelof) and Carlton (Cuse) on S6 courtesy of THR via Digg here. Definitely worth reading. Here is a snippet, yes Charlie!! and Boone! (Ian Somerholder) are back!! Woot!

(…) THR: How would you describe this season in terms of its, say, tone? What is it like compared to past seasons?

Cuse: We feel tonally it’s most similar to the first season of the show. We’re employing a different narrative device, which we feel is creating some emotional and heartfelt stories, and we want the audience to have a chance in the final season to remember the entire history of the show. So we have actors coming back like Dominic [Monaghan] and Ian [Somerhalder](sp). We’re hoping to achieve a circularity of the entire journey so the ending is reminiscent of the beginning….

LOST - The Last Supper- I see dead people!! (Ana Lucia? Claire?)

Premieres Tuesday, Feb 2nd. Will Obama preempt it with SOTU? Hope not.

After BSG totally screwed us on their Last Supper pic I am leery about spending time postulating theories based on this one…RDM totally fraked us with that craptastic ending to BSG (PT 2) which told us absolutely NOTHING about the mystical/scientific/God nature of the mysteries in the pic.

I am hoping LOST does what Russell T Davies on Dr Who did with David Tennant’s exit (which was FANTASTIC! see our vodpod account)  and gives fans what they deserve after 5+ years, A SATISFYING ENDING!

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CoronaComingAttractions has EXPANDABLE pics , (courtesy of THR) and the scoop:

In what’s becoming a tradition for popular television shows entering their final season, the cast of the sixth and final season of ABC’s Lost have assembled for a cast photo done in the style of Leonardo’s The Last Supper. 14 cast members, two photographs and supposedly a buttload of hidden clues to be discovered in the photos — if you can find them.

One photo shows the cast staring at the camera, the other has everyone staring at Terry O’Quinn’s Locke who’s at the Jesus seat at the table. Various Dharma drinks and food items are on the table while on the ground there’s foliage and bones. People have shifted positions between the two photos but does that have any meaning? I can’t see anything in there.

The new season of Lost begins February 2. See the bigger photos, the one where everyone is looking forward and the one where heads are turned.

-ABC, The Hollywood Reporter.

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Happy Birthday to the King

Courtesy of MemphisKisses

Homerecorded – Elvis Presley with Anita Wood at Home from his Friend Eddie Fadal.Recorded Summer 1958 Waco /Texas

The King, who’d have been 75 on Friday 08 Jan 2010,maybe Elvis didn’t invent rock and roll. The roots of the music were there in the blues stomping of a previous generation.

But it would have stayed obscure and marginal without Elvis. He took the backwoods music of black America and made it global. And he did it with a musical talent, charisma and the most astonishing raw physicality that white America had ever seen.

After Elvis, Bill Black and Scotty Moore finished recording That’s All Right, Mama at Sam Phillips’ Sun Studios in 1954, bass player Black said “Damn. Get that on the radio and they’ll run us out of town.”

When it was played the reaction was astonishing. Kids besieged the station, demanding the record be played again. A week later, Sun Records had received 6,000 advance orders.

Overnight almost, the teenager was invented and the rock era began.


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TGIF!!! Battlestar/Dollhouse Mashup

lol!!! Don’t forget BSG: The Plan finally premieres this Sunday on SciFi!

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Created by AAGarbman, h/t SciFiWire

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