Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love: moderate Dems should support Scott Brown (MASS) and Sue Lowden (NV)

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I know this is sacrilege for a lot of Dems, but at this point I am supporting Scott Brown and Sue Lowden. Ask yourself something Democrats, who the hell are we supporting and why?! These Democratic Senators killed prescription drug reimportation, they are gutting Medicare, they are rolling over on the main issues that the party platform espouses in re women and progressive taxation.

I really want to know. Who are the ‘good’ Dems anymore? Chuck ‘hit her with a 2X4” Schumer who calls Flight Attendants ‘bxtch’ when they enforce FAA regulation? What is he some kind of charter member of the He Man Wimmun Haters Club? The guy who says we the people, ‘don’t care’ about pork? And then when upwards of a million of us show up in D.C. to say again, Stop Spending, these tools call us radical extremists! HA! Newsflash Chuck, I met MANY Dems at the Tax Day Tea Party I attended.

Should we really be supporting Harry ‘high tone’ Reid, who preëmptively recruits an inexperienced man to run against Hillary 2 years before the primaries?A man who let his state sink into a housing recession that has left 2/3 of homeowners there in foreclosure and who has done absolutely nothing to address his state’s economy?

So to quote the timeless David Lee Roth,.. I ain’t talkin’ ’bout love (yet)  because the GOP Leadership is in a sad state itself and has not mobilized to offer anything. But I do know who I do NOT want, and that is these ubertool Dem incumbents. Two perfectly fine candidates have presented themselves to the people of NV and MASS and I hope they  are elected. Sorry Big Dawg, Martha just ain’t got it.

Was George Carlin right about the American Dream? God Bless him. (h/t km4)

MiM Tax Day Tea Party Sign

I like Joe Sestak (D-PA), he served the country in uniform and seems a genuinely honest guy who believes what he says. At this point no one else looks forthright to me about anything they say, anything. Not their sex life, I am talking about the business of governing, national defense, the economy, ensuring the ‘general’ needs of the people ie water, gas, electricity.

These fools think they are the Blues Brothers on a mission from God to ‘change’ the country into what they imagine it should be.

All this being said, I have donated to Scott Brown and Sue Lowden today. I will be making calls for Brown, and I hope everyone else who feels that D.C. is being run like some sort of corporate-welfare system (GE, GM) with the middle class being used as the revenue stream every single time does the same.

Scott Brown is a moderate. Sue Lowden is a moderate. If Harold Ford, Jr. runs for NY Senate THERE is a Democrat I will fundraise and work for – a moderate.

Recent polling indicates moderates are shrinking. Perhaps this is just the first step on my way to being a conservative, I don’t know. I do know that after the fiasco that was our Democratic primary season last year I no longer embrace the liberal Dem label I proudly wore for 22 years. The entire Dem cabal of dunces we call ‘the leadership’ engaged in a deliberate campaign to smear Bill and Hillary Clinton as racists when they themselves were apparently making actual racist and sexist comments behind the scenes to campaign operatives and media alike.

Now I am so disgusted to hear what went on as far as TWO YEARS before the elections in attempts to scuttle HRC’s campaign when these ‘Democrats’ should have been WORKING on actual governing, not SCHEMING about elections 2 years away. 2006 we gave them the reins in Congress and what have they done? Run us into the ground that’s what. The pace has merely accelerated since Obama took office.

I am utterly disgusted by the Democratic ‘leadership’. I find Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid to be disgraceful examples of the backstabbing, scheming, corrupt cronyism that goes on up on  the Hill. Gillibrand turned out to be a rubber stamp kowtowing to Chuckie Cheese, I will not make that mistake again. Looks like for real moderates who have the guts to fight we need right now the GOP. But new blood for Gawd’s sake please. Some people who have a pulse and are not afriad to fight for what they believe in.

This Congress no good, no how, maybe the blood is bad…these Dems were born to lie, make promises they can’t keep with a wink of an eye…

Donate to Sue Lowden here

Donate to Scott Brown (and sign up for phone banking from home!) here

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  1. Maxine Adams replied:

    It is really sad that so many honest and hardworking people are not able to comprehend what the Republicans are trying to do. Why don’t you understand that they don’t care about you. They only care about the big banks and the big corporations. You see what happened under Bush. We are in the worst mess, why because of those huge tax cuts that Bush gave the wealthy. Also because he invaded a country that did not attack us.

    What you should realize is that it took 8 years for Bush to get us in this mess and it will take more than one year to get us out. Please don’t be fooled by the Republicans, please don’t let them kill the health care bill.

    It is so unbelievable to me that people are so easily taken in my the Republicans. They say and do horrible things, and people continue to vote them in office, and what do you receive for your vote, nothing. I was so proud when it seemed that The people finally got it right in the presidental election; that folks finally realized that the REpublicans are full of crap. But oh how quickly we forget. Please don’t go backwards, let’s move forward.

    Please People give Obama a chance. Please don’t make it worst. If this election tomorrow was only going to affect Mass. residence, then I would say, so be it, but your vote will have such repercussions on the Country. Which means we all will have to suffer as we did under George Bush.

    To this day I still have not been able to understand how anyone in their right mind would vote for that man. And here we go again.

    when Bush was elected for a second term, I said I would never get involved in politics again, but of course I did. I want the best for our country, but when I hear people say they’re voting for Scott Brown; I want to scream, Why!!! Why would you shoot yourself in the foot again, why would you give the REpublicans what they want, when they don’t give a damn about you.


    • ginaswo replied:

      to each their own, thanks for the comment but after 22 years of downticket voting as a DEM I am ready for an actual change not a pepsi logo like Obama turned out to be
      I hope Scott wins!


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